What NOT to Bring to a College Dorm Room

haveuheard needs ucf dormWhat *NOT* to Bring to a College Dorm Room

If you haven’t started dorm shopping for your incoming freshman yet, we are here to tell you that you probably shouldn’t bother. You see, our daughters have cleaned out just about every store and depleted us of our stack of Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. Ok, so we are kidding… sort of. With our extensive experience of our kids, nieces, and nephews we have learned that there are a few things you really don’t need to purchase and bring.

Curtains. I know it says that students can bring curtains to cover up their closets because dorm closets have no doors but trust us; the curtains will spend more time on the floor or pushed to the side. And when they crash to the floor in the middle of the night, no one is happy.

Do not buy a printer. There are quite a few places across campus to print wirelessly and it’s by far cheaper than purchasing ink refills.

Most dorm residence halls are now equipped with wireless which allows students to use it for phones, computers but also for gaming and streaming entertainment devices such as Apple TV, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire. But leave Alexa or Echo home.

It is tempting to want to simply pack by taking everything out of the drawers and closet, but truth be told, if your student’s wardrobe is as ridiculously large as my daughters are, it just won’t fit.

Finally, we encourage your student to speak with their roommates before arriving at school. My daughter lived in one of the traditional style dorms with a full kitchen. She talked, texted, snapchatted with her new roommates so they did not duplicate the same allowable appliances. One of our daughter’s summer roommates showed up with a 24 piece pot and pan set. Remember freshman that live on campus have a mandatory minimum 14 meal per week meal plan. There is very little cooking going on except for microwave popcorn and reheating pizza. Besides, toaster ovens or table-top grills or any cooking device with exposed heating coils are not permitted in freshman and sophomore housing.


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