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I remember my daughters going through sorority recruitment. The first one was convinced that her outfit selections were the reason she got dropped from many of the houses. That is very hard to hear from your daughter especially when you have spent much of their lives trying to teach them that beauty comes from within. I did not want them so focused on brands or trying to dress in a way that was not representative of who they were.

Recruitment is one of those times when you are judged on appearances. I am not suggesting that those going through sorority recruitment should dress in a way that does not make them feel comfortable. They can show their personality through their outfit choices and accessories. Check out our guide for ‘what to wear’ for sorority recruitment.

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  1. Followgram July 26, 2019 at 12:12 am - Reply

    The rule of thumb when it comes to dressing for recruitment is to always overdress a little. Round 1, you should dress like you’re going out for ice cream with your friends: dark jeans or simple shorts, cute flats or boots and a nice top or sweater. Don’t wear too much jewelry, and avoid low-cut or too-tight tops; you don’t want to look like you’re going clubbing. And take off your watch—nothing says you’re not interested in a conversation like checking the time, and it’s a good idea to just avoid any temptation altogether.

    • Janice Weinsoff July 29, 2019 at 8:49 am - Reply

      Thanks for your suggestions. For round 1, the PNM’s are given t-shirts to wear which they can pair with shorts. It is very hot in Florida so our sorority interns do not recommend wearing jeans.

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