My Word For 2022

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Oh, My Word!

Yes, we all know that words are powerful. We’ve all been subjected to so many words that proved to be powerful and, quite honestly, a little stressful to listen to over the past few years. But, this is about our own words and how powerful they can be.

What if instead of making a New Year’s resolution, you picked an inspirational word? That’s exactly what my friends and I did after seeing a segment in 2013 on The Today Show. In the past, I found picking a resolution complicated. We vacillate around quitting a bad habit, adding good habits like losing weight or eating less sugar, finding more time for family, working harder, working less, spending less, saving money, and so on. 

That’s not to mention the pressure of sticking to a resolution. HaveUHeard more than 50% of people make New Year’s resolutions and almost every study shows that around 80% of New Year’s resolutions get abandoned in February? 

Honestly, I love the idea behind having an inspirational word that I can look at every day.

Words Have Power

In 2014, a few of my friends and I selected a word for the year and had it made into a bracelet from MyIntent. Word choices can be based on overcoming a challenge or pursuing a goal. It could be about a passion you want to explore, something you want to let go of or improve upon. 

my wordMy word

My word that year was based on finding direction. I was feeling stuck and confused. Clarity was the word that summed it up. However, manifesting ideas, questions, and thoughts out into the universe is complicated. You may visualize a specific outcome based on your word but the universe may return something completely different. That year, my life was forever altered.  To say I got clarity is an understatement. From that year on, I  understood that words have power. Sometimes the universe has something different in mind than what you think you need.

What About 2022

Some years, picking a word comes easy. Other years I really struggle. Last year (2021), it was harmony. For me, it meant a positive state of inner peace, calmness, and balance as well as the feeling of being tuned with the world.

word 2022

Picking the right word for me takes a lot of conceptualizing. Don’t many of us feel that way? I’m extremely careful in my selection. I’ve decided my word for 2022 is Pause.  My interpretation is to pause before speaking, carefully gathering my thoughts. It also means I need to pause my multitasking when talking on the phone. Apparently, I am not a good multi-tasker and I recognize it is important for me to give my undivided attention to whomever I am talking with. 

If you are searching for inspiration, look on MyIntent or Little Words Project as well as this list from Heather Stillufsen.

Traditionally, I now buy this as a gift for my friends. They can either stay with MyIntent bracelets or go with Little Words Project. As a brand ambassador for Little Words Project, by clicking on the link, you will get 15% off.  My Intent traditionally runs specials during Thanksgiving weekend so make sure to take advantage of those savings.They make great New Year’s resolution gifts or stocking stuffers.

Do you choose a “word of the year”? I’d love to hear yours and why you chose it. Leave me a comment or feel free to email me if you’d prefer.

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