Happy Birthday Care Packages

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Blow Out the Birthday Candles!

When their birthday rolls around, it can be just one more reminder that you won’t be celebrating together so putting together a care package takes the sting out. Once I filled a box with party hats, blowers, balloons, popcorn, candy, and her gift. The pictures my daughter sent of her and her roommates sitting around with all that silly stuff and big smiles made me happy. If I couldn’t celebrate with her, at least I knew she was having fun. We also have sent a meal for their birthday with enough for their closest friends- perhaps from their favorite pizza, wing, sub restaurant.

So many of us enjoyed Christina’s Cakes but unfortunately, they have closed. We share some of the other local places we like and the ones Christina’s recommends:

  • Artistic Confections– Specializing in birthday cakes, gourmet cupcakes, cookies, pastries
  • Insomnia Cookies – Delivers the most amazing cupcakes (12 cupcakes for $20, plus a delivery fee). Who wouldn’t appreciate a cookie cake or cupcakes on their birthday?
  • Lucy and Leo’s Cupcakery – Offbeat bakeshop with a rotating menu of seasonal cupcake flavors, plus gluten-free & vegan options.
  • LV’s Bakery  You can order decorated sugar cookies, cookie cakes, and custom signature cakes.
  • Publix – You can order a cake, balloons, and more and have it delivered through Instacart or Shipt.
  • SoDough – This baking company serves up brown butter chocolate chip cookies, confetti crunch cookies, pies, energy bites, and their specialty doughnuts.
  • Tasty Pastry – Custom cakes, bagels, pastries, cupcakes.
  • The Cake Shop – specializes in creative cupcakes, cookies, and custom cakes. You can have them delivered through GrubHub.
  • Tiniest Empire – Specializes in cupcakes, cookies, and cakes for all occasions. No job is too tiny!

Also, read our blog on delivery companies for getting those goods delivered (in case their roomie or friends can’t help you out) and to see what else you can have sent. Another great birthday suggestion is the Wicked Good Cupcakes Birthday Box. I sent these to my daughter last year and she loved them. Just make sure you get enough for their roommates. One of my personal favorites was when a mom had a bunch of Krispy Kreme donuts delivered right to her son’s frat house in honor of his birthday. Just as popular is the Happy Birthday Gift Box from Baked by Melissa which ships from New York (you can grab this on Amazon and get free shipping). Bake Me a Wish ships cakes right to their door and has a great variety of cakes to choose from. The prices are pretty reasonable as well.

Perhaps balloons are their thing. Here are a few companies that deliver locally:

  • Gifted Baskets Balloons & Candy – you can even meet with a balloon decor artist who will design something special for you.
  • Party City
  • Tallahassee Balloons 850-567-8084

And who doesn’t like getting flowers? Even better; combining balloons with flowers. Many florists – like most of these – deliver balloons as well.

There is also an Edible Arrangements on Monroe that deliver delicious, fresh fruit arrangements seven days a week.

Gluten-free and Vegan

For those that are looking for gluten-free or vegan options, we recommend the following:

For their 21st birthday, there are some great gift ideas.  And just because it is too cute to not mention, check out our new favorite; Greetabl.

Don’t worry; sending a care package for their birthday does not preclude you from fulfilling any family birthday traditions when they get home. Our personal favorite is the family march where the birthday person sits and we all march up to them singing as we deliver our gifts.

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