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Online Test-Taking For Today’s Students

**While FSU is online, they will be using Honorlock**

Proctored test process updates, and watch for communication from your instructors about proctored test requirements for your courses. FSU is also using Canvas, as usual for assignments, grading, and assessments. Some professors may use Kaltura. Kaltura is a video capture tool in Canvas that allows students to watch recorded videos from their professors.

Another online teaching source is  Zoom. Zoom is also a video capturing tool that holds live classroom sessions for students and can also be saved for students to watch later. Personally, from what our interns have seen so far; most professors will be using  Zoom, and things like biology labs will be virtual labs through Canvas. Make sure to consistently check emails and Canvas.

With Honorlock, you do not need to schedule an exam as it is on-demand proctoring. Since it is 100% browser-based, there is no software to download; however, you do have to make sure the Honorlock extension is installed. And, it only works with certain operating systems and internet speeds so students will want to make sure their computer meets the minimum requirements.  For a list of do’s and don’ts using Honorlock, click here.

No doubt, all online classes can be a challenge, but we are all in this together. Check out our suggestions as to how to make it a success.


Technology has changed the test-taking for students. My daughter was able to extend one of her holiday breaks by scheduling her exam at home. This latest test-taking is known as ProctorU.

ProctorU is a service that lets a student schedule and takes their exams in the comfort of their home (or apartment or dorm). In order to get started, an account has to be made. At the date and time of a student’s appointment, all they have to do is click on the begin button and it will automatically connect them to a screen with the proctor. A government photo ID and often a second form of ID is required to be shown at the start of the exam in order to authenticate one’s self. They’re required to show the proctor their entire room wall by wall. The proctor will then confirm that the monitor and work area is clear of all unauthorized materials, and the test-taker will be asked to move any cell phones or other electronic devices away from the testing area.

They really have every angle covered. But mistakes happen or technology does not always work out so here are some pointers for students using ProctorU:

  • Make sure to register early and have everything ready beforehand to minimize awkwardness.
  • When a student is done with the test, the proctor has to be notified and they’ll just confirm that it is finished. Then they’ll deactivate the screen sharing and leave.
  • When the service works, it’s fine. If an interruption happens during the exam or there is a technical difficulty, it is important to notify the proctor and professor immediately after. My friend had to take her exam in our Airbnb when we were on vacation and the Airbnb host interfered with it by walking through the shot. She was not invalidated nor penalized, but things happen. It is all about communication when things go wrong.
  • If there are technical problems during the ProctorU session and before the exam begins, the Proctor will run some standard checks on the student’s system before sending them to a technician for troubleshooting.

The best way to prevent any problems occurring during the exam is to check out the system before the appointment using their help desk. This will check for basic system compatibility. I suggest testing the same computer that will be used for the exam that day.

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