Valentine’s Day Gift Guide

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Sent With Love

haveuheard sent with love

As far back as I can remember we always celebrated Valentine’s Day; it was a tradition I grew up with and continued when I became a mom. My daughters (a UF graduate and a current UF student) have not been home for Valentine’s Day for years so I use the holiday as an opportunity to send them a little love from home.

There are so many gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Just sharing the love from HaveUHeard. We’ve added links to websites and products, (and yes, the ads and links that appear on our blogs are partners of HaveUHeard. ALL opinions about products mentioned in our blogs are 100% our own. We hope you will patronize these businesses. Partnerships like these make HaveUHeard possible)


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What student doesn’t love candy? For that matter, I don’t know anyone who doesn’t love candy. We ALL love candy! Create a care package filled with chocolate hearts, chocolate kisses, Sweethearts Valentine ’s Day candy, M&M’s- everyone’s favorites! Yes, trust me, they are already out in the stores.

We have some great tips on popular places to order your goodies, Wicked Good Cupcakes, Sugarfina, and Dylan’s Candy Bar.

Another great option is a Valentines Day Gourmet Covered Chocolate Pretzel Gift Box.


haveuheard valentinesCOMFY & COZY


I’ve always given my kids comfy pajamas, decorative pillows, and throws or just something that they will use and think of home. Here are some comfy, cozy suggestions that will give your student a warm cozy feeling. Check out Gap boxers for the guys or Victoria’s Secret Pink for the girls. Kohl’s has cute Valentine’s Day pillows, Nordstrom has some warm, cozy items from and Francesca’s is a great place to find decorative wall art. All to remind your student of how much they are loved! 


BEAUTY, JEWELRY & ACCESSORIEShaveuheard valentines


Here are some fun ideas for your students that he or she will love.

For perfume, and makeup, or men’s cologne and grooming click on Macy’s, Nordstrom, Ulta Beauty and The Art of Shaving.  For some great reasonably priced jewelry, phone cases, apple watch bands or a Valentine’s Day journal, check out Casetify, Alex & Ani and Nordstrom.

Sometimes just a small gift makes a big difference in someone’s day!


haveuheard valentinesWIRELESS HEADPHONES


Beats by Dr Dre


This is the most requested audio brands for headphones, earphones, and speakers and also one of the most in-demand holiday gift items by our student panel.  Most students prefer the wireless version. Best Buy, Walmart, and Target all sell this brand.


haveuheard valentinesSPORTY


Apple Watch – A great item to track your heart rate (and workouts) to encourage a healthy routine. Also, discreet way to check texts, emails, calendar, and social media. Check out Amazon, Walmart, Target or Best Buy.

Fitbit – today’s health-conscious students like to measure their fitness results and a Fitbit allows them to do that and so much more with their newer models. The Fitbit ionic works with Bluetooth headphones and stores and plays music- perfect for when they head to the gym or are out for a run. Check out Macy’s or Best Buy or Walmart

Yoga Pants – Of course, they wear yoga pants… all the time. If they are really doing yoga, great; if not, keep your equilibrium and walk around looking like they are on the way to a yoga class!- Check out Aerie, Athleta, Yoga Outlet, and Lululemon.

Water bottles-– Our environmentally conscious students love these popular water bottles.  A red S’well bottle makes a great gift.

Locally, you can order from some of the popular places including Midnight Cookies and Gigi’s Cupcakes which you can have delivered through BiteSquad.

For your students who are looking for a romantic restaurant to go with their boyfriend or girlfriend, check out our restaurant blog. Just make sure to make reservations early. And for our budget-conscious students, there is nothing wrong with the traditional box of chocolates and a card.

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