Care Packages – Because sometimes they get sick.

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Show You Care For Them.

You care. I don’t know about you but when they call to say they are sick, the miles between home and school seem even longer. My daughter was sick during the spring semester. She could barely get out of bed and I checked on her frequently throughout the day. She was overworked, undernourished and tired. This was not an everyday cold; she sounded very run-down and I knew she felt it.

You would be amazed at how quickly a care package can get to them. (UPS is generally overnight from one Florida destination to another.) Depending on what is ailing them, even the simplest of care packages filled with soft tissues, lozenges, some Kind bars, Emergen-C, a few fun teas, Sudafed, Clorox wipes, cozy socks and maybe some homemade brownies can feel so good.

For those of you that think a little matzoh ball soup can cure anything, Chabad Jewish Student & Community Center has chicken soup for your ailing student. (You don’t have to be Jewish to order from here.) Nationally, there is also GrandmasChickenSoup.com. They actually have complete meals as well as soup and other goodies. I hear that chicken soup can heal anything.

If they are really too weak to shop for themselves there are a number of delivery companies that will bring them what they need too. Check out our blog on delivery companies. There are a few other companies that have pre-made “Get Well” baskets and packages as well. Etsy has some great get well soon care packages with lip balms, candles and herbal rubs, teas and more). A fresh pair of sweatpants or pajamas can feel pretty nice if they are spending a fair amount of time in bed. Many companies, like Macy’s or Nordstrom, will rush order for a fee. Gap makes these pajamas called print joggers made from a soft, lightweight modal jersey knit. My daughter loves them because they are super soft, comfortable and when they are not feeling well, that is usually what I find her wearing- she “borrowed” mine and well, let’s just say, I never saw them again. Make sure you search using the print joggers in modal.

Care packages when they are sick can make you both feel better, you may want to take a look at our Sick at School blog in case they need to be seen by a doctor or will be missing class and need to notify their professor. Hope they get well quickly.

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