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There’s A Knock At The Door!

Whether students just want to take a break from the dining hall or if parents want to send their students food or birthday treats, the University of Miami has a variety of different food delivery service options to choose from.

Delivery Services:

Bite Squad – There is a chat option if you would like to review your order or ask why your order is taking so long. You can schedule a delivery for later in the day and check the order status. Gift cards are available.

Doorstep Delivery – Powered by Bite Squad. Order from anywhere anytime  – even in the park

Gourmet To Go- Gourmet To Go provides already prepared meals right to your door or dorm building.  If you are looking for high-quality ingredients and restaurant-quality meals without any hassle, this is the place to get delivery from.

Primal Organic- Primal Organic is one of Miami’s best healthy meal plans and low-carb diet food delivery services.  Each meal plan is made from scratch using original recipes which reflects their quality.

UberEats– UberEats is an app that Uber released in which a student can place a food order on their phone and it will then be delivered to their dorm.  There are only specific restaurants that use UberEats so you have to search to see if the restaurant you are interested in is on UberEats. You can also tip the deliverer on the app.

GrubHub – Sign up for their emails and get $7 off your first order of $15+. As well, for each friend you get to sign up you get $7. Sign in and local suggestions (like Donut Kingdom) are right there.

Eat24– is actually powered by GrubHub. It is super easy to navigate, you type your address in the search they will show you restaurants currently delivering to your area, as well as places that offer pick up. There can be a minimum amount spent, depending on the restaurant. Just enter your address into the website or app and before you know it you’ll have dinner.

Uber Eats – Same concept as Uber, but they deliver food, not people. You can track, via the app, when the restaurant is preparing food; your driver is picking up and when they are in route to you. The fee is a little pricier than most delivery places, but they tend to be faster.

Eat Street – Delivery and takeout options available. There are delivery fees and a minimum amount that has to be purchased for certain restaurants. They offer features to filter your restaurant results such as order ahead, restaurant-rewards, specials, fast delivery, or try something new – all on the website.

Postmates- Postmates is exactly the same as UberEats except that Postmates may or may not have restaurants that UberEats has.

Healthy Xpress- Health Xpress is another option if you are looking for a healthy food delivery service.  This service works when the student chooses one of their meal plans, then they select the number of meals they want to be delivered, and then someone will deliver the food to the student on designated days.

The Wholly Kitchen- The Wholly Kitchen is a meal service that offers several different meal-plans to fit a variety of lifestyles.  This gourmet food company only uses the freshest ingredients in the hopes of keeping their clients healthy and happy.

Fit Food Fresh- Fit Food Fresh is a premium healthy meal plan delivery service.  Students have 60 items that they can choose from and these items make up a variety of different menus.  They are known to have great customer service and flexible pricing.

uMunch- uMunch is another food delivery app in which students can order the food they want and have it delivered right to their dorm building.  Students just need to pick the type of food they want, add food items to their cart, confirm their location and order, and then pay.

Publix- Students can sign up using their social media account or email address and then get groceries delivered from Publix straight to their dorm building.  This is a great option for someone who does not have the time to shop for groceries.

Insomnia Cookies- For parents who are looking for delicious treats to send to their student for his/her birthday, Insomnia Cookies is a great choice.  The wide array of cookies to choose from makes this business one of the best when it comes to late-night treats. Usually, parents send a box with a variety of different cookies to their student.

Amazon- Signing up for Amazon Prime as a student allows the student to use Amazon’s feature of grocery delivery free for 6 months and then after that it is a discounted fee that the student.

Whole Foods Market- Whole Foods Market shoppers who do not have time to go to the store can order groceries to be delivered to their desired location using either Amazon or Instacart.

Shipt – Get 2 weeks free and $15 off your first order on deliveries from stores like Publix, Costco, Target and ABC Fine Wines & Spirits. Let their shoppers do what your student doesn’t have time to.

Instacart – For faster shopping and easier checkout, get the app and have groceries, etc. delivered from most of the same places as Shipt, but also includes CVS and Whole Foods.

DoorDash – More food delivery at your fingertips. Some say it is more efficient than UberEats too. Use the app or the website.

The ability to have food shipped directly to the dorm can alleviate a student’s stress level during finals or other times when work is piling up.  It is also nice to eat from somewhere other than the dining hall or food court, and these food delivery services allow students without cars to do this.

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