Happy Birthday Care Packages

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If You Can’t Be there this is Best for a Birthday.

There is not much I love more than my children’s birthdays!  I make a point of buying them a bigger gift and then a bunch of little things – candy, gum, etc and I wrap each one so that when they wake up on the morning of their birthday, there are a ton of gifts to open.  Two out of the three of my kids have birthdays that fall during the school year and I love sending them packages. If I couldn’t celebrate with them, at least they knew I was thinking of them.

What’s a better way to let your child know how much you love and miss them than to send them some baked goodies for their birthday.  These local places will deliver to campus for any occasion:

Nothing Bundt Cakes – they deliver to UNF campus for a small delivery fee.  Nothing Bundt Cakes will deliver the most delicious mini bundt cakes called Bundtinis.  They come in a variety of flavors and are DELICIOUS!  

Sweets By Holly – Cupcakes and mini cupcakes!  There is a delivery fee however they will deliver as many or as few cupcakes as requested.  

Flippin’ Good Cookies – Fantastic cookies that can be delivered to UNF or nationwide if desired.  Small delivery fee.

Frosted by Darla creates cakes, cupcakes, cookies, brownies, cake pops, and more, located less than 5 minutes away from campus. 

Charmed Cakes does custom cakes for any occasion, and is located only 15 minutes from campus.

You can also have a cake and balloons delivered by Publix through Instacart or Shipt.  Read our blog on delivery companies here to see what else you can have sent.

Just as popular is the Happy Birthday Gift Box from Baked by Melissa which ships from New York (you can grab this on Amazon and get free shipping).

Another incredible cake, cupcake or cookie delivery company is Bake Me A Wish.  Gourmet overnight delivery service nationwide!

And, we also found the  Wicked Good Cupcakes Birthday Box. Just make sure you get enough for their roommates.

Perhaps a gift card to some of their favorite places to shop if they do not have a wish list. Consider having it sent to their roommate who can be sure to hand deliver to them for you at just the right moment (be sure to prearrange this with the roommate first).

We recently found a great site to create your own package to send to your student.  Greetabl (not a typo) is more than just a box of cookies or candy or items for their room, it is a create your own special package to send to your student for any occasion!

Don’t forget a birthday card. Lovepop has some great cards. If they are celebrating the 21st birthday, we’ve got some great suggestions here.

I don’t think I will ever get used to not celebrating their birthday with them. I’ve spent their entire childhood throwing parties and making a big deal of their day. But now it is a different type of acknowledgment. Don’t worry; sending a care package for their birthday does not preclude you from fulfilling any family birthday traditions when they get home.

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