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What To Do On Tour!

Touring college campuses is so important before your student decides where they want to attend school.  Some students will tour campuses before they apply and some will tour after they have been accepted. Obviously, whichever works best for your student is the way to go. I have three kids; one toured before he applied, one toured after she got accepted and one didn’t tour at all.  Discuss with your child what they feel is best for them.

Because of the size of UNF, touring the campus is very manageable in just a few hours.  Tours are typically led by current college students and include classrooms, state-of-the-art labs, the Student Wellness Complex, and a residence hall room.  Haveuheard that UNF tours are available weekdays and Saturdays for groups of about 25?

When you take the tour, be prepared. Go with a list of questions, but not the kind of questions that you can just use google for an answer. Don’t be shy about asking your tour guide, financial advisor, a specific department or even students hanging out on campus or in the dorm. They can be your greatest resources.

Some of the more common questions our interns found important to prospective students are:

What is the size of the overall campus?

What is the size of the dorm rooms and how many people live in each room?

What food options are available to a freshman?

What does the meal plan cover and will it fit your diet?

What are the locations of your major’s classes?

What type of technology is used or available in the classrooms/libraries?

How many printing locations are available?

Is it free to print or does it cost money?

How clean is the campus/restrooms?

How many gyms are on campus and where are they located?

How safe are the campus and surrounding neighborhoods?

What is the transportation system like?

Are there frequent bus stops?

Available parking spaces?

What safety precautions are on campus?

Perhaps Greek life is important to your student. UNF does not have sorority or fraternity houses, however perhaps you have a friend whose daughter or son is a member of a sorority or fraternity. Reach out to them before going.  They won’t be able to give a tour of Greek life per se, however, they can answer any questions.

If your student has a health condition that makes having specific health center capabilities nearby of great importance; go check it out.  UNF’s Health Center offers a wide variety of services. Or if you’re religious and that is important to your student, be sure to check out the student organizations around campus. We have information about on-campus and off-campus religious organizations here. You may want to visit the registrar’s office to be sure that your credits would transfer from any AP, AICE, or dual enrollment classes too.  The registrar’s office is typically only open weekdays so keep that in mind when scheduling your tour. There really is no better way to get a sense of how you truly feel about a college until you step foot on campus.  My daughter and I toured three college campuses and the moment that we stepped foot on to the UNF campus, we both knew that it was the place for her!

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