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If You Can’t Be there This is Best. 

My daughter has a summer birthday, which meant that we were almost always able to spend it with her.  But for those students with birthdays during the school year, it can be a painful reminder for you as a parent, that your child isn’t at home anymore.  Traditions of decorating their room, filling it with balloons, or giving that birthday hug and kiss when they wake up that morning will change. It’s just another part of letting go a little.  Roommates and suitemates love to shower each other with birthday surprises too, so rest assured that they will have some fun that day. So, if you can’t celebrate with them on their special day, there are some things that you can do to celebrate with them from afar.

A care package can be made by you with fun treats and presents for them to open at school.  Trust me, college kids love to get packages! If you need some fun, creative ideas search on Pinterest and you will surely be overwhelmed with ideas.  Just remember that you don’t have to be a “Martha Stewart” type. Dollar store treats are perfect. Add in a gift card to their favorite fast food place, and you have it done.

There are a few local places that will deliver some goodies to your student. Cookies by Design will deliver cookies that are incredible to your student’s dorm or apartment.  They have many themes too. GrubHub’s site shows all places that deliver near USF, but you can’t go wrong with Mrs. Field’s cookies. They are located near the campus and students love them.

Another great birthday suggestion is the Wicked Good Cupcakes Birthday Box. I sent these to my daughter last year and she loved them. Just make sure you get enough for their roommates. Just make sure you get enough for their roommates. Don’t forget the usual places that can put together a package for a special day.  Target, Best Buy, Walmart, and Amazon have quick and easy shipping so you can send gifts that can be delivered to them or picked up in a store.  You can even send a package to the roommate so the gift is a complete surprise.

Your usual family celebrations can still be had the next time your child comes home.  It’s the getting used to the new way to do things that make birthday care packages so great to receive.

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