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haveuheard attire usf

Get Your Team Look Ready!

USF’s colors are green and gold, and a true fan has a section in their closets filled with all things USF.  Don’t just assume that the colors are the same as the crayon box green and gold. Like all schools, their colors are very specific and you can find exact hues here.

HAVEUHEARD attire usf

Luckily, all things USF are easily available, so if you aren’t ready for game day, this is the time to start getting your game attire ready.  The most important thing to remember is that game day is HOT! Even evening games are muggy and there’s always a chance of rain. So, the trick is how to look super cute with an outfit that lasts through tailgating and the game.

The bookstore has tons of great gear, but many students like creating their outfits using more trendy, unique items.  Believe it or not, cheerleading skirts are becoming very popular and paired with a USF tube top or tank, they can be a cool (as in not hot) look.  A bralette or sports bra in USF colors under a bigger or off the shoulder shirt are popular looks as well.  Many of the girls will wear college chokers. Etsy has some fun customized ones including this one.

Some choose to go with a USF jersey or a t-shirt custom cut or distressed. If DIY’ing isn’t your thing, you can get a custom cut shirt from Made by Mayor or Cuts by C&R.

Attire for the Guys

For the guys, they mostly wear t-shirts, polos or dry fit collared shirts. For t-shirts, sweatshirts, sweatpants – really just about anything that screams their college logo, check Fansedge or Fanatics.

Local stores also carry inexpensive options and will stock up for the fall games.  Target and Walmart carry lots of items in clothing, accessories, and all things needed for a great tailgate.  Online there are endless options, but you can find great things on Etsy including tube tops, cups, hair bows, bangle bracelets, custom shirts, and even USF corn hole games.

I must address the shoe options because the game day can be a long one, and no one wants to have blisters or sore feet.  Any closed toe shoe is a good option because tailgating takes place in grassy/dirt fields at Raymond James Stadium. If it rains, even a little bit, the ground will turn yucky quickly.  So, Vans or Converse are always a good look. If you want a cute sandal or flip-flop, I recommend it be flat.  Leave your wedges and heels at home ladies.

For both guys and girls, you may also want to grab a pair of USF Skicks. They are fun to wear and you will be the envy of everyone. Converse, Sperrys or Adidas have tons of looks to complete your Gameday outfit.

Most importantly, be comfortable in your game day attire!  Yes, the game is important, but showing up in a great game day outfit can make you feel like a winner even if we lose the game.

Have U Heard that the collegiate stadiums have a Clear Bag Policy for football games? Carry all your must-have USF Bulls items with you in this one-of-a-kind Clear Game Day crossbody purse-  it’s the perfect choice to carry all of your essentials in a way that also highlights your intense fervor. Use HUH15 and then you will receive 15% off. This green and gold stadium compliant bag will make it clear for everyone to see you’re rolling with your home team.

Go Bulls!

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