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USF Radio & TV

Yes, your student is at USF to learn, but they will also need some downtime.  My daughter watched her favorite shows on her laptop, but most will also have a TV in their rooms. And while many students tend to watch tv or listen to the radio a little differently than we did what with Netflix, Streaming on Demand, Satellite, when visiting, sometimes it is nice to know where to find a radio station that plays the music you like or watch a show when back at the hotel. Here is some information on TV and Radio at USF.


Every student resident has unlimited access to HBO and Cinemax for free.  HBO GO is also accessible anytime, anywhere. Any device connected to the campus network has access to watchESPN.com as well.  The mobile app is also available. Philo allows resident students to watch and record their favorite content on Philo-enabled channels seamlessly across their devices from anywhere on campus.  Students can also select their favorite movies and shows, and Philo will record them automatically.

*Connected devices such as Roku, Apple TV, and game consoles must be connected to the USF’s wired or WiFi network.  An Amazon Firestick is great too because it can sync with your Amazon Prime account and Alexa enabled devices, information, and instructions.

For students living off-campus, here is a listing of local TV stations.


Bulls Radio is Florida’s #1 College Radio Station.  It is fully run by students and volunteers. The station can be seen in the Marshall Center and its programming reaches listeners not only from each USF campus but even all over the world.  The station offers students the opportunity to host live shows, learn to DJ and mix, learn recording techniques, call USF sports games, write articles, and more. You can even request a Bulls DJ for your events.

Tune in at 1620 AM on campus, 89.7 HD3 Tampa and listen online at TuneIn.  It can also be watched live on any on-campus TV on channel 6.

Tampa Bay area radio stations list.

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