Care Packages for when they get sick

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Show You Care for Them

Get ready, because at around one month in, you may get that dreaded call that your child is sick.  It’s hard because suddenly, you feel even farther from your child than you actually are. It doesn’t matter how well you packed their first aid kit, or how many times you went over where to go to the health services, your child will probably need some extra love to get them on the healing path.

When it is beyond a cold, and they find themselves really sick, try to keep in touch with your child’s roommates, as they will be able to give you updates on your child’s condition.  Sometimes a care package can provide much-needed help as well. Things ship fast these days, and simple things like cough drops, tissues – our interns are big fans of Puffs Plus Vicks Tissues when needed, teas, cozy socks, and maybe something homemade can lift spirits immensely.  Panera Bread gift cards are nice too because they deliver on campus and the surrounding area.

For those of you that think a little matzoh ball soup can cure anything, USF Hillel will deliver soup to your child’s dorm room or apartment.  You don’t have to be Jewish to order from them, and it’s a great comfort that is offered. There are tons of sites that can put together a sick care package quickly so check out our blog on delivery companies.  There are some pre-made gifts that can bring a smile to your sick child on Etsy.  “Get Well” baskets and packages may include lip balms, candles, teas, and more.  A soft, comfy pair of pajamas or a sweatshirt can be a great gift too. Check out Old Navy, Macy’s and Gap for quick shipping.

We also like Spoonful of Comfort. They can deliver soup, bread, and cookies to your loved one when they aren’t feeling well. You can get 10% off your first purchase. For 69.99 you get a 64 oz of soup, ½ dozen Bacci rolls, ½ dozen cookies, a festive ladle, personalized note card, and they even have vegan and gluten-free options.

When your child is sick away from home, it can be just as hard on you as it is on them.  Sending a care package can make you both feel better. I’ve been known to send things from Mouth that has a sick care package filled with tea, honey sticks, crackers, and a wellness care package filled with tea and snow honey, fruit jerky, relaxing digestive bitters, healing turmeric elixir, an antioxidant-rich dark chocolate bar, healthy granola, and a hand-made candle.

Take a look at our Sick at School blog in case they need to be seen by a doctor or will be missing class and need to notify their professor. I hope they get well quickly!

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