Have U Heard was an idea born when our older kids were at the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida. As working parents, we did not have the time to search for information inside and outside the walls of UCF and UF yet alone get answers from our kids.

We had so many “I wish I would have known,” or as we commonly refer to it as “huh? ”moments over the four years our older kids were at college. That is when we thought, “What if there was a one-stop place for parents to get not only detailed information about the university but also the surrounding community?. Recognizing how stressful the college process is, from orientation through graduation, we created HaveUHeard to provide the inside scoop from current students and parents; a been there, done that approach from trusted sources… A place to get information right at your fingertips instead of having to go searching on many other websites.

HaveUHeard does an extensive amount of research in answering every question. But, we go the extra mile, bringing our own personal experience and provide practical real-life advice. While other parenting advice sources might provide good advice, we try to layer in practical advice for real-life that takes into account the significant shortage of free time that new college parents have in their lives.

We hope this site makes your journey with your college student a little easier, less stressful, and perhaps save you some money and frustration.

Janice & Tracey


Janice Weinsoff – Janice is one of the founders and managing partners of HaveUHeard. She is the mother of two, both Gators. Janice brings over 30 years of advertising and marketing experience to the company. Janice is also a graduate of the Kaufman Foundation’s FastTrac NewVenture Program, presented by the Broward County Office of Economic and Small Business Development.

Tracey Kinker-Gebert– Tracey is one of the founders and managing partners of HaveUHeard. She is the mother of two, a Knight and a Gator and a Certified Public Accountant (CPA) and sole proprietor with over 30 years experience in tax planning, small business consulting and elder planning services as well as litigation support services in financial exploitation.


Catie Kuter

Catie is South Florida native. She graduated with a degree in history from FAU and works at the Children’s Museum. She is an active alumnus at her alma mater, and with her local sorority alumni association. When Catie isn’t spending time with her five nephews, she enjoys being out on the ocean enjoying Florida’s sunshine, watching college football and taking trips to Disney World.

Debbie Friedman

Debbie is a Coral Springs mom. She moved to Coral Springs in 1994 and has raised three awesome kids, all who attend, or have attended Florida state colleges. Her oldest son graduated from FSU in 2017 and her younger son is currently a junior at FSU. Her daughter is currently a freshman at UNF. Besides attempting to like being an empty nester, Debbie enjoys exercising – cardio and yoga, baking (including the best chocolate chip cookies in the world,) reading and spending time with her friends and fiancé!

Susanne Jacoby Hale

Susanne Jacoby Hale, a former high school dropout prevention teacher and presently a family mediator, earned a master’s degree from New York University in education and creative writing. She is the mother of three; two Noles and one Knight. Susanne also constructively critiques and edits college application essays and is the author of Shades of Gray, her debut novel.

Julie Ann Bray

Julie is a former elementary and special education teacher and presently a stay at home mom and writer graduated from the University of South Florida with a bachelor’s degree in Special Education.  She is a native Floridian and the mother of two, a Knight and high school student. Julie is active with the USF Alumni and loves traveling, enjoying Florida’s beaches, and spending time with her family.

Bobbie Demme-San Filippo

Bobbie is a passionate innovator and communicator; as an accomplished visual artist, designer, and writer she has taken her cross-genre creative endeavors from backstage to the boardroom and beyond. She has spent most of her parenting years in Florida, raising both a Gator Alum and a Class of ’21 Gator. Bobbie holds a BFA in Art and Design from Miami of Ohio and continues to view all aspects of life through her Found Object Artist lens, which is exactly why you’ll appreciate her eyes-wide-open view on student and family life in and around the Gator Nation.

Sandi Siegel

Sandi is a Graphic Designer by trade as well as a blogger and copywriter. Inspiration comes from endless sunny days, warm breezes and the college spirit that stems from my days walking around the University of Miami campus. Married 22 years, she has a daughter that’s a college sophomore at the “U” and a daughter graduating high school, class of 2018. Weekends are filled with kids, bike riding, attending UM college football games and hanging with friends and family.

Christina Stutman

Christina is a registered nurse originally from the midwest, now living in South Florida for over 20 years. Her oldest daughter is a junior at FSU and her youngest daughter is currently a freshman at Indiana University in Bloomington. Chris can be found running, doing yoga and baking for others. 

Jordan Weinsoff

Jordan is the former Marketing and Promotions Director for iHeartMedia Miami and now resides in NYC. She graduated from UF where she not only had a great experience both on and off-campus but graduated with honors from the Heavener School of Business. She gets college students (she’s not that far removed from being a student herself). In her free time, she enjoys running, yoga and hanging out with her friends.
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Meighan Papalia Bio

Meighan is a Fourth Grade teacher in Montgomery County, MD.  She graduated from the University of Maryland herself, and now her first child is a Terp too!  She decided to blog to help simplify the process for first-time college parents like she so recently was. In her free time, she can be found reading, walking her dogs, or on the sidelines of her kids’ lacrosse games.


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The first time I stumbled across a HaveUHeard.com article, I was a little skeptical as I assumed that they were affiliated with my daughter’s school and would be slanted towards all things run by her university. As it turned out, it was more like having a friend whose kid has “been there done that” and they have summarized it all up into a nice, short, easily readable format providing a balanced on the subject at hand. I have read a few of their articles as issues and questions have arisen such meal plans, the sick kid and family weekend to name a few. The Have U Heard website is extremely easy to navigate; kudos to the web designer. The website is efficient and streamlined and the articles are helpful and detailed but not overly long. What’s not to love?

Lisa G. SEPT 2017

Joe – UF Class of 2021 Parents Page states  “So hard to find anything on UF web pages these days …”

Shelby – UNF FB Parents Group – “Thanks for posting! My DD and I are shopping next week and the guidance is appreciated”

Many thanks for a very informative and useful blog! I found all your articles very beneficial! I’m so glad that I found this excellent website!
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Wendy – shared our FSU page to the group FSU parents stating – “Great additional resource for insider information on FSU (or any Florida University actually – there are several) including restaurants, hotels, finding roommate tips, fun classes to take, info on Florida prepaid, and a bunch more!”

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I wish HaveUHeard.com was around years ago when my first daughter was attending UF.  It would have saved me many hours and many tears trying to find information about college life, deadlines, food plans, books, clinic times, graduation parking etc.  I did attend UF preview but like many first-timers of a college student it was a stressful blur and very frustrating and I did not comprehend all that information and needed help to find it later on.  HaveUHeard has helped me with my second daughter at UF because it is all on one website and written in simple understandable words.  The site is fun and entertaining!

Trish H. October 2017

Michelle – UNF – “This is fantastic. I had no idea of this website and now I can use for FSU too!”

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HaveUHeard.com has been a source of great and relevant information. So glad to have this resource at my fingertips for pointers and guidance for my son who is a FSU freshman!

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Jie – UF FB Parents group – “Wow! Thank you for all the tips!”

The Administrator for the UF Parents 2023 closed group stated recently that while it is only for parents of 2023 Gators, they did leave one person promoting a blog because frankly, she was providing useful information to many of your questions and many people had responded positively to the shared links.

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