Have U Heard was an idea born when our older kids were at the University of Central Florida and the University of Florida. Having been UF graduates, we were completely lost when it came to understanding everything UCF and UF. So much had changed since I was at UF. (Really? Why would I expect a completely different way of college life having graduated, well let’s just say, many, many years ago)  As working parents, we did not have the time to search for information inside and outside the walls of UCF and UF yet alone get answers from our kids.

We had so many “I wish I would have known,” or as we commonly refer to it as “huh? ”moments over the four years our older kids were at college. We wish we would have known that you need to book a hotel for football games and graduation months, even a year, in advance. We wish we would have known that we did not need everything on the college registry list. We wish we would have known that not all apartment rentals include a parking space for all the occupants and all the incidental charges. We wish we would have known more about the restaurants, the stores, the repair shops, the moving out process and storing their belongings, what tutoring help was available and so much more.

That is when we thought, “What if there was a one-stop place for parents to get not only information about the university but the surrounding community? What questions should I be asking but did not know to ask? HaveUHeard was created with exactly that in mind. A one stop consolidated place to get information right at your fingertips instead of having to go searching on many other websites.  A one-stop place to help other parents have the resources and know-all for things college.

HaveUHeard will be your guide to getting to know your student’s University and surrounding community. It will be a place to post questions, get recommendations and be on the inside track to everything you need to know about life on and off campus. It’s meant to give you a real perspective from our point of view and our experiences.

We hope this site makes your journey with your college student a little easier, less stressful and perhaps save you some money and frustration.

With hugs,

J & T

HaveUheard is not an agent of any school, nor are we promoting the institution, but rather supporting access to information that may provide value to students, parents and others.

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