Life is Complicated

Life Is Complicated
Ways to find simplicity in
a complicated world.

From empty nester to re-nester and back to empty nester, I get it. I have two adult daughters of my own. If you followed HaveUHeard, you know we strived to get you on the dot info about college. Now that my daughters are out of college, I realize that yes, college is complicated but life is complicated too.  I’m re-focusing and sharing my experiences with parenting adult kids, taking care of elderly parents, and fashion, food, health, and travel tips. I also include links to save you on the fun stuff. Hope to see you here! 

Lessons My Aunt Taught About Living a Happy Life

Lessons to Learn In December 2023, my 95-year-old aunt passed away. This came as a shock because she appeared healthy. Her positive outlook on life was well known to those closest to her. Her secret? She kept a piece of paper on her nightstand with her five most important things for living a happy life. Upon awakening, she would read through her handwritten list. Those words were: Love Gratitude/Appreciation Kindness Balance/Flexibility Forgiveness Morning Ritual After that morning ritual, she said, “I am fine.” I had a bracelet made with that saying. I never take it off.  For many of us dealing with anxiety and stress, it is easy to overthink and get stuck in negative thoughts. My aunt taught me that to achieve and maintain balance, emphatically tell yourself, “I am fine.” This is crucial to one’s health. Love This was a subject we talked about frequently. If we were talking about someone […]

My Mom’s Dream Table

Table for Plenty Always the consummate hostess, my mom envisioned a dining room table that would seat plenty of guests. After many years of searching, I’d say about ten, my mom found her dream table. The Cherished Dining Room Table My mom LOVES this table. She loves and protects it so much that only certain people can open and close the table. I happen to be one of the chosen few. Whenever the occasion calls for the grand unveiling of her cherished dining table, my mom assumes her role as the vigilant overseer with gusto. With eagle-eyed precision, she stands guard, the keeper of domestic order, ensuring that no careless soul dares to disrupt the delicate choreography of the unfolding spectacle. Every creak of the expanding wood draws forth a gentle admonition, a whispered plea for caution, lest an unsuspecting move bangs the table. For grace and elegance reign supreme in her […]

Create A Vision Board

Set Your Intentions I love manifesting, especially when my vision becomes reality. Making a vision board is one part of my manifestation. It starts with setting your intentions. Next, choose between a digital version and a printed one. I create a vision board every season or when I want to visualize something new. My summer vision board is now done, and so is the background for my iPhone. These are the first two I did for 2024.   Vision Boards From the Past I have been doing vision boards since I was young. We did not call them Vision Boards; we called them collages or dream boards. Think Jenna Rink’s Poise magazine board in the movie 13 Going On 30. And, who could forget making shellacked lunchboxes? My mom would give us magazines, scissors, and a metal lunchbox (now referred to as retro or vintage lunchboxes).  We would cut out pictures and […]

Christmas In July

Isn’t Christmas Six Months Away? It’s summertime, and while most enjoy the sunny weather, traveling, and outdoor activities, I can’t stop thinking about Christmas (and Hanukkah). That’s right, it’s time to celebrate Christmas in July! This quirky holiday tradition has been around for decades but has gained popularity recently. Many people love celebrating the holiday season twice yearly, especially when it means breaking out their favorite festive events and indulging in some wintery treats during the hot summer months. I’m diving into the history behind Christmas in July and exploring some fun ways you can join in on the festivities. The History Behind Christmas in July I was misguided in my belief that my uncle invented Christmas in July. According to legend, the first Christmas in July dates back 84 years. It occurred at a girls’ camp called Keystone Camp in Brevard, N.C. On July 24th—25th, the camp co-founder gave the names […]

30 Day Yoga Challenge

Who Is Adriene Mishler? I first learned about Adriene Mishler’s 30-day yoga challenge on the Today Show.  Adriene Mishler is a yoga teacher from Austin, Texas. According to her website, she is also an actress, writer, and entrepreneur. Adriene talked about her 30-day yoga challenge, a practice she started in 2015. I was new to yoga but decided to give it a try. I’ve been hooked since. This is my ninth year doing Adriene Mishler’s 30-Day yoga challenge. Yoga is critical for my mental health. I can work on my own mindfulness and inner peace through yoga and meditation. And it is so much easier now with smart TVs to stream. I set my mat next to my bed as a reminder to practice. Making the Time To Practice My current exercise regimen includes three days of weight training and two days of riding my Peloton bike. Additionally, I take a slow-flow […]

FamJam: Costa Rica

Costa Rica, It Is After close to 20 years of traveling out west for a snow trip, we decided to switch it up to a closer, tropical vacation. Costa Rica, it is. Our trip last year to Sundance was amazing. So amazing that our initial concern was how we could plan a trip that was just as fun, with perfect accommodations and amazing views. But we almost got trapped on the mountain after overnight snow dumped almost 6 feet, and we struggled to drive off the mountain. For this year, we polled our kids to get ideas for FamJam 2023. FamJam is the name of our travel group. Fam because it is my twin sister, her two adult kids, and any significant others, and myself, my daughters, and their significant others. Jam because it is short for jamboree, a large celebration or party typically lavish and boisterous. It epitomizes our group trips […]

Words of Inspiration for 2024

A Mindful New Year It is that time of year. Resolutions can be complicated. Traditionally, we choose to give up a bad habit, add good habits, be more present, and so on. Oftentimes, those resolutions are broken early on in the year. What if you were to choose words of inspiration instead? That is exactly what my friends and I have been doing since 2014. We choose an inspirational word or meaningful intention to set the tone for a mindful new year.  That word is made into a bracelet. The idea came from a 2013 Today Show piece on making resolutions. This will be my eleventh year of picking words of inspiration. I love looking down at my wrist and having a daily reminder. Words of inspiration can be based on manifesting positivity, celebrating all life has to offer, pursuing a goal, moving forward, or living life to its fullest.  They can […]

Our Mother- Daughter Trip to France’s Côte D’azur

Côte d’Azur It Is France’s Côte d’Azur is also known as the French Riviera. It’s where turquoise waters meet golden beaches, and charming coastal towns come alive with glamour and luxury. The French Riviera has a rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, from Nice to Cannes to Aix en Province. Here you can relax on their world-renowned beaches or spend an adventurous day. We initially planned to go to the French Riviera, Bordeaux, and Paris. All in ten days, including travel time. Once we started looking at logistics, it became apparent that we were being overambitious. Our choice to go to Côte d’Azur would allow us to travel a long stretch of the coastline for which the south of France is famous. Picking A Home Base There are so many beautiful cities and coastal towns along the coast. With eight days of travel, we narrowed it down to having Nice and […]

8 Days in the French Riviera

Our Trip Through the South of France My daughters and I spent eight days in the French Riviera for our Mother-Daughter trip. It’s where turquoise waters meet golden beaches, and charming coastal towns come alive with glamour and luxury.  The French Riviera has a rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, from Nice to Cannes to Aix en Province. Here you can relax on their world-renowned beaches or spend an adventurous day. Whether strolling down the Promenade des Anglais in Nice or stumbling onto an international advertising festival in Cannes, join us on our journey- filled with charm, elegance, and joie de vivre in the South of France. Hiring A Travel Company With few hotel options close to Promenade des Anglais and needing transportation to all of the villages and towns we planned on visiting, I worked with Nadas, Italy. I used their custom travel services when we traveled to Italy and […]

Fall in Love With St. Tropez

St Tropez… J’Adore This glamorous location, lined with beautiful yachts, started as a fishing village with a vibrant cultural scene attracting artists, writers, and celebrities. Now you can wander the cobblestone streets filled with boutiques, cafes, and art galleries. They’re also known for their trendy beach clubs and restaurants, some of which are quite opulent. And although we only had part of a day here, it is easy to fall in love with St. Tropez. Getting There: Car or Ferry The drive from Nice to Saint Maxime is over an hour. We took the ferry to get to St. Tropez as it offers wonderful views and is faster than driving, according to our guide. The ferry is 9 € per person. We were surprised by how rough the current was, by our boating experience estimations, 3-5 ft. It was not the most enjoyable ride since we had to stay seated and inside. […]

Discover the Magic of Nice

The Enchanting World of Nice Nice is the most popular resort city on the French Riviera. Here you can wander through Old Town’s narrow streets, home to charming squares, restaurants, bars, small shops, and boutiques. La Promenade des Anglais is not to be missed, which follows the Bay of the Angel’s curve. It is where you will find many beach clubs and her famous pebble beach. Nice became our five-night home base, leaving us plenty of time to indulge in the local cuisine, the vibrant nightlife and experience The Fête de la Musique, a summer solstice music celebration. After returning from our day trips, we had plenty of time to wander around Nice.  Much to our surprise, it stays light outside until close to 10 p.m. during the summer months. Accommodations We booked the Anantara Plaza Nice Hotel (junior suite with garden view). It is roomy enough for three with a king-size bed and […]

Uncover the Hidden Gem of Eze

Eze Village Uncover the hidden gem of Eze! This Medieval hilltop village has the most breathtaking views and gorgeous botanicals. Here you can climb the cobblestone walkway and steps up to the top, stopping at the shops and galleries. The main attraction is the Jardin Exotique d’Eze. It is well worth the 7 € entrance fee to see one of the most spectacular views of the French Riviera. Make Scents of Eze No visit to Eze would be complete without a visit to the renowned Fragonard Perfume Factory, offering a unique olfactory journey. The tour takes you through their cosmetics laboratory, explaining the intricate process of creating signature scents. The tour ends with a visit to the store. My daughter had visited ten years ago on a high school trip and brought me back one of their fragrances, which was a favorite. It is no longer available.  We spent much time trying out […]

The Glamour and Glitz of Monaco & Monte Carlo

The Principality of Monaco This principality of glamour and glitz is most known for the Prince’s Palace of Monaco, Grand Prix of Monaco, and Casino de Monte-Carlo. It is also the second smallest independent country in the world. Our guide explained the arduous process of becoming a resident of this principality. It is a desirable independent state to live in because it has no income tax, wealth tax, local tax, property tax, or capital gains tax on individuals. Corporate and inheritance taxes are minimal. Applicants must deposit 500,000 euros into a local bank account to reside there. There are additional requirements, but it takes ten years to file for Monaco citizenship. Cainsos, Yachts, and Cars Oh My! You may visit the Prince’s Palace and the SAS Automotive Collection. You can walk the Formula 1 track (our transportation company is authorized as a Monaco-based company to drive within Monaco and Monte Carlo), walk […]

Cannes… More Than Movies & Celebrities

Cannes Allure When you think of Cannes, you probably think of the Cannes Film Festival, upscale hotels, designer stores along the palm-lined La Croisette, and beautiful beaches. Not to be missed is their historical area filled with cafes, boutiques, and art galleries. Cannes Lion Cannes was one of our favorite places to visit. Our visit coincided with Cannes Lions 2023. My younger daughter works in digital advertising, so we knew this event would take place during our visit.  Cannes Lions is a global event for those in advertising and creative communications,  attracting companies including Meta, TikTok, Spotify, Twitter, Apple, Pinterest, Disney, and the larger advertising agencies. It does take up most of La Croisette, the palm tree-lined boulevard that runs parallel to the beach. Since we all work in advertising/marketing, it was fascinating to see all the activations, from private beach clubs (Pinterest Beach) to TikTok Cabana. La Croisette La Croisette is […]

Much To Do In Marseille

Magnifique Marseille Marseille is the second largest and oldest city in France. It was our home for two nights to visit the city and Aix-en-Province. Our hotel,  Grand Hotel Beauvau Marseille Vieux-Port, was along the Vieux Port (old port), lined with over 3500 boats. You can roam around the markets and shop on many streets, including Rue de la Tour, a pedestrian street with many of the trendiest shops and designer labels. There is even a Galeries Lafayette department store near the Old Port. But Marseille is so much more than shopping. Take a guided tour to get a true feel for the city. Is Marseille Worth Visiting? Before we left for France, a few people I know mentioned that Marseille is a dangerous city. And an employee at one of the places we were in Nice told us to be careful.  Yes, Marseille has suffered from a severe image problem for […]

Experience Provençal Charm in Aix-en-Provence

The City of A Thousand Fountains We were excited to visit this college town known for its fountains of all shapes and sizes. We experienced charming streets (Rue Fernand Dol), food markets, Cours Mirabeau, the main street in Aix-en-Provence, and Le Grande Marché (open Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays). Of course, you must experience the Lavender Fields. It was the impetus for our stay in Marseilles, as it is a 30-minute drive.  Aix-en-Provence is the birthplace of impressionist painter Paul Cézanne and a university and artists’ town. We discovered a town of fountains, cafes, restaurants, shops, and markets. My daughters are fans of the brand Caudalie for skin care products that are natural and clean. So when we stumbled upon their shop in Aix-en-Provence, we all stocked up as it is much less expensive to purchase in France than in the United States. I use the Premier Cru Anti-Aging cream,  anti-aging serum, and […]

What To Wear In The French Riviera

Chic and Practical Outfit Ideas for Every Occasion When you think about what people wear while vacationing on the French Riviera, the words glamour, elegance, and sophistication come to mind. The stunning stretch along the Mediterranean Sea is an irresistible destination for many seeking its beauty and charm. When dressing for a French Riviera vacation, you’ll want to balance style and practicality. We share everything about what to wear on the French Riviera to ensure you look chic while navigating cobblestone streets or lounging at a beach club. French Riviera Fashion Our outfit recommendations are perfect for hot European summers if you are traveling to the French Riviera, Greece, Italy, or Spain. Stick to cotton or linen dresses, lightweight pants, and shorts. White is always a good option. For shoes, we found many wearing sandals or sneakers. Walking cobblestone streets in heels is challenging, but if you must (we did), go for […]

Wine Tasting and Vineyard Tours

The Perfect Way to Celebrate Life With Daughters My husband loved red wine. He had a wine collection, including a bottle from each of our daughter’s birth years. I was not a fan of red wine at that time. Both my daughters enjoy an occasional glass of wine. That is until we went on many wine-tasting and vineyard tours. Now they love wine. The Benefits of Introducing Your Daughters To Wine Drinking wine with a meal is part of Europe’s culture. We experienced this on our trips throughout Europe. We certainly did not condone drinking alcohol when our daughters were young. Once they were in their older teens, they were allowed to drink wine with us. It wasn’t an everyday event, more for holidays and special occasions. And on their bat mitzvahs. Many parents may not agree with our approach. It’s a complicated parental choice. We believe that the benefits of our […]

Essential Legal Documents For Your Adult Child

Why I Feel Strongly About Having Legal Documents As a widow, I am passionate about sharing lessons learned. My husband passed unexpectedly. Fortunately, we had all the essential legal documents. My adult daughters now have the essential legal documents. Without these documents, you may not access your adult kid’s records or speak to a medical professional. No one enjoys imagining our children in a situation where they are incapacitated. It’s unnatural, and frankly, it’s depressing. But it will exasperate a tough time if you cannot access your adult kid’s records or speak to a medical professional. It’s why my daughters have essential legal documents for those what-if moments. Understanding Legal Documents Legal documents help protect and carry out your interests and assets as you wish when you can no longer decide for yourself. In addition, these documents are crucial legal tools that help ensure your family and loved ones are well cared […]

Why You Need to Go On A Mother-Daughter Trip

What Makes Them So Special My daughters and I have gone on seven Mother-Daughter trips. Of course, the destination does play a role. It’s a time to connect and spend one on one time.  We text every day and talk almost daily, but they are short conversations. Sometimes I am distracted, and sometimes they are. Occasionally, I can’t hear my daughter’s words while walking through New York City.  Having ten consecutive days together gives me a glimpse into how they are mentally, spiritually, and physically.  These are some of the many reasons why you need to go on a Mother-Daughter trip. The benefits of taking trips with your daughters and creating memories that will last forever make them so unique. I am finding dates that work can be complicated between everyone’s jobs, prior commitments, and available dates. I’d recommend a mother-daughter trip, even if you can only get away for a long […]

These Shoes Were Made For Walking

A Soleful Connection I have a soleful connection to shoes. HaveUHeard that the average American woman owns 19 pairs of shoes? I own over 100 pairs of shoes. Lucky for me, I have worn the same shoe size since my 30s. I assure you, my shoes were made for walking.  If you share this obsession with footwear, keep reading because you’re about to learn why. My Family Connection to Shoes Our shoe addiction can be traced to my grandfather. Before the depression, my grandfather owned a grocery store. Unfortunately, it closed as many could not afford food, so he took whatever job he could get. He got a job at a big shoe factory and learned every facet of the job, working his way up to being a superintendent, equivalent to being a manager today. The company made fine, expensive shoes. My grandfather also designed shoes and even patented one of the designs. […]

New York City… Again!

A Weekend With My Daughters My daughters moved to NYC in 2019. When they moved, I promised to visit every three to four months. The pandemic made everything complicated. Now I have one daughter living nearby me in South Florida and one living in New York City. The last time I visited NYC was in December 2021. My daughters would be in NYC this same weekend, so they said, “Mom, come too.” You didn’t need to twist my arm. I was ready to visit New York City… again! Where I Stayed I always try to pick a hotel near my daughter’s apartment. She has moved thrice since 2019, allowing me to try different hotels. I’m not a chain hotel type of person. I much prefer a boutique hotel. I chose The Ludlow Hotel on the Lower East Side for this trip. What a wonderful boutique hotel, The staff is awesome from the […]

What We Learned About Caring for Our Aging Parents

The Information You Need To Know Being the caregiver for your aging parents is complicated. It requires patience, compassion, planning, and tough love. With our dad, it was a slow transition from having to step in to take care of his needs. It was sad to lose a piece of him each day. With our mom, the transition has not been as smooth. Requiring her to relinquish control has been met with hurt, anger, stress, frustration, and guilt. We are sharing the many lessons learned from caring for our aging parents. The Sandwich Generation Several years ago,  I wrote about The Sandwich Generation. Since then, we find ourselves jumping from crisis to crisis. I am hardly alone when it comes to being a caregiver for our elderly parents. So many of my friends are being pushed to their limits. We all are facing unique complications. Current Situation A year ago, we celebrated our […]

What I Learned About Traveling With Friends

How to Make Sure You Stay Friends After Traveling with friends can be complicated. I am not talking about weekend trips.  I’ve had amazing trips with family and my adult kids but they aren’t readily available to take long trips. After a bad travel experience with friends over 20 years ago, I avoided taking longer trips with friends. After my trip to Sweden & Denmark, I realized you have to find the right friends to travel with. Because when you do, it will be an amazing experience.  I am happy to say, we are still great friends and are planning future trips. My Most Recent Trip With A Friend In November 2021, my Swedish friend invited me to go to Sweden, her home country. Sweden has long been on my bucket list. I immediately said yes. Actually, what I said was “I’ve waited 35 years for an invitation.” My friend came to the […]

Travel is My Therapy

I came across a quote recently that encapsulates my life’s goals; “I’d rather have a passport full of stamps, than a house full of stuff.” Tbh, I did not even own a passport until six years ago having only traveled domestically. Truthfully, I was fortunate enough to be raised by parents who loaded all four of us girls in the car every summer and we went on driving trips in the U.S. Of course, and I do believe this was to keep us quiet and occupied, we were each assigned a state and decided what places we would visit in that state.

Tips for Dealing With Chaotic Air Travel ✈

In 2021, a friend invited me to go with her to Sweden, her homeland. It took me all of two seconds to accept. I even said, “I’ve been waiting over 35 years for this invitation.” First, we booked our airfare. We know prices would start to climb, so booking the airfare 9 months in advance seemed like a good decision. But, in that time, we have seen how chaotic air travel is right now. I share my tips to get the flights you want. Pre-Booking She is flying a week in advance to spend time with her family. Since this is a multi-city trip, we coordinated our return ticket. Easier said than done. We did manage to secure a great price with an upgrade to business class because this trip is 16 hours each way. We each booked through different third-party providers. Our first flight change happened because our connection in New […]

My Top 10 Travel Item Recommendations

Simple Travel Items To  Make Traveling Less Complicated It is common knowledge that air travel is complicated these days. However, Traveling is my therapy. I have missed my trips with my daughters and family over the past few years. But I’ve got a bucket-list trip planned for September. And my daughters have been traveling a lot this year. Here is our top 10 travel item recommendations. Luggage I have owned my share of luggage over the years. Soft-sided, hard shell, duffles. But, this year, I bought new luggage as gifts for my daughters and myself. We went with investment pieces that are lightweight and easy to maneuver. And they have other features that make the difficulty of air travel simpler. 1.Away Luggage– Their luggage is popular for its durability and modern technology. The interior of the suitcase uses a compression system. One side is designed for clothes. The other is for items […]

Vacations With Your Adult Kids

Where to Start A vacation with your adult kids is complicated. First, you need to plan around everyone’s work schedules. Second, are you all traveling from the same city? Do you all have the same type of vacation in mind? Cold weather or warm weather. Beaches or mountains. Hotel or house? What about their current partners? My twin sister and I have been sharing winter vacations since our youngest kids were three. This past December trip which included our adult kids and their respective boyfriends will go down as one of our best family vacations EVER! How My Parents Vacationed My parents instilled the love of travel when we were little. And we went on a lot of family vacations. Once we were all married with children of our own, my parents planned a very large vacation with their adult kids. But never did anyone who was not married into the family […]

Visit Sweden Like A Local

And So It Begins… In November 2021, my Swedish friend of 35+ years invited me to visit Sweden when she planned to go in September 2022. The Scandinavian countries are on my bucket list. I immediately said, “yes.” Tbh, I said, “I’ve waited 35 years for this invitation.”  She already had an itinerary in mind. We would drive through Sweden to visit the larger cities, quaint villages, and towns. The trip would provide an accurate picture of her home country. When most people plan a trip to Sweden, it typically includes the principal cities of Stockholm, Gothenburg, and Malmö. After traveling through Sweden, I encourage anyone visiting to see it like a local and take the time to visit some of the other coastal islands and towns. Time to Learn Swedish Six months before leaving, I decided to take the initiative and learn how to speak Swedish, surprising my friend. In the 35 years […]

Key Phrases To Know Before You Travel To Sweden

I’ll Learn to Speak Swedish Six months before leaving, I decided to take the initiative and learn Swedish, surprising my friend. It turns out that Swedish is a really difficult language to learn. In the 35 years we’ve been friends, the only words I learned to say were Hi (hej), Yes (Ja), and goodbye (hej då – pronounced hey do)). I signed up through Babbel. Every morning I would do a lesson and review the lesson prior. One morning, I texted my friend, “Hur mår du,” which means “how are you?” I thought I’d impress her. Of course, she laughed and told me everyone speaks English in Sweden. I kept at it. When it came time to depart, I only knew key phrases and words. I decided to leave most of the translation to her. Basic Words and Sentences To Know Okay, so speaking Swedish was near impossible for me. I left the […]

What to Pack for Sweden & Denmark in the Fall 🍂

My 15-Day Capsule Packing Guide Packing for a two-week trip is complicated. Of course, I want plenty of options. But I do not want to be lugging around an overpacked suitcase. My tendency is minimalist. I have assembled what to pack for Sweden & Denmark using one medium-size checked luggage, a carry-on, and a weekender bag. Packing in the Past On our first European trip, my two daughters and I were like Goldilocks and the Three Bears. One of us overpacked and filled their suitcase with anything and everything. The other brought a medium size suitcase with curated outfits. I was in between. We would all agree that the one who packed curated outfits made out the best. Several trips later, we’ve got it down to a science. Check out my packing tips to make traveling less complicated. Swedish & Denmark Fashion Fortunately for me, Swedes and Danes have a casual style. […]

Greece: European Relaxation

Greece has been on my bucket list since 2005 when I saw the movie The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants. My desire to go there also was based on the fact that in 2010, I became a pescatarian and mainly followed a Meditteranean eating regimen. 

Copenhagen – Our Trip To The Happiest Country

We’ve Arrived Getting to Copenhagen from Malmö takes about 30 minutes on the Øresund Bridge, a bridge and a tunnel crossing the Øresund strait between Denmark and Sweden. There was a marathon race upon our arrival, so we had to wind our way through the city due to the tens of thousands of runners. Spectators were singing, clapping, and cheering on the runners. This was our first introduction to Copenhagen – the happiest country. That’s not to mention the number of bicyclists. In Copenhagen, bicycles outnumber cars. There are almost three times as many bicycles in the city as cars. Being the world’s most bike-friendly city, the city completely embraces cyclists. It is impressive to see the wide paths, bridges, and paths that prioritize their safety.   What the Hygge? Pronounced hoo-gah, this Danish concept has been adopted worldwide. In simplest terms, it is about creating a cozy atmosphere and enjoying the […]

Eagle’s Nest Luxury Retreat Sundance

The Most Amazing Place We’ve Ever Rented! FamJam 2022 took us to Sundance and the most incredible house we ever rented.  Nestled in the mountain community of Sundance Mountain Resort, you will find Eagle’s Nest Luxury Retreat,   a private mountain home with breath-taking views of Mt. Timpanogos. OMG… this House There are not a lot of homes available for rent at Sundance Mountain Resort. For a bunch of Floridians, the winding mountain roads, covered with snow and sometimes ice was, I admit, frightening. We could not even find the house when we pulled into the resort. In all fairness, it was dark out. We ended up pulling into a driveway to see if that had the address. Of course, seeing a few people through the window walking around inside was a bit disconcerting. Was the house rented to someone else? They probably thought the same thing when they saw a bunch of […]

Sundance Is Something Special

How Did We End Up In Sundance? We have had countless winter ski trips to Utah, but it was always Park City. Planning for our 2022 FamJam started six months in advance. Our search requirements are complicated because of the family configuration. With our adult kids and boyfriends/girlfriends, we typically need a large house. Our search parameters were for a five-bedroom house, with a minimum of three bathrooms, a backyard, a full kitchen, a living and dining room, a kitchen, a grill, and, of course, a game room. I know that seems very specific, and it does create limitations, but we spend a lot of time together in the house. Vacation Rentals Searches on Airbnb and Vrbo for a five-bedroom house yielded prices that were much more than what we were willing to spend. Finding a place that met our budget was challenging. We’d comb through the bedroom layouts and read the […]

Visiting New York City In December

A December to Remember Visiting New York City in December is magical. From the holiday markets to the window displays, you should try to experience the holidays. I’ve been to NYC many, many times but only once have I visited during the holidays. This year, my bucket list included going to all of the holiday shopping markets. And, I wanted to see the department store window displays. It was the closest I could get to feeling like I was experiencing a Hallmark movie.  I chose a few weeks after Thanksgiving. Since my daughter lives in the city, she agreed to take in this experience with me. Important – Make sure you have your vaccination card and photo ID as that is the only way you can eat or drink indoors in the city. Holiday Markets We spent an entire day taking in all three of the holiday markets. Columbus Circle Holiday Market […]

Magic in the Hamptons ♪♪

Three Times A Charm You may wonder why a person who has lived in South Florida for almost 50 years would choose to go to a beach area for a vacation. Not all beaches are the same. And we do not have windmills, something you will see all over the Hamptons. My daughter lives in NYC, so during the summer, she usually can find friends who’ve rented a house for the summer. I know that her visiting the Hamptons with friends encompasses something completely different from our visits to the Hamptons. Getting There The best way to enjoy the magic in the Hamptons is by car. My older daughter and I flew in from Miami to John F. Kennedy. You can try to fly into Islip, but they have limited airlines that service that airport. JFK is your next closest airport to get to the Hamptons. We rented a car and headed […]


A Juxtaposition between Beautiful Scenery and Skyscrapers Vancouver was the final stop of our trip out west. It is surprising to see a city of skyscrapers set against a city surrounded by beauty… water, mountains, and cobblestone streets. We flew West Jet from Victoria to Vancouver as the ferry would have taken too long and stayed at the Fairmont Pacific Rim hotel. It is a beautiful hotel in the downtown area and a block away from the harbor where many of the cruise ships come in. We stayed for two nights and three days in Vancouver. Our stay included daily breakfast, evening canapés, and a private terrace with panoramic views. I did book well in advance so I don’t think I recalled upgrading our stay but it was a very welcome end to our vacation. Attractions Capilano Suspension Bridge – A visit to Capilano Suspension Bridge Park was definitely on our radar. We […]

Our Trip to Canyon Ranch Tuscon

 Couldn’t We All Use a Holistic Mind, Body, and Spirit Reset? Many of my blogs address how crucial it is to me to embrace mindfulness, health, and spirituality. For our 60th birthday, my twin sister gifted me a three-day stay at Canyon Ranch in Tuscon. What Is Canyon Ranch? In simple terms, it is a holistic health and wellness center; a retreat destination, so to speak. Set on over 150 acres in the Sonoran Desert, the Tuscon location was the first health and wellness center in the world. Mel and Enid Zuckerman, now in their 90’s, founded Canyon Ranch and live in a house on the property. You can live at the “Ranch” as many refer to the place. John C. Goff’s Real Estate Holding Company purchased Canyon Ranch in 2018. There are also locations in Lennox, Mass., and Woodside, CA. They operate spa clubs in The Venetian Las Vegas as well. […]

How to Travel to Spain in 10 Days

In 2016, when my daughter decided to study abroad in Madrid for the summer through her college, I decided to personally escort her (and of course her sister came along). We left a few weeks prior to when she needed to be in Madrid. We traveled to Spain in 10 days which is very doable and share How to Travel to Spain in 10 days. 

Hallo, London, Calling

My first trip to Europe was in London. We chose this destination for several reasons including the fact that we would not have a language barrier. My younger daughter and I planned out most of the trip including must-see visits to London’s iconic sites. I ran it by a friend who is from London to see if we were trying to pack in too much in five short days. Just last year, on a trip with my sister to Israel, we had a layover in London. We decided to spend two days in London and then travel on and had the most amazing time so I have included some spots we went to on this trip as well.

Visiting Italy With My Daughters

After our first trip to London, I was definitely bitten by the travel bug. I decided that if we could coordinate, I would want to start a tradition of a girl’s trip once a year with my daughters. One of my all-time favorite books and movies is Eat, Pray, Love. (If you enjoy Audiobooks, you can get it for free with an Audible trial). I decided after watching the movie that Italy, India, and Indonesia would be on my travel bucket list). That is how we decided on Italy, a country where we would Eat, Pray and Love.

Israel: To the Homeland We Go

A little over one year ago, life was good; my dream of going to Israel would finally be happening. I have not always wanted to visit Israel, even after both of my daughters did birthright. That changed over the past six years as I became more connected to my faith and spirituality which were both instrumental in moving me forward after unexpectedly becoming a widow.

San Francisco & Napa

How The West Was Won… by the Weinsoffs San Francisco is one of my favorite cities. In my twenties, I worked for a company that had a restaurant on Fisherman’s Wharf.  Because I oversaw all marketing and advertising, I was fortunate to be able to go to San Francisco about four times per year. And yes, while it was a business trip, I ate at amazing restaurants and got to see most of the iconic places. I had not been back in decades when we decided our Mother-Daughter trip that year would be traveling to the West Coast of the U.S., specifically San Francisco & Napa. San Francisco Our first stop was in San Francisco for three nights. Because I love boutique hotels and I am not a huge fan of staying in touristy areas (aka Fisherman’s Wharf), we chose Hotel Drisco in the Pacific Heights section. It is atop a hill so when […]

Asheville: Five Day Winter Getaway

Our family usually takes a winter holiday to see snow and mountains (something we don’t get in South Florida). Previously, we would head to either Park City or Colorado for our winter ski trip, typically with my sister and her kids. But with a pandemic happening, we did not want to fly so we decided to drive to Asheville for our winter getaway.

There’s Snow Reason to Not Go to Park City

The Greatest Snow on Earth Park City has a very special place in our hearts. For those of you who live in South Florida, you understand when people say the largest mountain in the area is garbage hill. Needless to say, Floridians don’t have access to ski resorts. Even living in New York for a decade, I never had the chance to try it. When I was 28, my husband (who was my boyfriend at the time) took me on a trip to the mountains. He spent his entire life on a pair of skis, and as a very competitive person, I somehow thought I would be able to match up with him. That was not the case.  I was a hot mess on the slopes the whole time because, apparently, I had a small fear of heights. After a few days out there, I started to gain momentum, and I was […]

I ❤️ New York

And I’m Spreading the News I was raised in South Florida but born in New York. There is something about New York that is a huge draw to me. From the shopping to the unique neighborhoods, I ❤️ New York and visit every chance I can. My husband and I brought our daughters to New York were when they were 12 and 8 years old. We wanted to show them more of the iconic landmarks. So we saw New York as first-time tourists going to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Empire State Building, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Little Italy, and Yankee Stadium (the original stadium). I have been back for a sister’s weekend, a mother-daughter weekend, and even to Times Square on New Year’s Eve. Both daughters had summer internships in the city so there were two more trips to New York. Being in […]

Update Your Legal Docs

For Yourself and Your Kids Eight years ago, my husband passed away unexpectedly. If this experience taught me anything, it is important to have ALL of your legal forms. Life became complicated enough, but without his will and health directives, having access to financial institutions, his medical background, and business assets would have been unimaginable. As it was, I had to jump through so many hoops with legal docs. After he passed, I updated my legal docs. My daughters mean the world to me. This is why it is important to me that they have the proper legal docs. Why Should You Update Your Legal Docs There are many reasons why you should update your legal docs. Reasons include: Death of the person in your will as a guardian or you are widowed Divorce or marriage A child reaching the age of eighteen Change in guardians, personal representatives, or trustees An increase […]

It’s Florida Gators Football Time

Let’s Go! My favorite thing about September is the start of college football. I’m all about the Gators. Florida Gators football time means pulling out my orange and blue wardrobe. I would not wear orange and blue together if I were not a huge Gator fan. It’s in my blood. Even my Gator chomp is on point. Whenever I see another Gator fan, clearly identifiable by some Gator apparel, I can’t help but say, “Go Gators.” My favorite Gator ad campaign was Go Gators… Gator Nation is Everywhere. What I’m Buying I have a decent collection of orange & blue Gator game attire. I’m so excited to grab the new black jersey with orange & blue from Fanatics… And, as a superfan of LittleWordsProject (LWP), now I can order a Gator bracelet. They even have a black beaded one.       Gator Family & Friends Our family has 13 Gator grads […]

Why You Only Need These Three Pots & Pans

Our Place Pots and Pans If you read my blogs, you know that I remodeled my kitchen when I downsized. I accumulated so much over the past 30-plus years. Cooking is my passion. Here is why you Always need these three pots and pans. Changing My Mindset I was raised in a home where the kitchen was our gathering place. My mom had a utensil, pot, and pan for every type of cooking. That’s not to mention the myriad of small appliances and gadgets. So it is not surprising that I followed the same thinking. Every new gadget that came out to simplify cooking created a complicated environment. Sure, it seemed cool to have a dedicated apple corer. A hand mixer and a stand mixer. Four cupcake pans. Several steamers. And more knives than I knew what to do with. And the list goes on and on. I needed to change my […]

“New Birth” Day

How Do You Acknowledge the Date of Passing? For those of us who have lost someone, as the date of death approaches each year, it is triggering. Recently, I read an Instagram post from Amanda Kloots on the second anniversary of her husband’s passing. She shares a story that changes her perspective on the day. It’s a very interesting perspective. Amanda Kloots’s reframing of that day as her husband’s “new birth” day instead of his day of death has allowed her to bring a positive light to an otherwise sad day. I think I will try that this year. The Anniversary of A Loss The anniversary of a loss conjures up memories of that day every year. It doesn’t matter if it is the first year or the 8th, like the upcoming anniversary of my loss.  Most people I know, whether friends or acquaintances, even some family members,  don’t recall the date like […]

The Supreme Court’s Ruling on Roe v Wade

How Did The Supreme Court Rule It’s official. Roe v Wade is overturned. Five judges changed that. The leaked documents were a precursor to what was coming. Roe v Wade provided women with the fundamental right to choose. This law has existed for almost fifty years. As a Jewish woman and a mom to two daughters, several nieces, and a grand-niece, I worry for their future. Where Do We Go From Here? I have never known a world where a woman did not have the right to choose. Perhaps I have taken certain rights for granted. Now, I worry about other rights being taken away.  Supreme Court Judge Clarence Thomas states that SCOTUS “should reconsider” contraception and same-sex marriage rulings. We should worry. I read that we are being alarmists to believe other rights are at stake. The same concerns were raised during the confirmation hearings for Brett Kavanaugh and Amy Coney […]

Why I Am Pro Choice

This week has been upsetting with news of the leaked brief from the Supreme Court of Justices regarding Roe vs. Wade. I am unabashedly pro-choice. My position dates back to 1931. Abortions Date Back Long Ago The year was 1931. A family member found herself pregnant. It was the time of the Great Depression. This person was ashamed and mortified to find herself pregnant with a third child. They did not have the money to feed a fifth family member. And they had lost their business because of the depression. With abortions being illegal, many women went to secret places for an abortion. This relative was given a pill to take. Call it ignorance, naivety, or desperation, she took the pill, hoping to abort the fetus. Only she did not end up having a complete abortion. 8 months later, she had her third child. This child is also a family member. The Results of […]

Come On, Be Happy 😀

Wouldn’t it be great to wake up happy every day? To go through our daily lives without a care in the world. And not let situations steal your happiness. So can you be happy? I’m sharing my experience of how I found my happy place. In Pursuit of Happiness “The Happiness of Your Life Depends Upon the Quality of Your Thoughts.” – Marcus Aurelius, Roman Emperor I’m not naive to the notion that happiness is hard to achieve for many people. It is often a work in progress. I am not referring to those whose mental and physical struggles make it challenging just to be happy. But, if I have learned anything from being widowed is that being able to find happiness again requires controlling my thoughts. A Shift In Perspective If you were to ask those that have experienced loss, they would state that they had a shift in perspective. Suddenly the […]

Pickleball is The Real Dill

I think I am late for the Pickleball party. What is it about this game that has caught on so quickly? With over 4.8 million now playing, Pickleball is the real dill. My First Lesson I grew up playing tennis. Being a long-time tennis player, I thought I’d crush pickleball. I presumed that this game was for players who find tennis too tough on the knees. While at Canyon Ranch, my sister and I took a lesson. Our instructor described the game as a cross between ping pong and tennis. Indeed, having hand-eye coordination helps, but the game is played quite differently. Once we started playing, we caught on quickly. Except I don’t think we grasped all the rules of play. Later in the day, we ran into a woman who said, “oh, I saw you on the Pickleball courts. That’s an interesting swing you both have.” Our swings were tennis swings. That […]

It’s Time To Compromise 

People Government And, Finding Common Ground Not even 24 hours after the Texas elementary school shooting, politicians on both sides of the aisle began posturing over gun reform. Digest that… less than 24 hours after 19 children and two teachers were massacred. Only a few politicians spoke about it being time to compromise to end the mass shootings, the most impassioned coming from Senator Chris Murphy from Connecticut. Even  Warrior’s coach Steve Kerr’s statement at the pregame press conference was more heartfelt than some of our politicians. “What Are We Doing?” and “When Are We Going to Do Something?” To be clear, I live in Parkland, Florida, and am very much aware of the impact and toll that mass school shootings take on a community. I’ve lived in Parkland for 16 years. My daughters graduated from Marjory Stoneman Douglas. They had friends who had siblings in the building during the mass shooting. […]

Growing Up In A CPA Family

They’re All Certified Pain in the Asses My father was a CPA. He referred to those working in that field as Certified Pains in the Ass. We all dread tax season. When it comes to paying taxes, we love to hate our CPAs. Here is what it is like growing up in a CPA Family. Two Became CPAs, And Two Were Smart We are truly a CPA family. In addition to my father, two of my sisters followed in his footsteps. My older sister and I are not CPAs. My father used to tell anyone and everyone that of his four daughters, two became CPAs, and two were smart. Personally, I think we were smart not to go into a field that consumes your life for months on end. On the other hand, they think they were smart by becoming CPAs. Lord knows, it is an ongoing argument about what my father […]

Play Ball

The Yankees Are Back in Town I’m the mom of two adult daughters. We are all huge sports fans. Doesn’t matter… baseball, football, soccer, basketball… we love them all. So with baseball season starting, we are so excited that the boys are back in town. Play ball! Boy, we have missed our tradition of going to at least one game a year, whether in Florida or New York. Even better, both. But now with one daughter living in NY, we are planning a weekend of going to Yankee games. How I Came To Be A Yankee Fan? I grew up in Fort Lauderdale. The NY Yankees’ Spring Training home was also in Fort Lauderdale stadium starting in ‘62 through 1992. Additionally, many of the Yankee greats would eat at Bobby Rubino’s Place For Ribs in Fort Lauderdale, a restaurant that I worked at for 13 years. The restaurant was also one of […]

What Is Your Personal Style?

What are the ways you show your personal style? Through tattoos? Piercings? Jewelry? Perhaps your personal style is reflected in the clothes you wear. Or maybe how you decorate your home. That is what makes us unique. Often, our personal style is about manifesting a desire and intention or creating a calm space. My Personal Style Many of us did not begin expressing our personal style until our teenage years. Some started earlier, but mostly, our parents made those decisions for us. My mom was pretty strict regarding what we were allowed to wear, one of the first ways our personalities came out. Ear piercings were not allowed. Mom would say, “If God meant for you to have holes in your body, you would have been born with them.” I was 16 years old when my ears were pierced for the first time. And that was after an agreement that I would […]

Lessons I Learned From Becoming A Widow

Tips for Navigating A Difficult Time Life is full of learning moments, some within our control, and some not. My life changed literally in the blink of an eye with the unexpected loss of my husband. I learned many lessons when I became a widow. Fate Has a Way of Putting People in Your Path I was introduced to a financial analyst that worked with family but whom I had never met in person a month prior to my husband’s passing. And, I met an attorney who specializes in corporate business. Oddly, I also met the kindest grievance counselor at my synagogue during my first week of a minyan. At a time when I needed professional help, those introductions turned out to be extremely helpful.  Go Easy on Yourself When you unexpectedly become a widow, it throws you into a tailspin. I had no idea how to plan a funeral. A large […]

Our Mom’s 90th Birthday Par-Tea

Queen For The Day Our mom turned 90 on February 21st. Her four daughters, eight grandchildren, and three great-grandchildren had been looking forward to this day all year. We threw her a 90th birthday par-tea. Every 90 year old deserves a special celebration. Our mom is the matriarch of the family. She deserved to be queen for the day. The theme was easy from there… a High Tea. One of her favorite experiences has been going to high tea. She’s experienced it in London and the United States. Planning a tea party does not have to be complicated. A large part of throwing a special tea party is all in the planning. To explain, aside from the menu, the presentation and decor are equally as important to make a memorable experience. Here is how it went. Making Mom Feel Like Royal-Tea First, she was given a crown. We kept it to just […]

The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide for Graduates

Finally, Graduation! It seemed that this day was always way off in the future, but it’s true; graduation is almost here. Many people will be asking what are good gifts for college graduates these days so HaveUHeard pulled together the ultimate graduation gift guide according to our very unscientific college student survey. And having had two college graduates, both of whom moved into apartments after leaving college, I can tell you there are a lot of items they need to furnish their new place. Choosing the right gift for graduation can be complicated so, with the help of our interns and mom bloggers, we’ve put together the ultimate graduation gift guide. Gift Cards It has been great seeing in-person, albeit, socially distanced graduation ceremonies. My own niece graduated from law school. Her cousins and I were not able to make it in person but we watched it on the live stream feed […]

Ready to Remodel Your Home?

Tips to Save Money and Time The current real estate surge favors sellers, with demand exceeding supply. We’ve all heard stories of multiple offers made for an above-listing price. As a result, homes in desperate need of a facelift are getting snatched up. At the same time, supplies to remodel are in short supply and at escalated prices. Whether your current home or a new home, if you are ready to remodel your home, I am here to share my tips on remodeling a home, including mistakes made and lessons learned. Renovation Plans My home required an update. When I purchased my home, it was outdated, having had no updates since 2004. So I knew I wanted to replace the floors, paint the entire unit, and remodel the kitchen and bathrooms. Before remodel After remodel My Two Cents Word of Advice Put Together a Realistic Budget – My budget was based on […]

Kitchen Must-Haves

Tips to Keep It To A  Minimum? When I downsized, I had to consider what kitchen must-haves I would take. It was challenging. After the first year, I realized that all of the newest, latest kitchen gadgets that were supposed to simplify our lives only made it more complicated. My Decor Style Funny story. I recently talked with a friend who used an indoor grill that is quite popular. I, of course, asked her about her countertops now that she’s added this to her air fryer, instant pot, and food processor. She said, “What countertop?” And that’s where stocking a kitchen gets complicated. My decor preference is more minimalist, with open space and clean countertops. The last thing I want is to clutter my cooking area. But, it is very easy to collect more and more every day until all of a sudden, your kitchen is now a complicated mess. I get […]

And Just Like That

A New Chapter In the SATC reboot “And Just Like That, we get to catch up with Carrie, Miranda, Charlotte, and supporting cast members. Tbh, get it.  Life changes faster the older we get. I have certainly had my share of And Just Like That moments. I realize the changes the characters play seemed sudden and sloppy at moments. But I have been a huge SATC fan for a long time, so I still watched the entire series. And I’d watch if a second season comes out too. And Just Like That” Moments Like the SATC reboot, I’ve had my share of “and Just Like That” moments. And just like that: Got married two years after meeting my husband Had two daughters, and 18 years flew by – ask any parent how fast raising children goes by My daughters graduated from college and moved out of state. I became an empty nester […]

My Attempt to Build A Craft Cart 

Time to Get Organized With the start of the new year, I am ready to do more organizing. I thought I’d tackle my craft storage bins which were sitting in a hallway. My inspiration came, of course, from Instagram. There I saw a white craft cart that matched my office. How complicated could it be to build a craft cart? How It Started My craft bins date back to when my girls were young. I love to craft. At one point, it was creating scrapbooks of family vacations and celebrations. Then there were the girls’ school and camp projects. Now it is more about holiday crafts and tablescapes. What resulted is a chaotic mess. Inside my craft bins, you will find a disorganized array of Paint & Paintbrushes Glue sticks – tbh way more than I know what to do with Glue guns – does anyone need more than one or two? […]

How We Celebrated Turning 60

Reaching Another Milestone Birthday As I sit back and reflect on the positives and negatives of 2021, I can’t help but feel grateful. Grateful for being able to ring in a milestone birthday with my family and friends. While everyone was celebrating Christmas, my twin sister and I celebrated turning 60! What made this birthday even more special, was the fact that it was my palindrome birthday. Not sure what that is? At first, I was not either. But, after reading more about it, it’s meant to bring good luck. who doesn’t want that as you ring in another year of life? Holiday Birthdays Anyone who has a birthday around the holidays understands how complicated it can be. Do you get one combined gift or two separate gifts? Plus, most people are so concentrated on the holidays that it is challenging to get anyone together for your birthday. And what makes it […]

Homemade Natural Remedies

A Prescription For Feeling Better My prescription for staying healthy, besides environmental exposure,  is a direct correlation between my physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Now when I am getting sick, I take homemade natural remedies that are definitely palatable but better yet, work. My Achilles Heel My Achilles heel is respiratory infections. Trust me when I say I try to do everything and anything within my power to not get sick. Even pre-Covid, I was disciplined about keeping my hands away from my face. I owe thanks to a great friend who is an infectious disease nurse. During one bad bout of a lingering cough, she explained to me why most of us get sick.  It’s all about touching your hands to your eyes, mouth, nose. You get it. Consequently, I learned to cough into the crease of my elbow. I tried really hard to be cognizant of not touching my face. […]

Lessons From the Ukraine Crisis

What Will We Learn? It is heartbreaking watching Russia’s attack on Ukraine. President Zelensky stated this is an attack on all of us, our freedom, and democracy. My concern? Have we learned lessons from history to avoid during the Ukraine Crisis? The Holocaust There has been some comparison between the Holocaust and WWII. It is easy to see the similarities when Putin stated his rationale for attacking Ukraine is based on “the demilitarization and denazification of” the sovereign democracy in Kyiv. Of course, there is no merit whatsoever to this claim. Led by Adolf Hitler and his Nazi Party, six million Jews were murdered and persecuted by the Nazi regime and its collaborators between 1933 and 1945. It was not until the German invasion of Poland that Great Britain and France declared war, and World War II began. It is difficult not to be upset by Putin’s statements. In the United States […]

A Mindful New Year

What Are Your Traditions? And just like that, it is time to bring in the new year. Many of us ring in the new year with a resolution. I am looking forward to having a more mindful new year. One of my most memorable New Year’s was spent in Times Square in 2012. This was absolutely a bucket list experience. I’m glad we were able to share it with our daughters; it was a memorable way to bring in the New Year. Several traditions I share with my friends or do on my own may inspire you to have a more mindful new year. Pick A Word My friends and I mark the New Year by picking a word representing a need, desire, or outcome we hope to manifest. For 2022,  I’ve selected the word PAUSE. That same week, my Instagram feed revealed an explanation for Pause from Tiny Buddha, a forum […]

To Wish Was To Hope

… And To Hope Was To Expect” – Jane Austen, Sense and Sensibility Do you make wishes? I’ve definitely made my fair share.  Jane Austen said, to wish was to hope, and to hope was to expect. Like Austen,  I believe without wishes, we forget to have hope.  It’s why I make wishes whenever the opportunity presents itself.  Birthday wishes,  New Year’s wishes under the auspices of resolutions, wishing on stars… even making a wish on a wishbone. And, of course, who has not made a wish after finding a dandelion? I have fond memories of pulling dandelions out of the ground, making a wish, and blowing the seeds into the air. Do You Believe Wishes Come True? Today, I think very deliberately about my wish. But the thing about wishes and putting that thought out there is sometimes your wish comes true but not in the way you expected. To me, […]

The Act of Forgiveness

Early Stages of Learning Forgiveness As children, we often learn that if we apologize for something we did wrong, all will be forgiven. I have many memories of asking for forgiveness whether it was to my parents, sisters, and friends. As an adult, I learned that forgiveness can have a positive impact on your health and wellbeing. Religious Forgiveness Although I was raised in a Jewish home, we did not attend synagogue regularly. We mainly went during the High Holidays. I learned the meaning of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur from going to services. It meant apologizing to God for wrongs committed and asking for forgiveness. Traditionally on Yom Kippur, also known as the Day of Atonement, we also ask for forgiveness from others. Part of this involves stating “To those, I may have wronged, I ask forgiveness.” I recall explaining the holiday to my non-Jewish friends. I probably oversimplified it but would […]

Storyworth: A Literary Memoir

The Gift That Keeps on Giving Last year, my sisters and I gave our mom the gift of Storyworth. She was 88 at the time. The pandemic was in its ninth month and, like many, confined at home. Our thought process was it would be a way for her to share her life and preserve her memories. We also were at a loss as to what to give to her as a holiday present. Spending the time with her, documenting her life, seemed like a great idea. Storyworth is a gift that keeps on giving because the stories and accompanying photos are bound into a book and shared with family. The Gift Ended Up Being For Me Storyworth emails questions every week. While the entire process is done digitally, I documented everything with her when I would visit. The best part of this besides going over that week’s question was pulling out photos […]

My Favorite Fall Recipes

You Will Fall in Love With These Flavors Ahh, it’s fall. Fall is my second favorite F-word. Food is my first. But, don’t fret. I’m sharing my favorite fall recipes that you can enjoy even when there is no Autumn chill. It’s All About The Season There’s a change in temperature. Leaves are starting to change colors. Pumpkins are ready to be harvested. Wait! Who am I kidding? I live in Florida, where the fall season is something we’re lucky if we remember from childhood. That’s if you were raised in another state. No matter where you live, it’s time to switch up your ingredients to those most popular this time of year. They include many of the root vegetables (carrots, parsnips, beets, turnips, sweet potatoes). The fruits that are in season are apples, blackberries, cranberries, grapes, oranges, dates, and figs. The vegetables we think of for fall are broccoli, Brussel sprouts, cabbage, […]

Must- Have Creative Tools

These Are Gamechangers When HaveUHeard launched in 2017. I had no experience working with many online creative tools. Wanting to have consistent branding, there were specific creative tools I was told we needed to have. These are my must-have creative tools for moms, dads, students… and yes, graphic designers. Three years in and I cannot imagine working on my blog without them. Who Needs These Platforms From my experience, there are many of us that would benefit from these creative tools. Even if you go with a free version, you still have access to some of the templates. Personally,  I’d recommend the pro versions for many of these platforms. If you are a small business owner, a solopreneur, blogger, social media designer, a startup, or literally anyone wanting to up their design skills, many of these creative tools will be akin to having your own graphic designer, editor, and proofreader. Btw, that […]

It’s Gator Game Day 🧡💙🐱‍🐉

Let’s Go! Football has started, and can I just say, Let’s Go! Gator Gameday is something my friends and I look forward to all year.  We have one friend who is not a football fan and refers to us as her boys.  We have a group that meets up once a year in Gainesville for a football weekend. Ours is booked for November after missing the past two years. Tailgating No matter when game time is, tailgating, or pregaming, as my daughters call it, is part of game day. From barbecues to beer, from cornhole to ring toss, nothing gets you in game-day mode faster than some friendly competition. What to Wear Fanatics is the best in authentic college clothing, accessories, and fan gear. They carry brands such as Jordan Gear, Vineyard Vines, Stance, Columbia, Dooney & Bourke, Tommy Bahama, Vera Bradley, Orca, Southern Tide, College Row One Shoe, Johnnie-O Clothing, and […]

Pescatarian & Proud

Only From the Sea. If it Lives on Land Not For Me In 2013, I became a pescatarian. Basically, this means I get most of my protein from eating seafood, nuts, legumes ( beans and lentils). Salmon, cod, mahi-mahi, snapper, cod, tuna, shrimp… there are plenty of options, especially living in Florida. My decision to become a pescatarian and forgo meat and poultry is not influenced by the environmental aspect, although that is a plus. It also has little to do with animal welfare practices. It is more influenced by my desire to make healthier choices when it came to what I eat. The journey to being a pescatarian came in stages starting in 2004. Stage 1 There are several influential factors in why I became a pescatarian. Before that, I first embraced a clean eating diet. That occurred after  I joined The Sister Study in 2004 when my sister was diagnosed […]

Why I Am A Health Research Study Volunteer

What’s It About? Before vaccines become available to the general population over the age of 12, they need to be tested. Worldwide pharmaceutical companies and health organizations rely on volunteers for clinical trials. The data from those study volunteers may result in vaccines with high efficacy rates. And, whether you believe in vaccines or not, that is not my purpose. In full disclosure, I am not a health research study volunteer for COVID-19 Vaccines. But I am a health research study volunteer for several health organizations. In 2004, I signed up for my first study,  The Sister Study, after my sister was diagnosed with breast cancer at the age of 45. Why Did I Volunteer? I have three sisters, one of which is my identical twin sister. Between my sisters and me, we have five daughters. Our mother was one of five sisters. And, I have 13 maternal female first cousins. That’s […]

Bathroom Makeover: Wash Your Troubles Away

Creating A Tranquil Space When you purchase a home, as I did, hopefully, you’ve built in any renovations that need to be done. I bought my house knowing that it needed a makeover. A bathroom makeover is costly. But I was determined to update both bathrooms. My kitchen remodel was challenging enough to coordinate on my own. Having one person to oversee this project and the subcontractors were based on the cost. Because it would be my most expensive makeover, I viewed it as a one-and-done project. It is why I spent about six months looking at the trends and combing through Instagram and home remodeling websites for inspiration. Before Both bathrooms were very outdated. Because I know absolutely nothing about permitting, plumbing, tiling, and architectural reviews when it comes to a bathroom makeover, I decided to wash away my troubles by hiring a general contractor. Both bathrooms were complete tear-outs. Being […]

Kitchen Remodel: Seasoned With Love

“Kitchens Should Be Designed Around What’s Truly Important” – Chef Daniel Boulud My kitchen is my happy place. So when it came time to design exactly what I wanted,  I went looking for kitchen inspo. One of the first remodeling projects I took on myself was the kitchen remodel. I wanted this kitchen remodel to be seasoned with love. I rented my current condo for two years before buying. My decision to stay was predicated on the selling price as the condo desperately needed updating. It had not been updated since 2004, almost 15 years prior. Before As someone who loves to cook, the lack of kitchen space prep areas was challenging. But, when you live in a condo, there are not a lot of structural changes you can make. I managed to remodel my kitchen and stay on budget. My Vision My initial vision for my kitchen remodel was to get […]

Chickpea Recipes You Have to Try

All We are Saying Is Give Peas A Chance Chickpeas, or you may know them as garbanzo beans, are a type of legume. As a pescatarian, I try to keep my fish consumption to about three-four times a week. To fill the gap, I make recipes using various beans. One of my favorites is chickpeas. They are an extremely healthy and affordable choice offering many benefits.  There are some amazing chickpea recipes that I highly recommend. Benefits Protein – crucial for bone, muscle, and skin health. One cup of chickpeas provides almost a third of our daily protein needs. Fiber – Fiber keeps the digestive tract healthy. Bone Health – Having bone strength is important especially for women as they age who want to prevent osteoporosis. I much prefer to eat foods rich in iron, calcium, and other nutrients as a preventative measure than have to go on a prescription medicine as […]

Spice Girl: Essential Spices You Should Have

These Are Essential Spices You Should Have For home chefs, there are many new spices and spice collections that will truly spice up your meals. I use a considerable amount of spices. Some might even call me a spice girl. My collection is so large that I filled up my new spice draw. As a result, it meant creating a spice display on my counter for the extras. Why So Many Spices? If you are a spice girl like me, you understand that spices add an enormous amount of flavor to your meals. IMO, space permitting, having a vast supply means having alternatives should you not have fresh herbs. A wide variety also means making your own blends. And, should you not want to buy a spice like gochugaru. Having an array of spices is a decent investment. You can store them in a cool dark space so they will last longer. […]

Signs from Heaven

Messages Received By now, if you have read my blogs, you know I am a very spiritual person. Reincarnation, regression, metaphysics, karma, and mediums… I genuinely believe that if our minds and heart are open, we can receive signs from heaven. There was a period of time where I was unwilling to share my belief that we can receive signs from heaven. I think I felt uncomfortable being that vulnerable. But having been asked if I experienced any signs from my deceased husband, I felt ready to share my accounts. Fast forward to my husband passing away. Several events reaffirmed my belief that we do receive signs. The First Sign A few nights after he died, my older sister stayed with me. Every morning for three consecutive days, as she came out of my room, the smoke alarm would beep and the lights in the hallway would flicker. We checked and replaced the […]

A Thread of Blue

My Faith Gave Me Strength The Siddur, the term for a Jewish prayer book, contains a set order of daily prayers. My familiarity comes from spending years attending morning services in memory of both my husband and father. One passage references the tzitzit, specially knotted ritual fringes, or tassels, attached to the four corners of the tallit, prayer shawl worn by religious Jews. And one fringe contains a thread of blue. The Symbolism Behind the Color Blue There are differing interpretations as to its symbolism. Some say the color resembles the sea and the sea resembles the sky and the sky resembles God’s holy throne thus the thread of blue is a way of gaining the highest levels of spirituality. The fringes, or tzitzit, in its simplest definition, are supposed to remind us of God’s commandments and not be tempted or seduced by your heart nor led astray by your eyes. My […]

Wait Until You Sea These Scallop Recipes

Ofishally My Favorite Preparation As a pescatarian, I am always looking for new ways to prepare fish. Sea scallops are one of my favorite crustaceans, although I do lean toward bay scallops if I am making ceviche. If you can get quality scallops, you are going to want to try these scallop recipes. Important to know, the main difference between the two is the size.  Sea scallops can be up to three times the size of bay scallops. Bay scallops are found on the east coast in bays and harbors. Sea scallops tend to be farm-raised. Pre-Preparation Steps No matter which type you are using, it is super important to make certain that they are dry. For sea scallops, you also need to take off the side muscle if it is attached. I rinse mine under cold water and then wrap them in a paper towel to make sure they are completely […]

Getting My Balance Back

My Path To Spirituality There have been several times in my life that I have lost my spiritual balance. It has taken hard work to get my balance back. Being spiritually balanced is crucial to my mental and physical well-being. Long before I even understood what it meant to be spiritually balanced, unbeknownst to me,  I used tools to maintain this overall life balance. From the time I was around ten, I kept a diary where I would write my thoughts and feelings. Did I know it was essentially journaling? Not at all. In hindsight, I now understand it was a way to release any negative feelings. Because I used this tool, I would highly recommend it as a constructive approach for expressing one’s innermost thoughts. The Early Years As a tomboy growing up, I certainly was feeding my physical body. Mindfulness and visualizing were another story. Whenever I found myself in […]

Dealing With Grief

The Beginning of Widowhood It has been seven years since I became a widow yet strangely it feels like yesterday. Vivid are the details of that day, forever etched in my mind. The first hour, the first day, the first week all memories that just don’t disappear, won’t disappear. Here is how I dealt with my grief. The First Few Days I awoke the next day in a fog from a lack of sleep that night. My sister stayed overnight and another sister was on her way down. My mind was cluttered and all I could think at the time was “is this a dream?”  But it wasn’t a dream and some steps had to be taken. I had already received a call from the organ procurement department the night before. Now we needed to address a funeral and notify friends. My sister took care of this which to this day I […]

Breaking from Jewish Tradition

A Celebration of Life In the Jewish religion, there is a Jewish tradition when a person passes. For my daughters and I, we needed to decide whether to break from Jewish tradition by planning a celebration of life rather than a Jewish burial. What follows is how we came to our decision. Breaking from Jewish Tradition Traditionally, Jewish burials take place two days after a person has passed. They are buried in a simple all-wood casket. The family will sit shiva, a week-long mourning period. Shiva is the Hebrew word for seven. Friends and non-immediate family visit the mourners and provide food for them. Prayer services are conducted at sunset with the recitation of the mourner’s Kaddish, a memorial prayer. This is where our decision got complicated. In a strange twist of fate, my husband had outlined his advance directives during a dinner conversation one night. It was not done in a […]

Aye Aye, Captain

Life Interrupted The last three words I said to my husband were Aye Aye Captain. Of course, I had no way of knowing that those words would be the last words I would ever say to him. And truth be told, I was being snarky when I said it too. On that day, our lives were complicated by a decision that changed us all. Back story, my husband loved to boat. So much so that I’d often joke to my friends that I was now a boat widow. He spent every moment he could taking the boat out. And our friends loved to go out boating.  So did our daughters so in as much as it was not my favorite thing to do, I went along. That Fateful Day It was a beautiful day in August when we planned to go out. Our daughters invited friends to join. We dropped anchor about […]

A Taste of Summer

Cool Down This Summer With These Recipes Living in Florida, we are used to warmer temperatures. Generally speaking, eating light is imperative with summer temps in the mid to upper 90’s. Another key point is the abundance of fresh fruits and vegetables.  In other words, this is the perfect time to get your daily intake of fresh produce.  Another key point is they are wonderful ingredients in food or drinks. With that in mind, here are my favorite taste of summer recipes. Lighter Fare To point out, slaving over a stove on a hot, humid day holds no appeal. Additionally, eating heartier meals is more of a cooler weather thing. My preference for refreshing summer meals includes salads, salsas, carpaccio, and ceviches. Salads To explain, I’m a huge lover of salads. As a matter of fact, each meal I prepare is accompanied by a side salad. That is unless it is my […]

I Am An Empty Nester… Again

After The Pandemic March 12, 2020. This is the day I became a re-nester after the global pandemic. Fifteen months later, they have moved out. I am an empty nester again. Over 50% of adult kids headed back home to live with their parents as colleges shut down, were furloughed or let go from their job. I’ve lived on my own several times and each time one of my daughters leaves the nest, a piece of my heart leaves with them. It’s weird to feel this way. I’ve always prided myself on being one of those moms who are proud to watch their adult kids out on their own. To me, it signifies that I have done my job. That I have raised them to be independent, both financially and emotionally. That is the exact advice my mom gave me when they were born. She told me “children are lend-lease and you […]

Should Your Daughter Join A Sorority?

Rushing In Is your daughter considering joining a sorority?  Both of my daughters did. They had different recruitment experiences but joined the same sorority. Speak with almost any parent at any school, and most do not love the process.  But like the process or not, sororities have their advantages, especially at a large college. At this point, you may be thinking why would I want my daughter to subject herself to going through this process? Personally speaking, sorority life may not be for your daughter. There are many benefits to joining: Sororities are extremely visible and active on campus even though as a percentage of the total student population, their numbers are small. Every sorority has a philanthropy that members help fundraise for and more importantly, learn about. Many sororities stress high academics They can make the massive size of UF, or any large college, seem smaller. It is so easy to […]

Sorority Recruitment: What to Wear

Four Rounds and You’re In a Sorority!! I remember my daughters going through sorority recruitment. I don’t think they knew what to expect or what to wear for sorority recruitment. Many of us raise our daughters to accept that beauty comes from within. But we are in a battle with social media when it comes to body image and fashion. Unfortunately, recruitment is one of those times when you are judged on appearances. I am not suggesting that those going through sorority recruitment should dress in a way that does not make them feel comfortable. They can show their personality through their outfit choices and accessories. And I don’t think you have to spend more than you are budgeted for. We have found that there are many places to shop, including online, where your daughter will be able to find great outfits for Sorority Recruitment. We turned to our interns, most of […]

Have a Child Going to College?

Get These 3 Legal Documents Ready HaveUHeard that once your child reaches the age of 18, they are considered a legal adult. Without the proper legal forms, you do not have access to their financial, educational, and medical information. Hopefully, you will never need access but you should have a plan in place just in case. Every adult 18 years or older should have these legal forms. It was not until my daughters were in college that I learned how crucial it is to have access. Health Power of Attorney Documents Finance Power of Attorney Documents HIPAA Release Form Learning the Hard Way It was close to 10 p.m. when I received the call from my daughter, then a junior in college. She had fallen during an intramural soccer game and was pretty sure she broke her elbow. Her friend was driving her to the emergency room. Here I was, over 350 […]

Advice For Parents of New College Students

The Time Will Fly By Here we are 2021 and colleges are sending out acceptances.  Reading the Facebook posts and seeing the questions from overwhelmed parents brings back so many memories. It is only two years ago my youngest graduated from UF and joined her sister in adulting. For parents starting this journey, I have four words for you… the time will fly by. And, of course, I have advice for parents. By the time your kids graduate, most of them will be independent and ready to take on the world. I certainly believe my daughters were ready when they graduated. And, they should be proud of themselves for what they have accomplished since graduating. Truth be told, before college, their life existed in a small bubble in a small suburb. Advice for Parents I remember dropping both off at UF. Tears were shed both times. Trust me when I say you […]

New York City Take 2

Moving My Daughter Back to NYC In September 2019, I moved my youngest daughter to NYC. Her sister moved up three weeks later. When they came home in March 2020, none of us would know that they would give up their apartment and put everything in storage 7 months later. Fourteen months later, I just returned from helping my younger daughter move to New York City Take 2. She lived in Gramercy the first time around, which is a great area. When her sister and she came home in March 2020, none of us would know that they would give up their apartment and put everything in storage 7 months later. Their dream of living in the city came to a crashing halt. Moving In for the Second Time I will say that this move was way easier than the first time. The first time was stressful trying to figure our way […]

My Daughter’s Study Abroad Experience

Not All Classrooms Have Four Walls Study Abroad programs are quite popular.  Most programs were paused for 2020, but they are reopening up again. My daughter studied abroad and had an amazing experience. Trust me when I say your student will come to you when they learn about their university’s programs. And, after a year plus of lockdowns, your decision may be complicated. I look back and am so grateful she had the opportunity to travel. Would I come to the same decision now? Absolutely! Why I Said Yes I never studied abroad but had friends that did, or who did a semester at sea program.  Their stories and pictures always fascinated me. But, it is daunting to think your child is halfway across the world. Most universities have their own sponsored programs. Students can also choose from other studies abroad programs. Traveling to Europe and other international countries has been my […]

SOBEWFF 2021 Recap

Fan Girling at the Wine & Food Festival SOBEWFF 2021 just wrapped up. This is one of my favorite food events.  Although COVID changed the event, it was still great. Any time the situation presents itself, I will go to a food event with chefs from Food Network as well as well-known chefs. You won’t find me fangirling over athletes, actors, musicians but when it comes to chefs, I am a total fangirl. That’s probably because I would have been a contender for America’s Worst Cooks when I was in my twenties. I attribute my ability to cook to watching cooking shows on The Food Network. I was fortunate to get tickets this year for three different events and I’m sharing my SOBEWFF 2021 recap. SOBEWFF 2021 Recap Previously, I have only been able to attend the Grand Tasting as the event is the same weekend as my mom’s birthday. With it […]

Tips to Ensure You Get Your Security Deposit Back

My Daughters Move A Lot If you have kids that rent, you have probably put down a security deposit. My two daughters have moved in and out of a dozen places. Each time, they were zinged for repairs that came out of the security deposit. Some they could have easily fixed on their own; some, well they deserved to be charged. Apartment managers are notorious for finding many little forgotten items to charge exorbitant fees. When they moved into an apartment in NYC in 2019, they knew to photograph and time stamp EVERYTHING from mismatched paint on the walls to stains. I was the personal guarantor of their apartment. HaveUHeard that the rent to income ratio in NYC is approximately 40 times the monthly rent? That means for an apartment that costs $3,000 per month, the renters’ gross income should be $120K per year. A guarantor typically has to make between 80 […]

My Top 10 Trader Joe’s Items

Our Favorite Products Just the mere mention of Trader Joe’s brings up countless favorites from bloggers to aficionados and everyday people like my daughters and me.  My daughters turned me into a much bigger Trader Joe’s fan. I have my top 10 Trader Joe’s items that I purchase on every trip to their store. We so love going that my daughter would walk to Trader Joe’s almost daily to pick up lunch before heading back to her office. When she first moved to the city, her first big food shopping was at Trader Joe’s. Trust me, I helped her lug all of the groceries a good 20-minute walk back to her apartment. Bring Trader Joe’s to … Up until recently, it was about a 30-minute drive so going was a planned event. But then a Bring Trader Joe’s to Coral Springs Florida Facebook Group popped up. With over a thousand followers, I […]

From Empty Nesting to Re-Nesting

What It Was Like Living With My Adult Daughters Empty-nesting to re-nesting to empty nesting again and back to re-nesting. The amount of times my living situation changes is dizzying. With each shift back to empty nesting, there is that tug on my heartstrings as they leave again. I recognize that grown children are supposed to move out and move on. In fact, I am grateful that my daughters are comfortable with adulting. But, I never would have scripted a world where life would come to a complete standstill and young adult children would move back in with their parents. And, almost 15 months later, there is that all too familiar tug.  In a few weeks, I am closer to empty nesting. A Weekend Visit Extended As each month rolled into the next, with no end in sight, we had to accept that we’d be living together for a prolonged period of […]

NY Times Cooking

A Collection of Chef’s Recipes If you are a foodie like me and love cooking, get yourself a subscription to NY Times Cooking.  It has become is one of my go-to’s when searching for new recipes. First, I receive an email with suggestions of what to cook that week.  Second, there are literally thousands of recipes. Third, no matter your skill level, you will find plenty of recipes. Oftentimes, the food recommendations may be seasonal or a suggestion from a specific cultural holiday. The subscription includes tips and recipes as well as videos covering the basics to more advanced food preparation. Specifically, I have saved 176 recipes to my recipe box.  Sooner or later, I intend to get to all of them but I do have my favorites. Suggestions for New Subscribers For new subscribers, I do have a few suggestions. The first thing to remember is to read through the recipe […]

10 food bloggers to follow

Up Your Meal Game It has been over a year since I became a re-nester and my daughters moved home due to the pandemic. We share recipes all the time and try a lot of new ways of cooking the type of foods we like to eat. A great resource for recipes is food bloggers. I am sharing my top 10 food bloggers to follow on IG. Balancing our diet, which is not all the same, can be challenging but we make it work. And, when you are cooking a minimum of five dinners a week, it is nice to mix it up. I follow a Pescatarian, Meditteranean diet with vegetarian and plant-based influences. My daughters eat almost any protein except for dairy. But they usually will eat my style of food and save chicken or other meat-based protein for either lunch or when they eat out. We all adhere to a […]


The Garden City Seeing as we were already out west, we decided to continue on and take in some Canadian cities. Victoria is easy to get to by ferry which I booked through Clipper Vacations. The view when coming into the ferry loading dock and seeing the Fairmont Express and the flowers are spectacular. As for our accommodations, the more popular destination in Victoria is The Hotel Fairmont Empress.  They do offer a High Tea. Since we have already had that experience elsewhere, we did not book a reservation. If you have learned anything about me is that my preference is to stay in smaller boutique hotels. Abigail’s, a bed-and-breakfast, adults-only boutique hotel housed in a 1930’s Tudor mansion, did not disappoint. Our stay included a delicious breakfast and they had complimentary appetizers each night.  It was very close to the downtown area. They have no elevators so if you have mobility […]

Sleepless in Seattle

A Quick Three Day Excursion Seattle was one of the destinations on our Mother-Daughter trip to the West Coast. Personally, we had never been but had heard so many wonderful things about Seattle so we added it to our pick cities out west. Accommodations We picked the Inn at the Market hotel as my parents had stayed there a long time ago. My mom insisted that we stay there as well. It is literally a block from Pike Place Market. We completely got drawn in by the mongers tossing fish (video) and ended up shipping home 10 lbs of salmon. I will say it was an extremely convenient location. We love walking around all day so finding a hotel near a lot of the places we plan on visiting is important. Other attractions include The Space Needle and the Aquarium. Of course, no visit to the west coast is complete without a visit […]

New York for First-Timers

The Iconic to The Off Beat Like any large city, New York can seem overwhelming for first-timers. Certainly, you will want to see the iconic sites. But if you have the time, there are off-beat places to visit away from the selfie-sticks and crowds. I know, it is hard to resist seeing the places you’ve seen in movies and on television. I am not suggesting that you should not. But New York for first-timers can also include these other sites. My husband and I brought our daughters to New York when they were 12 and 8 years old.  Although we had been there, they had not. We decided our trip was visiting New York for first-timers. We went to Ellis Island, the Statue of Liberty, Times Square, Rockefeller Center, Central Park, Empire State Building, MOMA (Museum of Modern Art), Little Italy, and Yankee Stadium (the original stadium). Tbh, I enjoyed going as […]

New York for Sports Fans

So Many Teams, So Little Time My family has been to New York many, many times. We always try to schedule at least one trip around baseball season so we can catch a game. But if you’re into sports, New York is most definitely a great city for Sports Fans. I was born in New York but raised in South Florida. So how did I become such a huge NY Yankees and Giants fan? I can easily explain the whole Yankee fan girl thing. South Florida did not have a professional baseball team when I was growing up. The closest we got to professional baseball was Spring Training. My Love of the Yankees Began in 85 The NY Yankees played at Fort Lauderdale stadium starting in ‘62 through 1992. They had a captive audience with so many New Yorkers down here. Many of the Yankee greats would eat at Bobby Rubino’s Place […]

New York For Foodies

Sharing Our Favorite Places to Eat As a self-proclaimed foodie, New York is one place where there is a restaurant for everyone, regardless of your taste. In fact, many well-known chefs have restaurants in New York. If you’re ever planning on visiting, and are looking for the best restaurants to visit, this is for you. After all, New York is for foodies. Though New York has more restaurants than one can try in their entire life, I do recommend making reservations. I’m breaking down my favorite places to eat at and which New York neighborhood they reside in. Brooklyn Smorgasburg: A must-visit from April through October if you’re headed to Brooklyn. Smorgasburg is an outdoor, huge food market on Saturdays along the water in Williamsburg. Here you’ll find some of the most talked-about foods, including the ramen burger. There’s food for everyone as it showcases the best of Brooklyn’s artisanal food scene, […]

That’sa Vegan Meatball

Italian deliciousness When you need your fix of spaghetti and meatballs, there are some great recipes for vegan meatballs and vegan tomato sauce. I have made them with eggplant, quinoa, and black beans. Search online and you will also find some plant-based recipes that use cauliflower, brown rice, oats, mushrooms or walnuts. For those who need their Italian fix, these different adaptations will have you saying that’sa vegan meatball. Eggplant meatballs I’ve made eggplant meatballs following two different recipes. The first one is from a restaurant that has since closed. Carline Jean/Sun Sentinel 3/4 cup blended oil 90/10 – this usually combines extra virgin olive oil and either canola or vegetable oil. It allows for a higher smoke point. I often will just use cooking olive oil 3 pounds Sicilian eggplant, about 4 eggplants, peeled and diced ½-inch 2 tablespoons minced garlic 1 tablespoon black pepper 1 tablespoon salt ½ cup grated […]

Ahi Tuna Poke Wontons

Nacho Ordinary Tuna Poke I stumbled across this recipe on Nosh City in early 2021. As a pescatarian, I still try to limit my seafood intake to no more than four times per week, substituting in meat-free meals using beans or eggplant. If you have access to fresh ahi tuna, you will love these ahi tuna poke wontons. I did make a few substitutions and changes in the cooking method based on my dietary restrictions (I am dairy-free) and also to save some time. It is an easy recipe to prep ahead too so you can chop all of your cold ingredients in advance and then make the eel sauce when you are putting together the recipe. Where to Buy Quality Tuna Sashimi I have a fish guy so I buy my ahi from him but The Fresh Market has great quality wild sashimi tuna steaks. They do occasionally put their approximately […]

Creating A Tranquil Patio Space

My Relaxing Retreat Living in South Florida has its benefits. It means you can enjoy patio weather nearly every day. My patio is a second-floor, small screened-in space. I love being outside. Coming from a house with a huge backyard, it was quite different. I was determined to create a tranquil patio space.  My goal was to create a space that I can use for destressing, at-home workouts, meditations, reading, hanging with friends, and enjoying a meal. Fast forward a year, and it’s almost complete. How to start Looking to create your own outdoor patio space? It is a very simple task once you have a vision in place. My idea in particular was somewhat of a boho and laid-back theme. The patio is about 240 square feet. Since I need a multi-use space, I divided it into three separate areas… a sitting area, a dining area, and a workout area. I […]

Cooking & Watching Celebrity Chefs

Food Glorious Food From virtual cooking classes to food shows to food & wine festivals, if you are new to cooking or a huge foodie like me, I recommend cooking and watching celebrity chefs. Admittedly, I’m a total fangirl when it comes to chefs so given the opportunity, I will sign up to cook virtually with celebrity chefs, go to food festivals and sign up for food tours. Recently, a charity I am involved with hosted a virtual event titled “Cooking for a Cause.” The charity paired up with a chef from a local restaurant and he guided us through a delicious meal. This was the first virtual cooking class I have taken. Because I enjoyed the event, I signed up for a virtual cooking class through Sur La Table. A Virtual Class with Marcus Samuelsson Titled the Online Rise of Black Food in America With Marcus Samuelsson, the menu included a […]

Creating Sustainable Neighborhoods

From One of Fort Lauderdale’s First to Know My Uncle Lou could be considered a real estate mogul in Fort Lauderdale. Born and raised in Miami, he moved to Fort Lauderdale way before it was what it is now. Over the years, he witnessed the exponential growth the city saw and was keen on having sustainable neighborhoods.  My uncle envisioned building the city with more accessible and sustainable ways to get to your destination. His idea was to increase the number of people biking and walking to work, to the store, to restaurants, etc. Where to Start There are clearly barriers to being able to walk or bike to work given Florida’s weather. He always recommended to his employers dressing for the warmth and humidity. This would also bring down office costs as buildings would not need to run their air conditioning at ultra-low temperatures. Though he was met with some opposition, […]

A Piece of the Past

Preserving Memories For the past year-plus of the pandemic, my sister and I have assisted in the care of my 89-year-old mom and her sister, my 92-year-old aunt. The pandemic has made life complicated for these two sisters. Certainly, they have each handled it differently even though they are missing out on seeing all of their children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren. They’ve learned how to Facetime or Zoom with family members spread throughout the world. And, there have been many memorable moments in which they shared a piece of the past with us, recalling childhood moments. Consider this. They were born in 1928 and 1925 respectively and have witnessed so much history. From the Great Depression to many wars, from the first American satellite launch to Rev Martin Luther King, Jr.’s speech “I Have A Dream,” from President Kennedy’s assassination to the first humans on the moon. They have lived through 17 different […]

About Me

Some Fun Facts If you’ve been reading HaveUHeard for years or you’re a newcomer, I want to start off by saying thank you for your support! I write about many subjects, but I thought it would be a good time to tell you about me. Who is the woman behind the words? I will keep it short and sweet because it’s so odd to write about yourself. The last time I did that (just like many of you) is when I needed a cover letter for a new job. Anyway – first off, my name is Janice Weinsoff, and I am one of the founders of HaveUHeard. I was an empty-nester, except during Covid when both my daughters came to stay at my home. My adult daughters and I are very close. We may be at that point where it’s less what I teach them and more what they teach me (never […]

Our Kind of March Madness

Sports – 2021 Version I can’t believe it’s been a year since the NCAA March Madness 2020 was canceled, with professional sports following behind.  Thankfully, this year March Madness is back, MLB Spring Training has kicked off and word is college football will welcome full attendance.  I’m sure I speak for many others when I say I’m thrilled! It’s almost as if we are getting back to our new “normal.” For those that follow me, I’m sure you know this detail, but for those new to the blog, HaveUHeard that I’m a HUGE Florida Gator fan? My family consists of 13 Gator grads representing three generations. We have seen the orange and blue gameday gear trends change over the years, but when you put the colors together, you instantly feel transported to the Swamp. Provided the Gators make it to the tournament this year, I am ready with my Gator gear. Spring […]

A Thread of Blue: Leaning on My Faith

How Faith Got Me Through Difficult Days The Siddur, the term for a Jewish prayer book, contains a set order of daily prayers. My familiarity comes from spending years attending morning services in memory of both my husband and father. One passage references the tzitzit, specially knotted ritual fringes, or tassels, attached to the four corners of the tallit, prayer shawl worn by religious Jews. And one fringe contains a thread of blue. There are differing interpretations as to its symbolism. Some say the color resembles the sea and the sea resembles the sky and the sky resembles God’s holy throne thus the thread is a way of gaining the highest levels of spirituality. The fringes, or tzitzit, in its simplest definition, remind us of God’s commandments and not to be tempted or seduced by your heart or led astray by your eyes. My Jewish Background Up until my husband passed away, […]

Red, White, & Buffet July 4th Party

Easy July 4th Party Ideas July 4th is right around the corner. We’ve got a July 4th table for small, intimate gatherings that will sparkle and shine. But what if your party is a big backyard event? There are easy ways to decorate and serve following our red white and buffet July 4th party ideas. Backyard Buffets Buffet tables are the easiest setup for large parties. You can cater barbecue chicken and ribs, corn on the cob, cole slaw, and fixings.  Another idea is having guests bring themed desserts, including red, white, and blue cookies, strawberry, blueberry, raspberry fruit salad, cakes, candy, chocolate, and more. Using paper makes cleaning up a blast. By the time the party is over, everything will sparkle & shine as it did the previous day. Over The Top A table rod decorated according to the holiday or theme is the perfect way to make your red, white, […]

Claim A Home Office Deduction

What If You WFH During The Pandemic? Many people are working from home during the COVID-19 pandemic. If you’re one of them, you might wonder, “Can I claim a home office deduction on my 2020 tax return?” The answer is complicated. By and large, the short answer is only if you’re self-employed. Employees can no longer claim home office expenses. Even self-employed taxpayers must follow strict rules to claim a deduction. Copious write-offs Second, if you qualify, you can deduct the “direct expenses” of the home office. Specifically, this includes the costs of painting or repairing the home office and depreciation deductions for furniture and fixtures used there. Additionally, you can also deduct the “indirect” expenses of maintaining the office. For example, you can include the allocable share of utility costs, depreciation, and insurance for your home. Other deductions you can consider are the allocable share of mortgage interest, real estate taxes, and […]

The Sandwich Generation

What Does This Mean? The term Sandwich Generation describes many of us even if you have not heard the term before. We are finding ourselves stretched thinly trying to care for our own children and our aging parents. The first time I heard the term Sandwich Generation was almost a decade ago. A group of my friends and I had kids in their teens and our parents were in their 70’s.  Some of our parents were already facing neurological illnesses, physical illnesses, and mental illnesses. At the same time, we were all leading hectic lives ourselves. Most of us were finding ourselves stretched thinly trying to care for our own children and our aging parents.   The term “sandwich generation” was coined by social worker Dorothy A. Miller in 1981 to describe adult children of the elderly who are “sandwiched” between caring for their own children and their aging parents. This group […]

I’m Stoked About Mad Hippie Skincare

Here’s the Skinny Living with my grown daughters during the pandemic has many positives. One is their knowledge about skincare products that are clean and natural. They are also extremely aware of brands that Do Good. They recommended Mad Hippie Skincare products for me. Here’s the skinny. Growing up in Fort Lauderdale, I spend a lot of time at the beach. It is where my friends and I head to every chance we got. In my early teen years, we’d lather on baby oil and become human sundials. Inasmuch as my mom would warn us about our continuous sunburns, as a teenager and well into my 30’s, I still worshipped the sun.  I just love how I feel after a day in the sun. And yes, I know Florida sun, being closer to the equator, can cause a lot of skin damage. Photo with permission from Mad Hippie.com Sun Damage But here’s […]

My Nordstrom Anniversary Sale Recs

A Mother-Daughter Tradition It has been a tradition of ours to go to the Nordstrom Anniversary sale. They used to really make a big deal about it with a private night for their credit card holders. There would be music, hors d’oeuvres, and a chance to grab some fall merchandise on sale. The sale discounts fall merchandise for about three weeks. Many items are snatched up during Early Access for card members starting July 11th. The other Nordy Club levels get to start shopping from one to 3 days after. It opens up to the general public on July 11th. Social media influencers typically fall under that category. But you can still do fairly well on many other items. Their card members get early access depending on their level. Icon shoppers get to shop on July 11th, July 12th for their Ambassadors, and July 13th for their Influencers.  Everyone else can shop […]

An Amazing Thai Inspired Dish

Honey Garlic Butter Shrimp in Coconut Milk My daughters love to introduce me to food bloggers. The most recent introduction is the website Half-Baked Harvest. The blog is written by Tieghan Gerard who is featured on The Cooking Channel, Food Network, HGTV, Crate & Barrel, Shape Magazine, Self Magazine, the Huffington Post, and PopSugar, among others.  I did make her 20 Minute Thai-Inspired dish, Honey Garlic Butter Shrimp in Coconut Milk and it is absolutely delicious. If you read my other blogs, you may see that I did try her take on Homemade Vegan Twix Bars.  Because I WFH while helping to care for my elderly mom, I do not always have time to spend in the kitchen. I love to cook so that can often be disappointing. So, I do love it when I stumble upon a recipe with a total time of 20 minutes. TBH, it did take me a […]

Are You The Victim of Identity Theft Or Fraud

A Warning To Follow Theft.  Hopefully, you have not been a victim. What about Identity Theft? While not a break-in, it sure feels that way. For my first identity theft experience, I will rewind ten years. Ironically, my job then was with a marketing and technology company.  As a result, I do and did, think myself savvy when it comes to hackers. But on that day, when I went to log on to my online banking account, the website did ask for a lot of personal information. I did find that odd so I closed the browser and opened up a window on my cell phone. Same request for information. Next, I opened a window in Firefox instead of IE and again, the same request. To me, with three different browsers asking for identical information, I did think the request real. FYI: A bank will NEVER ask for personal information. Immediately, I […]

Do You Have Plantar Fasciitis?

It May Be Plantar Fasciitis Have you ever woken up with foot pain? It may be plantar fasciitis. It has been over three years since I was diagnosed. Fortunately, after six months of having injections and staying off my feet, the pain is gone. I attribute that to doing foot stretches EVERY day since my diagnosis in 2020, including rolling my foot on a tennis ball.  And I consistently wear supportive shoes or orthotics in my shoes. You don’t need to hit me on the head twice. The idea of having this extremely painful foot inflammation again is all the motivation I need. Walking around barefoot on a hard floor and pavement was the culprit. So although exercising is encouraged, as is getting fresh air, it’s all about wearing supportive shoes. If you have high arches, as I do, that also makes you more prone to plantar fasciitis. It is quite common […]

A Guide to the Top Meal Kits

When You Just Can’t Cook Anymore Most of us have probably cooked more this year than any year before. It is one of many reasons why the meal kit industry has been exploding. Are you a new cook or working from home? Perhaps you unable to cook for yourself. Do you have limited pantry space? Or maybe you just hate to cook. We are here to help you decipher between the various meal kits. Personally, I love to cook so I have a full pantry consisting of almost every condiment, spice, a variety of cooking vinegar, at least five different types of flour, bread crumbs, olive oil (three different types), canola oil, coconut oil, grapeseed oil, avocado oil, and every other imaginable pantry. My daughters’ apartment in NYC did not even have the space for anything but the necessities. And, even though I love to cook, it is nice to work from […]

What Are Your Legal Rights With Your 18 Year Old?

HaveUHeard that once your child is 18, they are considered a legal adult? It was close to 10 p.m. when I received the call from my daughter, then a junior in college, that she had fallen during an intramural soccer game and was pretty sure she broke her elbow. Her friend was driving her to the emergency room. Here I was, over 350 miles away, it was late at night and I would not be able to do much of anything but worry. I told her to put me on speakerphone when she saw a doctor so I could hear what was going on. I had not given any thought to the fact that my daughter was over 18 years of age, so legally, I was not entitled to the same level of information, or access, that I had been for her first 18 years. Click here for access to the legal […]

Life is Complicated

For the past four years, my business partner and I have run the blog HaveUHeard. Its premise is that College Is Complicated. We set out to provide insider information from current students and parents; a been there, done that approach from trusted sources so that other parents would have this virtual village all in one location. If I learned one thing over the past four years (trust me, I learned a lot more than one thing) is that it truly does take a village.

Do-Good Brands to Do Good By

My first awareness of a do-good brand supporting a social issue was Ben & Jerry’s Ice Cream. I was too young to be impressed with anything other than their amazing ice cream but since their onset, they have adhered to their mission while still making amazing ice cream. Today, I am keenly aware of the social issues that brands get behind.

My Mom’s Amazing Chicken Soup

Jewish Penicillin My mom makes the most amazing chicken soup! There is nothing like a bowl of hot steaming chicken soup when you are under the weather or when it’s cold out. I am blessed that I grew up on her chicken soup. It is a family recipe that has been passed down. I learned to make her family chicken soup recipe shortly after I got married. It took me years and years until I felt I got it right. It is not complicated to make the soup. My 89-year-old mom recently taught her two youngest grandchildren to make her chicken soup recipe (they are 24 years old). She even bought them their own Le CreusetⓇ Stock Pot. Not only was the day special for all of them, but it also allowed a family recipe and tradition to be passed down to younger generations. That alone is priceless. Plan on designating approximately 3 […]

Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoo

Step up Your Tattoo Style When I was growing up, a tattoo seemed taboo. In fact, HaveUHeard that some religions, my own included, it is considered taboo?  Personally, while not something I would do permanently, I have no objection to body ink. My own daughters each have a tattoo (or two). But, what if you want a tattoo but don’t want to commit to a design? Many years ago, I had seen the tattoo kits from Inked By Dani. I love the idea of temporary ink tattoos. Hand-drawn in NYC by artist and founder Dani Egna, INKED by Dani is an elevated, sophisticated take on the temporary tattoo craze. With our signature, on-trend style, and worldwide fan base, INKED by Dani is redefining temporary tattoos into a whole new world of fashion-forward, wearable art. Their designs are unique, fashion-forward, and the perfect way to express yourself – without the commitment! They’re more than just […]

Quinoa Goat Cheese and Parmesan Cakes

Quinoa Makes A Great Side or Main Dish I first made these almost eight years ago after changing my eating habits. For one thing, I knew quinoa was a great source of protein. However, like tofu, it lacked flavor. Make the quinoa ahead of time to save time. I would also recommend making extra quinoa. There are so many great recipes that use quinoa. Just make enough for a week because it is not something that will last much longer. Personally speaking, I like to assemble the patties early in the day so all I have to do is cook. I also like to have a chutney such as mango chutney. The original recipe I am sharing is by Lisa Turner. It was published on June 23, 2013. I’ve seen similar recipes on Food52 and Epicurious. Their recipes use bread crumbs in place of flour and recommend using Gruyère cheese if you prefer […]

Yoga: Namaste in Good Health

Get Your Ommmm On! I started doing yoga several years ago after being invited by friends. I had been recently widowed and downsized our home. Naturally, I was feeling a lot of anxiety and stress. I never thought of myself as much of a yoga person. I’m more of a gym and outdoor sports person, but I thought I would try it.  They offer yoga classes at my development, so I signed up and started taking classes once a week. Initially, I was intimidated as I did not know the downward dog from cat-cow from pigeon pose (and why there are so many yoga poses named after animals). HaveUHeard that most theories revolve around the idea that ancient yogis mimicked what they saw around them. It appears that the ancient yogis found imitating animals and nature to be an enlightening experience for both the body and mind (think tree pose, mountain pose, […]

Being Thrifty is Great for Your Budget

Are you thrifty? I have many childhood memories of my uncle going to garage sales and coming home with a bunch of stuff that did not seem useful at all. But he was extremely talented and could take almost any item and upcycle it to use as something else. Up until last year, I had not heard of the term upcycling.

Vegan Grilled Cheese & Tomato Soup

I love soup… from my mother’s chicken soup to soups that use fresh vegetables (and the stock from my mother’s chicken soup), there is nothing more comforting than a bowl of soup paired with a salad or a sandwich.

Why Do We Shame

If you use any of the social media platforms, you have probably seen a monumental increase in shaming, criticizing, and judging which, IMO, is a shame. During these past fourteen years, I have used Facebook to share family photos, market a charity’s fundraisers, sell in the marketplace, and reconnect with old friends and acquaintances. I think it is a great platform for small businesses, such as HaveUHeard but during the past two-plus years, I have noticed an increased amount of parent shaming.

Creating Work and Study Home Space from Etsy

Great Finds From Etsy Both of my adult kids are home temporarily living with me. They have bedrooms but we needed a work from home space. Suddenly the house seems more crowded. Everyone is having zoom calls and meetings on speakerphones. We’re here to help make this a comfortable transition for you and your family by setting up a home or study office. Of course, if your kids are like mine, they have a very specific idea of their workspace decor.  With that in mind, they make it easy to create a peaceful setting with the help of Etsy. How can you turn your personal space into a workspace to increase productivity while also ensuring you can separate work from your downtime? It’s a question that many people are currently asking. We’ve mapped out an easy and cost-efficient way to do so by bringing you our suggestions from Etsy. What we love about […]

How I Came to Love Cooking

Up until 10 years ago, I had very little interest in cooking. With a little help, I went from being a fiasco in the kitchen to a bona fide foodie. I grew up with a mom that loved to cook, something she learned from her mother. But, TBH, up until 10 years ago, I had very little interest in cooking. For me, my life was complicated enough trying to balance work and family. Cooking was more about feeding my family and less about the actual food itself. 

Charcuterie Boards Are All The Rage

Just in Queso You Didn’t Know When my daughters mentioned making a charcuterie board for Thanksgiving a few years ago, I admit I was rather surprised. Back in my twenties never heard of a charcuterie board but apparently, charcuterie boards are “a thing” amongst the Millenium and Gen-X sect. They can be put together on a moderate budget or you can go all out. In fact, my nephew makes charcuterie boards on the weekly and posts them on his IG stories. And, charcuterie boards for Thanksgiving are now a part of our family tradition. HaveUHeard where charcuterie boards originated? I am sure my daughter hadn’t either, but it is rather interesting. A typical charcuterie, the word derived from the French words that mean flesh and cooked, consists of mainly meats and cheeses. These boards have progressed to commonly include bread, fruits, nuts, condiments such as honey or mustard, pickles, and olives, or, […]

Impactful Books for Young Adults

HaveUHeard of Any of These Books? Not only will young adults like these books, but also moms and dads too! I am that mother, that aunt; that friend, that sister, that always sends books as gifts. First, books don’t go out of style. Second, they can be read and reread. Third, they may very well be filled with anything from adventure, philosophy, emotion, and imagination. What other gifts can you give that may have all that and more?  Giving books to recent graduates is one of my favorite gifts to give. Today, books may impact their lives as they begin their new journey. By the same token, choosing just the right book might also long-lasting enjoyment. HaveUHeard of any of these? We think these are pretty impactful: How to Skimm Your Life by The Skimm, Elise Randall The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday Atomic Habits by James Clear Untamed by Glennon Doyle […]

Wandering the West Coast

Looking for a vacation, but have minimal time to travel? We wandered west to California, Washington, and Canada as you don’t lose any days due to time changes. Thought we would try out the West Coast, Best Coast saying for ourselves.

Really, It’s a Twin Thing

“What’s it like being a twin?” I always find this to be such an odd question because I don’t know what it’s like not being a twin. Oftentimes, I want to ask, “what’s it like being a solo child.” But, because multiples seem to be so interesting to people, I try to put my sassiness aside. If I were to think about the best part of being a twin is that you never feel alone. You always have someone that has your back.

Are Your Family Dynamics Changing?

When we dropped our daughter off at college, her dad and I and her younger sister drove away, tears streaming down our faces (well not her sister’s face). We’d return home as a family of three which took on a whole new personality. This was the first of many life shifts I came to understand. It took some time for us to adjust to the empty chair at the dinner table and to cooking for three and only having to chauffeur one child around. It was different. Not good different, not bad different … just different.

Home Workouts with My Daughters

Great Gear for Home Workouts Are you doing any home workouts during this at-home time? I created a home gym when my young adult daughters lived with me during the pandemic. This is after having a gym membership for over 20+ years. I’ve never looked back. I love my home workouts. I weight train three times a week, bike two times a week, and take a yoga class once a week.  More and more, we know the health benefits of moving, stretching, and exercising, especially as we get older. Weight Training In lieu of having a gym membership, I replaced my older hand weights with new ones. Living in Florida, I typically work out on my patio. It’s hard not to be motivated when everything you need to work out is in your house. I added weights, resistance bands, yoga mats, and clothes. It’s pretty easy to find free workouts online. I work […]

Charcuterie Boards That Are Works of Art

I am not sure if you noticed, but charcuterie boards are all the rage. My young adult daughters have been making charcuterie boards for years. My nephew has one almost every Friday with wine (according to his IG stories); he loves them so much, I recently bought him a large bamboo cheese board with serving tools. Head to Instagram and search under #charcuterieboard and you are bound to see some works of art. A typical charcuterie, the word derived from the French words that mean flesh and cooked, consists of mainly meats and cheeses. These boards have progressed to some of the most decadent and sweet hot cocoa holiday charcuterie boards.

Super Bowl Menu

Your Friends Need These From the Super Bowl menu to the decorations, it’s all about the big game.  One of our girlfriends refers to the rest of us as her “boys” because we love everything football. While she will probably only be interested in the half-time show, the commercials, and the food, most of us are rooting for the Bengals. There are two main reasons a bunch of Florida women cheers on the Bengals. One, the QB Joe Burrow, played for LSU, an SEC conference team. Since we are all UF alumni, we must cheer on an SEC player. And the other big reason is their roster includes several former UF Gator players, including standout rookie kicker Evan McPherson, CB Vernon Hargreaves III, and OT Fred Johnson. While not hosting this year, I will bring some of my favorite plant-based foods for a delicious and healthy-ish Super Bowl menu. Super Bowl Recipes […]

This Halloween I’m Creepin’ It Real

Basic Witch Full disclosure… Halloween is my least favorite holiday. But, I do get my daughters a little something. It’s typically some candy and a small gift because this Halloween I’m creepin’ it real. When my daughter was old enough to understand Halloween, I went out trick or treating with her because I didn’t want to negatively influence her. I dressed up as a basic witch. (Although if you read my t-shirt, my opinion comes through loud and clear). Ghouls Just Wanna Have Fun My girls love Halloween so I feel good that I didn’t take that away from them. Love the candy. Love dressing up. And, even though they are in their 20’s, they still dress up. In fact, in 2019, they impressed me with their Schitt’s Creek and Harry Potter costumes. Let’s Give ’em Pumpkin To Talk About I never need an excuse to send a care package to my […]

Galentine’s Day Menu

Food is Love I am celebrating the amazing friends in my life by planning a delicious Galentine’s Day menu. There will be plenty of healthy food. But they better save room for dessert. I’ve even thrown in a cooking activity just for fun. Dinner Salad with fried goat cheese- For the salad, I’ll be using a spring mix, preferably one with arugula which pairs well with goat cheese. Epicurious has a fairly simple recipe. The breaded goat cheese can be made the day ahead and kept in the refrigerator before frying. Baking them is an option as well. Simply preheat the oven to 450 degrees F and line a baking sheet with parchment paper. Place the goat cheese medallions on top of the parchment and spray with olive oil. This will help them get crispy and golden. Bake for approximately 6 – 8 minutes. Once done, transfer to a wire cooling rack […]

Passover 2022

Eerily Similar to Our World Today Passover is less than a month away and yet, it seems especially fitting this year. Passover commemorates the exodus of the Jews from slavery in Egypt. This is at a time when the world is bearing witness to the mass exodus of Ukrainians under siege from Russia and Putin. Ukraine’s President Zelensky, himself, is Jewish and lost family in the Holocaust. For those that are not familiar with the meaning behind Passover, the Jews in Egypt had put sacrificial blood on their doors so that the death angel would pass over their homes when killing the firstborns in Egypt.  Thus the name Passover. Similarities between 1200 BC and Today “The Exodus from Egypt occurs in every human being, in every era, in every year, and in every day.” — Rabbi Nachman of Breslov After the Egyptian Pharaoh’s son was killed, he told the Jewish people they […]

Passover Seder Table

Formal or Elegantly Easy For this year’s Passover Seder table, I decided to put together two different tables. The first is a  formal setting for a smaller gathering. The second incorporates nicer disposables for larger gatherings. Passover Seder Tables of the Past Until about 5 years ago, my mother would have us pull out her finest china, silver and crystal wine, and water glasses. The china and silver were passed down from her mother and mother-in-law. I love a beautifully decorated table as much as she does, made especially meaningful because three generations have shared it. But, as our family grew, get-togethers included as many as 30 people. Cooking itself is a mammoth job. The prospect of washing dishes and pots and pans was daunting. My sisters and I somehow convinced my mom that we could still maintain an elegant table using disposables for larger gatherings. Hosting My First Seder I remember […]

Passover Seder Meal

Old Traditions Traditionally, my family’s Passover meal is old school. Matzoh ball soup, gefilte fish, brisket, chicken shufra, potato kiegel, and spring vegetables. This year, I’ll be changing it up for our Passover seder meal. I’m not opposed to tradition. I’m thinking of a more modern take on the holiday. The one caveat is having a strategy of preparing entrees ahead of time for large gatherings and freezing them. My First Passover Meal I remember hosting my first Passover seder. Thirty-plus family members were coming over. This was my first time making brisket. The brisket was cooked and I jumped ahead of myself, not following the recipe. Using a very large, sharp knife, the knife sliced across the top of my finger. Fast forward to a trip to the hospital. Ten stitches later, with Passover the next day, I had to call in some backup. To say I always do a read-through of […]

Mother’s Day

Mom Life I have been a mom to two daughters for half my entire life.  It’s a role I cherish. And, I’m fortunate that my mom, who just turned 90, is in decent health. My 93-year-old aunt is a second mom to me and is also healthy. Mother’s Day is about recognizing the influential and special women in my life. My daughters are grown, and both do not live nearby, so getting together for this day is not the simplest. Truthfully, while I would love to spend the day with them, I appreciate any day I get to spend with them. I do not need a holiday for them to show me their gratitude. But, as they always do, they will make the day special.  I don’t need a gift, but I love their cards. When asked what they want for Mother’s Day, most of my friends only want to have time […]

Setting A Beautifully Decorated Mother’s Day Table

Moms That Brunch I am blessed to be able to share Mother’s Day with my mom and my aunts. There is something special about having these strong women in my life. They continue to inspire me. Much of the type of mom I am is based on what these moms in my life shared about parenting. So when it comes to Mother’s Day, we like to celebrate with a family brunch. We make this day special by setting a beautifully decorated table with flowers. Sophistiplate Disposables Set a perfect table with these sets from Sophistiplate. They even have a Mimosa-themed table setting which includes service for 8. it includes a dinner plate, salad plate, appetizer/dessert plate, cocktail napkins, hand towels (because the bathroom should always match, lol), and Mint & Gold Bella Assorted Plastic Cutlery/24pc, Service for 8. I used their blue and white timeless setting for Passover and was very happy […]

It’s Dad’s Day

Celebrating the Special Dad in Your Life It’s dad’s turn to take the spotlight. On June 19th, it’s time to grab the craft beer, cigars, and golf clubs and celebrate the special dad in your life. But, for those of us who have lost our dads, the day can be complicated.  I was fortunate in that my father lived until 88. But my daughters lost their dad when they were 17 and 21. Looking back, I spent a great deal of time stressing about handling their first father’s day without their dad. My advice would be to follow your kid’s lead. They chose to ignore that first Father’s Day, and we headed to the beach. In the years since, we have gone to a Yankee game, something we loved doing for his birthday. My choice is to honor my dad since I was blessed to have him around for a long time.  […]

Happiest Time of the Year

We are approaching what is considered to be the happiest time of the year…Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa, other holidays, New Year’s… for many of us, it is a time of joy, reflection, and family. Holidays can also be a very difficult time for those who are alone and those who have lost someone. I was raised in a family that always welcomed friends to share in our family holiday time so now to be facing the holidays while trying to balance protecting our matriarchs in the family, is forcing us to redefine how we celebrate. 

2022 Thanksgiving Table Decor

In case you did not already know, Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday of the year even in Florida. Sure there is no fall foliage minus the brown palm fronds that seem to drop this time of year and, in my 48 years of living down here, the weather typically is in the high 70’s or low 80’s. Even with the lack of fall colors everywhere, the holiday still holds a special place in my heart. Throughout my entire life, my mom has always hosted Thanksgiving dinner. We were welcome to include friends that did not have a place to celebrate. My mom would find a way to make tables fit even if it meant moving furniture out of the way (that’s a whole other story).

Our 2022 Hanukkah Tree

Light, laughter, and lots of latkes This is my third year putting up a holiday Hanukkah tree. Yes, I have adopted a Christmas custom and applied it to Hanukkah. Only it is not a bush. It’s a tree; I am not the least ashamed to call it that. Our tree is adorned with Hanukkah-related decorations, white lights, and blue ribbons. I even added in silver and blue poinsettias. After all, it is the festive time of year. Last year’s tree looked really good, but I have to say, I love my tree this year. Having a Hanukkah tree is complicated. Some feel it is not what Hanukkah is about. Oftentimes called the Festival of Lights, Hanukkah honors the miracle of the menorah burning for eight days and the Maccabees’ revolution. But it is also about making the world better. Gifts were certainly not part of the original celebration, yet many Jewish homes […]

Hanukkah Decor 2022

Hanukkah Past I’ve just completed my Hanukkah Decor 2022. I love decorating for Hanukkah. I mean, I go all out. A silver, blue & gold Hanukkah tree complete with Hanukkah ornaments and stockings. As a person who identifies as Jewish, the decision is complicated. Up until 2012, I would have not entertained the thought of a Hanukkah tree. I grew up with an extended family that had a Christmas tree. And we always helped decorate. It was about the joy it emitted with no religious undertones. But we never had much when it came to decorating for Hanukkah. In 2012, I saw the most beautiful Hanukkah tree at a local boutique. After sending a photo to my fam, and having many discussions, we got a small tree. It felt strange. And, it did not look anything like I envisioned. Hanukkah Tree Take Two My daughters temporarily moved in with me during the […]

That’s A Wrap

Hanukkah Gift Wrapping Ideas I’m the mom of two grown adult daughters. This means the wrapping paper you used when they were young just won’t cut it.  This year, I am sharing my Hanukkah gift-wrapping suggestions. And I am ready with less than two weeks to go until the first night of Hanukkah. That’s a wrap. Eight Crazy Nights Even though they are grown, I still like to get them a gift for each of the eight nights of Hanukkah. When they were little, they got to open up a gift each night. We would typically give them their biggest gift the first night, and then each subsequent night consisted of something smaller. One night they did not get a gift for themselves. They donated that gift by doing the Salvation Army Angel Tree. It is more complicated to have grown adult kids who no longer live with you. This year, we […]

2021 Hanukkah Table Decor

What Inspired My Table Decor? My intention for the holidays this year is to make it warm & inviting and joyful. To be honest, after a toned-down Hanukkah last year, I think it is only fair to be a little extra with my celebrations. I wanted to make this year’s holiday a celebration… a celebration of life, good health, family & friends. Of course, I will be serving some of the traditional foods like latkes but I may put a twist on that. Stay tuned. That’s why I am so excited to share my Hanukkah table decor. With Hanukkah starting early this year, (Sunday, November 28th), I got a headstart on planning out my vision. To say I cannot wait to share the holidays with my family and closest friends is an understatement. Some Call It A Tablescape I had not heard of this term prior to last year. In fact, my […]

Christmas Tablescape

Joy To The World You may have sensed that I love decorating my dining room table for the holidays. I’ve decorated for  Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Passover, and Hanukkah. Needing to bring joy to the world, I decided to try my hand at a Christmas Tablescape because Christmas in July is a thing. I know that seems unconventional for a Jewish woman to decorate a Christmas table. It’s not that complicated.  If I can bring joy to another home, why not? Table Decor I started with a plaid burlap table runner to not cover up my wood table. It is reversible, so I went with the burlap side and plaid trim. Next, I placed a red berry garland down the center and added some of my white twinkle lights and gold Christmas ornaments. DIY Centerpieces Most of my inspiration comes from Pinterest and Instagram. I also search my house to see what […]

Stocking Stuffers under $30

Adult Kids Love Stocking Stuffers! Why does a Jewish mom have Hannukah stockings? It’s not complicated… I love the holidays. Okay, they look like Christmas stockings but are blue and white with our names. Honestly, I will do anything to make my home joyful. Stocking stuffers are those smaller items that have bigger meanings. I find unique and practical items to put in their stockings. Self-Care Stuffers I cannot stress enough how important it is to have my daughters choose themselves first regarding their work, social life, and physical and mental health. They should be kind to themselves and kind to others. Stocking stuffers that fill their room with positive energy items throughout my home. Self-care items. Aspirational. Beauty. And, of course, fun stuff. Positive Vibes Little Words Project® bracelet(Use code HUH for an extra 15% off- we receive a commission on sales from this discount code 😉)  Sun -Catchers – suncatchers […]

Lend A Helping Hand

Give Joy 🎄 As someone who is Jewish, I understand the concept of Tzedakah or charitable giving.  In these difficult times, it is more important than ever to lend a helping hand. Teach Your Children Well One of my all-time favorite songs is CSN&Y’s Teach Your Children. We raised our daughters always to try to help others. As a family, we participated in the Angel Tree Program when they were young.  They would always pick out a child/’angel” who requested a bicycle. They would buy the bicycle, using the money they earned for chores, and we’d wheel it back to the mall. To this day, it makes my heart so happy when they lend a helping hand. In college, they both participated in the Dance Marathon to raise money #ftk (for the kids) at Shand’s Hospital in Gainesville, FL. The Benefits of Giving There are many verses in both the Bible and the […]

Why I Celebrate Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day.  A day to let others know you love them whether a spouse, children, parents, grandparents, siblings, friends – whomever you want to send a little love. As far back as I can remember, I always celebrated Valentines’ Day; it was a tradition I grew up with and continued when I became a mom.

Galentine’s Day Table Décor & Gifts

Celebrating with My Girl Squad Valentine’s Day is less than a month away. Show gratitude for the strong women in your life by throwing a Galentine’s Day party. I’m single, as are many of my girlfriends. My closest girlfriends have gotten me through some tough times in my life. Showing my appreciation means more to me than anything in the world. I mail a small appreciation card for my gals that don’t live nearby. So on February 14th, I will host a celebration of love for my friends. Set A Galentine’s Day Table Gather your gals for brunch or dinner. For my gals, I switched it up this year. My friends LOVE chocolate, candy & wine, so I’m making sweets the focus of my table. I added in some fresh roses and some fun decor. Thanks to some fantastic and surprising items, the table was simple. Many of the items I already […]

Valentines Day Gift Guide

Best Valentines Day Gifts to Send With Love As far back as I can remember, I always celebrated Valentines’ Day; it was a tradition I grew up with and continued when I became a mom. My daughters have not been home for Valentine’s Day for years so I use the holiday as an opportunity to send them a little love from home. There are so many gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Just sharing the love from HaveUHeard. Just make sure you start planning in advance as some items take a little longer to get in and some places, especially the small mom and pops, have so many requests, they stop taking orders. Whether you choose to make your own care package or have someone do it for you, a small token item does go a long way to let your son or daughter know you love them! Sweets for the Sweet! Who […]

Setting A Special Passover Table

Passover 2023 How is it that Passover is less than two weeks away? Setting a special Passover table involves a few key elements,  creating a warm and welcoming atmosphere for the holiday. Tips for a Festive Table Choose A Color Select a color scheme that reflects the spirit of Passover. Traditionally, white and gold or silver are popular choices for Passover, as they symbolize purity and redemption. For Passover this year, I am going with blue and gold. Use Festive Tableware Choose special tableware for the holiday. This is the perfect holiday to pull out your finer dishes and gold flatware. Add gold-rimmed wine glasses since wine is a prevalent element of the Seder.  You can also add decorative touches such as napkin rings or place cards. I found these beautiful gold-trimmed navy napkins on Etsy, one of my favorite sites to shop. Caiden Elegance Damask 60-Inch x 84-Inch Oblong Tablecloth in […]

Valentine’s Day Table Décor 💟

Showing the Love Next month, I’m having my friends over for a Galentine’s Day celebration. My Valentine’s Day table decor became the central focus. For one, I love having my house decorated. And, I wanted something that was warm, loving & joyful. The theme is boho chic. Boho Chic Galentine’s The color scheme for my Valentine’s Day table decor is rose gold, pink, and white. Once I had my colors, I then planned out how I wanted the table to look. I love boho chic and my dining room table lends itself to that theme. Next, I looked at what I already had and started adding items. I love shopping on Etsy as well as HomeGoods, Michael’s, Hobby Lobby and Amazon. The total investment came to about $80. Some of the items listed below I already own. Rose Gold Wooden Textured Plate Charger – $15.49 Rose Gold Metal Napkin Rings – $6.49 […]

Show Your Love This Mother’s Day 2023

Celebrate the Unconditional Love of Mother’s Day Mother’s Day’s originated to celebrate the women who “championed efforts toward better health, welfare, peace, and love.” However, it was not until  1914 that President Woodrow Wilson designated the second Sunday in May as a legal holiday called “Mother’s Day. There are many ways to show your love this Mother’s Day 2023. It could be as simple as a card, flowers, or taking Mom out for a meal. Or, it can be grand as long as it is heartfelt. I am blessed to have my mom and aunt around. Taking my 91-year-old mom and 94-year-old aunt out for a meal is too complicated. As is the size of our group. We create a special celebration at home. Here are some easy ideas, from decorating the table to gift suggestions to show your love this Mother’s Day 2023. Mother’s Day Table Decor Table decor is a […]

Create A Meaningful High Holiday Table

As the Jewish New Year approaches, it is the perfect time to gather with loved ones and celebrate this holy occasion in a way that resonates deeply with our traditions and values. Setting a meaningful high holiday table goes beyond the aesthetics; it creates an ambiance that enhances the spiritual experience for all attendees. Many prepare for festive gatherings and delicious meals with loved ones. But beyond the culinary delights and traditional rituals lies an opportunity to create a significant experience at your high holiday table. Symbolism and Tradition Whether you’re hosting family or friends (or both), here are some tips and creative ideas to help you curate an environment that sets the tone for these sacred days. Every element of my table is infused with intentionality and symbolism – because it’s through such attention to detail that we can elevate our holiday experience. Honey – It is customary to wish Jews […]

Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration

From Farm to Feast It is hard to believe that it is almost Thanksgiving. When looking for Thanksgiving tablescape inspiration for 2023, I came up with two different themes. I love them both, but only one will be my family’s tablescape.   My initial idea was to create a farmhouse table consisting of neutral colors (whites, beige and black) and upcycling items I had around the house and some simple DIY creations. But visits in early October to Michael’s, HomeGoods, and The Dollar Store inspired a more traditional take on my Thanksgiving tablescape. However my table ends up looking, it becomes the Thanksgiving Tablescape Inspiration for our family celebration, but on a much larger scale. I won’t say which table won out because I love them both. A Seasonal-Inspired Thanksgiving Table I used the same disposable tableware for my farmhouse table and a more fall-traditional table. Sophistiplate is my go-to for many […]

Christmas Table Decorations 2023

A Jewish Girl’s Guide to Setting A Christmas Table I know, it’s August. Why am I posting my Christmas table decorations? I’m late. Typically, I decorate for Christmas in July. This is my second attempt at Christmas table decorations.  I grew up in a Jewish home and loved the Christmas decorations in the stores, my friends’ houses, and even my Aunt and Uncle’s. My vibe is a Jewish Girl’s Guide to setting a Christmas table. There was such joy for a few weeks in August while working on the table decor and doing my DIY’ing. Christmas Table Vision My vision for this year’s table was to incorporate some whimsical DIY items. I started with a green and red striped disposable paper table runner. The runner goes well with the disposable dinnerware I picked for this year’s holiday table. Next, I placed a red berry garland down the center and added Christmas ornaments, artificial pine […]

2023 Holiday Gift Guide

I cannot believe that the holidays are approaching. For those that celebrate Hannukah, the first night is December 19th with Christmas less than a week later. I don’t know about you, but my email and actual mailbox, is filled with catalogs and discount coupons. Black Friday deals are out earlier than they have ever been. The shopping season has begun.

Gift-Cards for the Hard-To-Gift In Your Life

Why Gift Cards Make Great Gifts While there is still time to find gifts for those on your holiday list, between low inventory, and shipping delays, it makes shopping a little complicated. And, I don’t know about you, but not only are the wishlists filled with more elaborate requests, but I find it very difficult to pick out the exact item they want. There are many great reasons to buy gift cards. You can shop from home. They may appreciate it more because they can choose exactly what they want to get It’s the gift that keeps on giving because they can spread out their purchases. If it is a business that is financially solvent, the gift card does not typically expire. Check the fine print Less stress trying to find the right gift They can be used for gifts they feel guilty splurging on. Whether you pick out a gift card […]

2023 Hanukkah Decor

The Festival of Lights This year, Hanukkah begins early, on December 7, 2023. It feels different. Much light is needed for this festival of lights. My 2023 Hanukkah decor scheme is gold, white and light. I had already decided on this color scheme before October 7th, which reaffirms my choice. Celebrating Hanukkah and putting up decorations is complicated. With Israel at war and antisemitism at an all-time high, it’s complicated to be decorating and preparing to celebrate when so many are hurting. I’d challenge all Jews to consider the wisdom of Rabbi Jonathan Sacks when he states: “There always were two ways to live in a world that is often dark and full of tears. We can curse the darkness, or we can light a light, and as the Chassidim say, a little light drives out much darkness. May we all help light up the world.” That is my motivation. To bring […]

Spread Light This Holiday Season

With Love & Joy This is my favorite time of year… Thanksgiving and Hanukkah. My birthday also falls a few days before Christmas. It is a season of joy between the holidays and my birthday. As we get near, I intend to spread light, love, and joy this holiday season.  Giving to others has gotten me through some difficult days in my life.  I promise you, it is how we start to drive out darkness. I even wear a bracelet that reads “Be A Light.” I bought it from a fundraiser by Little Words Project. I don’t recall the organization they raised money from, but it had something to do with antisemitism. I wear the bracelet daily as a reminder to myself that if I am having a particularly tough day, I should do something nice for someone else. Light a Candle I follow blogger Rebekah Lowin. One of the quotes she […]

Food52 Holiday Swap

A Secret Santa for Food Lovers I’m a big fan of the website Food52. It is a community of food lovers from all over to share recipes. I was incredibly excited when I received an email about the Food52 2023 Holiday Swap. Personally, I love belonging to this food community. You can share or find recipes, watch cooking demonstrations, and get help with kitchen and home questions. They also have a shop that sells home goods, crafts, and kitchenware. They even have a collaboration with Nordstrom. How It Started According to the Food52 website, the swap began 11 years ago. That is when an F52er Noëlle (aka, enbe) posted on the Hotline and suggested a simple food-centered gift exchange between community members. This year’s swap is a delicious gift exchange that we help facilitate. You sign up to send a small, food-filled gift to a fellow Food52er, we match you with a […]

Hanukkah Recipes Everyone Will Love

Latkes, Vodka & More I’ve been testing out various Hanukkah recipes for this year’s holiday. Do I stick with tradition? Do I try some modern takes on recipes? After a week in the kitchen, I came up with a balance. Main dish Although I am a pescatarian, my kids are not. Plus I have a few extra guests that are not Jewish. For that reason, I really want to give them the full traditional Hanukkah food experience combined with some non-traditional options. I prepare my brisket in advance and then freeze it until the day before. My recipe is a traditional Brisket With Caramelized Onions. Latke Charcuterie Board This year, if you’ve read my other Hanukkah blogs, I am going all out. My inspiration for a latke charcuterie board came from the blog Ain’t Too Proud To Meg. It would be perfect for displaying the various latkes I made. Of course, there would […]

I’m Jewish & Love Hallmark Christmas Movies

Bring on Santa & His Elves Years ago, I became a closet Hallmark Countdown to Christmas viewer.  It was 2020, and between the pandemic and political vitriol, I desperately needed a mental escape. To a pretend place where there is Santa and elves. Snow-covered trees, wooden bridges. Main Street. Christmas decorations throughout. Of course, mistletoe too. And that entire holiday season gave me so much joy. And I’m Jewish & Love Hallmark Christmas movies. But Wait… You’re Jewish Yes, I am Jewish. The joy these movies bring inspired me to Hallmark out our Hanukkah decorations. I’m talking about a Hanukkah tree with blue, gold, and silver ornaments. Blue and Gold ribbons. Silver, gold & blue poinsettias. Of course, we also added in Kurt Adler Hanukkah ornaments. Watching Hallmark Christmas movies does not make me any less Jewish. Nor does having a Hanukkah tree. I will not call it a Hanukkah bush as […]

Are You Ready for Hallmark Holiday Movies?

This was my first Hallmark experience so I had no idea they had a whole arsenal of movies. There were winter-themed movies, Valentine’s Day, of course, Spring, Summer, Wedding, Fall Harvest, and then the anticipated 7 night Thanksgiving event leading up to Christmas. I could now spend the entire year sucked into the Vortex of Hallmark.

Pretty in Pink Galentine’s Day

The Year of Pink I’m embracing pink with my Pretty in Pink Galentine’s Day tablescape. It incorporates two trends that are having a moment… pink & bows. The color pink is associated with femininity, playfulness, and innocence. 2023 was the year of pink, primarily due to the success of Barbie. Personally, until my adult years, I shied away from pink. Blush pink was the closest I got to wearing or decorating with pink.  After this tablescape, I may have to add some more pink to my wardrobe. Grateful For My Girl Squad “Maybe our girlfriends are our soulmates and guys are just people to have fun with.”  Candace Bushnell, Sex and the City I’m single, as are many of my girlfriends. At this point in my life, I have to say that I agree with Candace Bushnell. I’m a big Sex & The City fan. I love and appreciate the friendship between Carrie, Miranda, […]

Setting a Spring Passover Table

Celebrating Tradition As we celebrate the Passover traditions, there’s no better time to add a touch of beauty and elegance to the table. Whether hosting an intimate family affair or a grand gathering with loved ones, setting a spring Passover tablescape honors this holiday in style. The Symbolism of Spring & Passover Passover has significant ties to spring, both historically and symbolically. There are several reasons why Passover is considered a spring holiday. This includes the start of the spring agriculture season when crops begin to crop and flourish. Passover serves as a celebration of new life, growth, and the land’s bounty. Spring is a season associated with renewal and rebirth. As winter turns to spring, flowers bloom, bringing a sense of rejuvenation. Similarly, Passover represents a time of spiritual renewal and liberation. It commemorates the Israelites’ exodus from slavery in Egypt. Incorporating the Symbolism into a Tablescape Before we get into […]

Setting a Floral Theme Table for Mother’s Day

Blooming Love Mother’s Day is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate Mom than by treating her to a floral-theme table? Picture this: a whimsical garden oasis right in the heart of your dining room with a sprinkle of love in every detail. I’m sharing some simple yet fabulous ideas to make this Mother’s Day a celebration she’ll never forget! Getting Started First things first, let’s talk flowers. Mother’s Day and Flowers go together. You don’t need to be a florist to create a stunning centerpiece. If you’re feeling adventurous, head to your local flower market or backyard and pick out her favorite blooms. Or, you can decorate with artificial flowers. Think vibrant,  cheerful, and fragrant —I am using shades of pink florals accompanied by baby breath! To add dimension, I used these hanging tissue paper flowers. (#commissionearned) After all, it is a floral-themed celebration, and you can never have too […]

July 4th Food

Food for the Fourth When you think of July 4th food, what comes to mind? Traditionally, it’s all about the dogs, burgers, chicken & ribs, baked beans, corn on the cob, beer, apple pie, and red, white & blue desserts. And that is what I usually make for my friends who have celebrated with us. I am a pescatarian and have vegetarian friends, which means coming up with mains that we can enjoy. Mains There are plenty of ways to enjoy the 4th with your carnivore friends. In addition to traditional July 4th food for myself and my vegan friends, I will include: Burgers – I like a lot of plant-based burgers, including Impossible Burger and Beyond Burger. Just prep it like you would the meat burgers you are making, and I will top it with vegan cheese and all the condiments. My go-to vegan cheese is from Violife. BBQ Pineapple Shrimp […]

Make Your July 4th Table Sparkle & Shine

A Small 4th of July Get Together Whether you’re hosting a large party or having friends and family over, setting a July 4th table is essential for capturing the spirit of Independence Day. There are creative ways to make your  July 4th table sparkle & shine. It will impress your guests and create unforgettable memories. Show off your American flair, from stars and stripes to sparkly accents.  This table is for a smaller gathering. For larger parties, you can set up a Fourth of July buffet table with appetizers, desserts, snacks, and drinks. Red, White, and Blue Centerpieces Start by creating centerpieces that celebrate the colors of the American flag. I lean more toward vintage decor. For a rustic touch, arrange a mix of red, white, and blue straws in mason jars and July 4th-themed wood candle holders with LED lights. Incorporate miniature American flags, sparklers, or patriotic-themed ornaments for a whimsical […]

Red, White & Beautiful Fourth of July Tablescape

What are your plans? The Fourth of July is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate America’s independence than with a sparkling tablescape? The Red, White & Beautiful theme is perfect for creating a patriotic ambiance that will show off your American spirit. From classic Americana motifs to modern twists on traditional designs, there are endless possibilities when setting the table for this holiday. I’m sharing tips and tricks (an links) for creating a jaw-dropping Red, White & Beautiful Fourth of July Tablescape that will have everyone talking long after the fireworks. So grab your sparklers, and let’s get started! Past Traditions July 4th was my husband’s favorite holiday. So much so that one year we spent the 4th in Washington, D.C. I highly recommend adding this to your bucket list. His favorite part of the day was hearing the Declaration of Independence. The girls were young, so I think […]

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