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Go Coastal Studios, Lovely Watercolors

Go Coastal Studios by Artist Melissa Rinaldi Finding a unique gift – whether it be a graduation, birthday, or for their home – can be tough; however, Melissa Rinaldi has made it easy. Her company, Go Coastal Studios, brings the tropical feel of going to or having gone to college in Florida to her creative and personalized artwork. Her university watercolors as maps, which will brighten any dorm or a new home for an alumnus or grad announcements, are spectacular. The announcements cost between $45 and $90. We are also big fans of her painted university pumpkins and cocktail mermaids. Artist Melissa Rinaldi of Go Coastal Studios makes all sorts of things for UCF, UF, FSU, FAU, UM, and USF. She can put her beautiful maps and illustrations on sun shirts ($40), blankets ($65), fine art prints (between $25 and $225 depending on size), and beach towels ($45). Another favorite is her original […]

Greetabl, more than a card.

Greetabl is more than a card, more personal than flowers. I was introduced to Greetabl when I received this adorable, small box that was personalized with HaveUHeard from one of our employees. It was their way of saying they appreciated us and included a small token gift. Since then, I have recommended this company to many friends as well as sending my own Greetabl to my daughters. Whether it is sending a little something to say thank you, or perhaps, during midterms, or when they feel sick, or for their birthday, or just because you want them to know you’re thinking of them; it doesn’t have to be big to have a cheery impact. Greetabl takes the guesswork out of creating the perfect little pick me up for any recipient. The Greetabl boxes are art-worthy to start and can even be personalized with your own photos. Of course, my most recent favorite was […]

Impactful Books for Young Adults

HaveUHeard of Any of These Books? Impactful books for mom and dads too! I am that mother, that aunt; that friend, that sister, that always sends books as gifts. I mean, books don’t go out of style, can be read and reread, and may very well be filled with anything from adventure, philosophy, emotion, and imagination. What other gifts can you give that may have all that and more? Giving books to recent graduates, or young adults that may have a little more time on their hands these days may actually impact their lives as they begin their new journey is one of my favorite gifts. Choosing just the right book might provide an impact as well as long-lasting enjoyment. HaveUHeard of any of these? We think these are pretty impactful and highly recommend: How to Skimm Your Life by The Skimm, Elise Randall Who Moved My Cheese? By Spencer Johnson, MD- […]

Home Workouts with My Daughters

Great Gear for Home Workouts Are you doing any home workouts during this at-home time? I’ve been home with my young adult daughters since mid-March after having been an empty nester for the past few years. They’re really into working out but without their gym, we’ve learned to make the best at home. Between them training me on workouts and following some workouts on Instagram, I’ve been able to lose some of the unwanted weight that crept up. If it’s one thing we’ve seen an overabundance of during quarantine (besides banana bread), it’s home workout videos. I know we’re all trying to avoid the Quarantine-15 by working out inside, but how do you get the motivation to get the body moving? New workout weights, resistance bands, yoga mats, and clothes, that’s how! With all the current sales, we have your best options for upgrading your workout wardrobe! My friends that have purchased […]

The Day for Dad’s 2020

What to Get All The Dad’s It’s dad’s turn to take the spotlight. On June 21st, it’s time to grab the craft beer, cigars, and golf clubs to celebrate the special dad’s in our lives. With new trends that have developed during quarantine in 2020, we’re here to help you put a smile on his face while staying within your budget. Fun Card Let’s start with the basics – a card, of course! With the busy lives we all lead on a daily basis, sometimes those heart to heart conversations take the back seat. Now’s your time to put into writing what your dad means to you. With many states in phase one of reopening or still in the stay at home orders, Lovepop has made it easy for you to purchase a card and have it delivered. If you choose delivery, we suggest buying a minimum of one week in advance […]

Shopping Guide for the New Student -2020

Shopping Time for your New Student Shopping for your soon-to-be college student is exciting, exhausting, and expensive. HaveUHeard how much there is to shop for? What you may need for your dorm depends on where you’ll be staying. In some dorms, because of the communal bathrooms, you won’t need a shower mat or shower curtain but in suite-style dorms and apartments, you will need to add this to your list. The average traditional dorm size is only about 130 square feet and most likely, that is shared space. It is hard to think that all of your student’s belongings will find a rightful place, but there are some practical, multi-functional products out there that will allow your student room to walk/sleep/study in their room. Now let’s go shopping! Some of us are one-and-done type shoppers where we prefer to hit up one store and buy everything. There is nothing wrong with this […]

Smash Stress! Send Exam Care Packages

To Help Ease Their Stress During Exam Week Midterm and finals can be some of the biggest stressors for your student. Don’t expect too many calls from your students during exams. I typically do not speak to my daughter during finals or exam weeks. My calls usually get a “sorry I cannot talk right now” text response followed by an “I’m at the library mom” text. I also know that she is not going to eat healthily and probably going to consume any form of caffeine she can get whether it is coffee or energy drinks and late-night snacks most likely consisting of pizza and junk. Everything from eating habits to sleep habits, from study skills to exercise changes during exam time. I hate to say it but I had my share of all-nighters when I went to UF and, no matter how good a student you may have, when there is […]

Going Abroad? Ultimate Study Abroad Gift Guide

Leaving On A Jet Plane? My daughter studied abroad for almost 10 weeks during the summer between her sophomore and junior year of college. I remember wondering how she was going to be able to pack 10 weeks’ worth of clothing, shoes, accessories, toiletries into one 50 lb. suitcase. I watched as she packed, weighed her suitcase, and then repacked to meet the weight restrictions. I stayed out of her room for the most part because every time I did walk in and see about 10 pairs of shoes lined up, I would start to laugh. I could not imagine why she would need that many, but I also knew she would figure it out no matter how many times she had to re-pack.  She did end up realizing that there were items she definitely needed to take and that she would have to just put together outfits that could be mixed […]

Mother’s Day Quarantine Gifts

You want to do something nice, try these gifts! Mother’s Day will take on a whole new meaning this year. Perhaps you are still away at college and social distancing from your mom or maybe you’ve been home since quarantining began. No matter, you still will want to help her celebrate.  You’ll need to plan in advance and get a headstart since you will probably need to order your gift in advance. With so many of us on an even tighter budget, we found some affordable gifts to get your mom this year for Mother’s Day, take a peek at the list below. Gifts Greetbl You can’t ever repay mom for everything she does but you can thank her. Greetabl is great because there is a huge variety of options (and budget-range). They have awesome products priced anywhere from $4 and up. And you get 10% off your first order when you […]

The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide for Graduates

Finally, Graduation! It seemed that this day was always way off in the future, but it’s true; graduation is almost here. Many people will be asking what are good gifts for college graduates these days so HaveUHeard pulled together a list of the most requested graduation gifts according to our very unscientific college student survey. And having had two college graduates, both of whom moved into apartments after leaving college, I can tell you there are a lot of items they need to furnish their new place. Choosing the right gift for graduation can be tricky so, with the help of our interns and mom bloggers, we’ve put together the ultimate graduation gift guide. Electronics TV– One of the most requested items by students for graduation. Look at some of the Smart TVs. They have come down significantly in price. Check out Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, for some great discounts. Apple Watch […]