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SCORE! The Official Game Day Bag

Quality Design Game Bags Realizing that clear doesn’t need to be plain and ordinary, SCORE! has reinvented the approach to official game day bags. Every bag is designed with a focus on quality and fashion, meeting the evolving tastes, needs, and lifestyles of the American woman. As a certified, women-owned enterprise based in San Antonio, Texas, they embrace the passion and love women have for their favorite teams, schools and organizations as well as, their need to express them with stylish accessories. SCORE! Designs specialize in designer quality, stadium compliant handbags for professional, college, and other sporting events, including NCAA, NFL, NHL, PGA,  ASL, MLB, MLS, and ATA games. SCORE! designs are also ideal for horse and car race tracks, secure work environments, concerts, and most other stadium and arena events. Vibrant color combos are meant to reflect a spirit of camaraderie and belonging for their favorite teams, sororities, and other organizations. […]

Inked by Dani Temporary Tattoo

Step up Your Tailgate Style Want a tattoo but don’t want to commit to a design? Hand-drawn in NYC by artist and founder Dani Egna, INKED by Dani is an elevated, sophisticated take on the temporary tattoo craze. With our signature, on-trend style and worldwide fan base, INKED by Dani is redefining temporary tattoos into a whole new world of fashion-forward, wearable art. Their designs are unique, fashion-forward, and the perfect way to express yourself – without the commitment! They’re more than just a temporary tattoo- inked is hand-drawn wearable art, with designs you’d actually want to get for real including their Game Day Pack, the perfect accessory for football season. All of the designs are made in the USA with vegan, cruelty-free, non-toxic ink!​ So they are beautiful and safe. The designs are one-of-a-kind and commitment-free allowing every style and all ages to join in on the tattoo fun! Perfect for […]

Tapestry Girls

Tapestry Girls: Perfect For Your Dorm One of the best and most exciting parts about attending college is getting to live in a dorm. The freedom of being away from your parents is incredibly liberating, and even though space may be small, it’s all yours. Now it’s time to put your personal touch on the room. Decorating your dorm room is a fantastic way to quickly make your new home feel just as inviting as the one you came from. When you’re going to add a new addition to your space, it’s important to think about what you’re looking for. Maybe you’re searching for city life, or funky patterns to show your new friends your unique, trendsetting style. Regardless of what aesthetic you’re going for, Tapestry Girls is a great way of bringing your own personal touch into any space. Tapestry Girls is a distributor of handmade tapestries, mandala tapestries, lighting, and […]

Shopping Guide for the New Student -2020

Shopping Time for your New Student Shopping for your soon-to-be college student is exciting, exhausting, and expensive. HaveUHeard how much there is to shop for? What you may need for your dorm depends on where you’ll be staying. In some dorms, because of the communal bathrooms, you won’t need a shower mat or shower curtain but in suite-style dorms and apartments, you will need to add this to your list. The average traditional dorm size is only about 130 square feet and most likely, that is shared space. It is hard to think that all of your student’s belongings will find a rightful place, but there are some practical, multi-functional products out there that will allow your student room to walk/sleep/study in their room. Now let’s go shopping! Some of us are one-and-done type shoppers where we prefer to hit up one store and buy everything. There is nothing wrong with this […]

HaveUHeard Specialty Shop, Specially For You!

SPECIALTY SHOP HaveUHeard...has a special shop! We have aligned with these special companies for extra good deals on products for you and your college student. We know you love to shop and so do we! Our team is always on the lookout for collaborations that can bring you special deals! Thanks for visiting our own specially sourced shop! DormVault The first to design a safe for college life in 2007. DormVault has sold over 100,000 safes, so you can be assured that it will do the job in your dorm or apartment. The compact design maximizes tight living and storage space but holds lots of stuff. Since it doesn’t damage walls or furniture, DormVault complies with residence hall and apartment lease regulations. Each safe comes with a warranty and guarantee. Use HUH15 for a 15% discount!   Inked by Dani Inked has created more than just a temporary tattoo- inked is hand-drawn [...]

Sorority Recruitment – Four Rounds and You’re In!!

Rush Around and Get Ready for Sorority Recruitment! I remember my daughters going through sorority recruitment. The first one was convinced that her outfit selections were the reason she got dropped from many of the houses. That is very hard to hear from your daughter especially when you have spent much of their lives trying to teach them that beauty comes from within. I did not want them so focused on brands or trying to dress in a way that was not representative of who they were. But, recruitment is one of those times when you are judged on appearances. I am not suggesting that those going through sorority recruitment should dress in a way that does not make them feel comfortable. They can show their personality through their outfit choices and accessories. And I don’t think you have to spend more than you are budgeted for. We have found that there are [...]

Smash Stress! Send Exam Care Packages

To Help Ease Their Stress During Exam Week Midterm and finals can be some of the biggest stressors for your student. Don’t expect too many calls from your students during exams. I typically do not speak to my daughter during finals or exam weeks. My calls usually get a “sorry I cannot talk right now” text response followed by an “I’m at the library mom” text. I also know that she is not going to eat healthily and probably going to consume any form of caffeine she can get whether it is coffee or energy drinks and late-night snacks most likely consisting of pizza and junk. Everything from eating habits to sleep habits, from study skills to exercise changes during exam time. I hate to say it but I had my share of all-nighters when I went to UF and, no matter how good a student you may have, when there is […]

Going Abroad? Ultimate Study Abroad Gift Guide

Leaving On A Jet Plane? My daughter studied abroad for almost 10 weeks during the summer between her sophomore and junior year of college. I remember wondering how she was going to be able to pack 10 weeks’ worth of clothing, shoes, accessories, toiletries into one 50 lb. suitcase. I watched as she packed, weighed her suitcase, and then repacked to meet the weight restrictions. I stayed out of her room for the most part because every time I did walk in and see about 10 pairs of shoes lined up, I would start to laugh. I could not imagine why she would need that many, but I also knew she would figure it out no matter how many times she had to re-pack.  She did end up realizing that there were items she definitely needed to take and that she would have to just put together outfits that could be mixed […]

Valentines Day Gift Guide for College Students

Best Valentines Day Gifts to Send With Love As far back as I can remember, I always celebrated Valentines’ Day; it was a tradition I grew up with and continued when I became a mom. My daughters have not been home for Valentine’s Day for years so I use the holiday as an opportunity to send them a little love from home. There are so many gift ideas for Valentine’s Day. Just sharing the love from HaveUHeard. Just make sure you start planning in advance as some items take a little longer to get in and some places, especially the small mom and pops, have so many requests, they stop taking orders. Whether you choose to make your own care package or have someone do it for you, a small token item does go a long way to let your son or daughter know you love them! Sweets for the Sweet! What […]

Dorm Vault

One more thing to worry about, is the stuff safe? Right up there with the call from my college daughter that she lost her phone, keys, student ID, (fill in the blank)

The Ultimate Graduation Gift Guide for Graduates

Finally, Graduation! It seemed that this day was always way off in the future, but it’s true; graduation is almost here. Many people will be asking what are good gifts for college graduates these days so HaveUHeard pulled together a list of the most requested graduation gifts according to our very unscientific college student survey. And having had two college graduates, both of whom moved into apartments after leaving college, I can tell you there are a lot of items they need to furnish their new place. Choosing the right gift for graduation can be tricky so, with the help of our interns and mom bloggers, we’ve put together the ultimate graduation gift guide. Electronics TV– One of the most requested items by students for graduation. Look at some of the Smart TVs. They have come down significantly in price. Check out Best Buy, Walmart, and Target, for some great discounts. Apple Watch […]