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Sorority Recruitment – Four Rounds and You’re In!!

Rush Around and Get Ready for Sorority Recruitment! I remember my daughters going through sorority recruitment. The first one was convinced that her outfit selections were the reason she got dropped from many of the houses. That is very hard to hear from your daughter especially when you have spent much of their lives trying to teach them that beauty comes from within. I did not want them so focused on brands or trying to dress in a way that was not representative of who they were. But, recruitment is one of those times when you are judged on appearances. I am not suggesting that those going through sorority recruitment should dress in a way that does not make them feel comfortable. They can show their personality through their outfit choices and accessories. And I don’t think you have to spend more than you are budgeted for. We have found that there are [...]

New Student Shopping Guide – You need this!

Top 7 Categories of What They Need! Shopping for your soon-to-be college student is exciting, exhausting, expensive. HaveUHeard how much there is to shop for? Look at the college checklist from the top retailers and you will see an average of 126 items. It is very easy to get caught up in the excitement of shopping with your student for college; the lists can get overwhelming so we tried to break it down for you. The average traditional dorm size is only about 130 square feet and most likely, that is shared space. It is hard to think that all of your student’s belongings will find a rightful place, but there are some practical, multi-functional products out there that will allow your student room to walk/sleep/study in their room. Now let’s go shopping!  Let your student help with picking everything out; most will want to at the very least pick out their […]

Smash Stress! Send Exam Care Packages

To Help Ease Their Stress During Exam Week Midterm and finals can be some of the biggest stressors for your student. Don’t expect too many calls from your student during exams. I typically do not speak to my daughter during finals or exam weeks. My calls usually get a “sorry I cannot talk right now” text response followed by an “I’m at the library mom” text. I also know that she is not going to eat healthily and probably going to consume any form of caffeine she can get whether it is coffee or energy drinks and late-night snacks most likely consisting of pizza and junk. Everything from eating habits to sleep habits, from study skills to exercise changes during exam time. I hate to say it but I had my share of all-nighters when I went to UF and, no matter how good a student you may have, when there is a […]

Ultimate Study Abroad Gift Guide

Leaving On A Jet Plane?  My daughter studied abroad for almost 10 weeks during the summer between her sophomore and junior year of college. I remember wondering how she was going to be able to pack 10 weeks’ worth of clothing, shoes, accessories, toiletries into one 50 lb. suitcase. I watched as she packed, weighed her suitcase, and then repacked to meet the weight restrictions. I stayed out of her room for the most part because every time I did walk in and see about 10 pairs of shoes lined up, I would start to laugh. I could not imagine why she would need that many, but I also knew she would figure it out no matter how many times she had to re-pack.  She did end up realizing that there were items she definitely needed to take and that she would have to just put together outfits that could be mixed […]

Is Their Stuff Safe?

One more thing to worry about, is the stuff safe? Right up there with the call from my college daughter that she lost her phone, keys, student ID, (fill in the blank)

High School Graduation Gift Ideas

Get Them Something Practical Yet Fun When my older daughter graduated from high school, not only did she go to a lot of graduation parties, but she had a joint one with her best friend. She received gift cards, money and a lot of logoed apparel and decorations from the college she was going to (UF). By the time my younger daughter graduated, the gifts she received, in addition to money and gift cards, were from the college registry she set up. Today, the lists have gotten longer but so have the places to buy gifts, many of which are now online.   Whether your student is having a graduation party, sending out announcements or just has a big family that is looking to get the high school grad a gift, HaveUHeard pulled together a list of the most requested graduation gifts for 2018 according to our very unscientific high school and […]

Graduation Gift Guide

Finally, They Are Graduating! It seemed this day was always way off in the future, but it’s true; graduation is almost here. Many people, including Aunt Sadie, will be asking what good gifts for college graduates are these days; so HaveUHeard pulled together a list of the most requested graduation gifts according to our very unscientific college student survey. Choosing the right gift can be tricky but this list will help! We’ve added links to websites and products, (and yes, the ads and links that appear on our blogs are partners of HaveUHeard. ALL opinions and products mentioned in our blogs are 100% our own. We hope you will patronize these businesses. Partnerships like these make HaveUHeard possible.)   Electronics TV– One of the most requested items by students as many of them will actually be moving into their own apartments and can no longer share with their roommate or the family. […]

Send a Little Halloween Love…

Have Some Halloween Fun! When my daughter left for college, I sent her a Halloween care package.  It was nothing fancy; just some dollar store decorations, candy for her to share with her suitemates and some fun things that could be used for a makeshift costume. Remember that UPS shipping within the state of Florida is typically overnight at no additional cost; a perk I have often enjoyed. If you are creative, Pinterest has some great themed care package suggestions.  Some sayings you can put inside include: I Miss You Boo (with a ghost) No tricks – just treats! Hey Pumpkin, you deserve this Going batty without you Or, purchase a Halloween care package sticker kit to help make your packages more personal! Dress up your box flaps quickly and easily on the inside. Each kit comes with 4 large adjustable stickers designed to fit a USPS Priority Mail Large Flat Rate […]

Twas the Night before Holiday Vacation

And So the Story Goes… Winter break, visions of sugar plums dancing in your head, family time and maybe a family vacation; and having your student home. But your vision and your student’s vision of winter break may just be polar opposites. Hanging out with you on vacation every day may not be what your student is planning on doing.  And while we are all excited to have our kids home, there needs to be a mutual meeting of the minds, so to speak. Yes, some have had very stressful semesters and may need this downtime. If that is the case, definitely give them a few days to get used to being home. Expect that they have changed; just as you too have changed as you both adjusted to a new family dynamic. You may notice a new sense of independence and self-sufficiency. And that is something to be excited about. Of […]

Mother’s Day Gift Guide, You’ve Got This!

Ready for Mom’s Important Day? Mother’s Day only comes once a year, so you better believe the pressure is on to show your mother just how much she means to you. If you’re anything like me, your mom is your absolute best friend and #1 fan so you should know exactly what to get her, right?… Wrong! Being a college student on a tight budget puts a bit of a restriction on the “world” you think your mom deserves. And even though my mom, and the other moms we checked in with, overwhelmingly say all they want is to spend time with us, we can still get them a little something to show how much we care (recruit any siblings to pitch in for a gift). Luckily we’re here to make it a little easier to pick out a great gift for your mom while making sure you don’t have to be […]

Father’s Day Deals

Cash-Strapped Students Here is Your Answer to Father’s Day! My sister and I are daddy’s girls so Father’s Day was always important, but not in the way you would think. We grew up playing sports and having him as our coach. He would bake cookies with us, rough house with us and talk to us in the same way he would talk to my brother. That was until we were teenagers wearing makeup, dressing in what he would consider too short dresses and skirts and showed an interest in boys. Then he became a protective dad. No matter the relationship, the one thing my brothers and I had in common is that we have a very limited budget when it comes to picking out a Father’s Day gift. Many college students are in the same position. So we pooled our money together to come up with one great gift. We’ve always managed to […]