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Florida State University

    Florida State University 600 W. College Avenue Tallahassee, FL 32306 Congratulations! If you are on this page, you probably have an FSU student! Read on to find out the inside scoop! Pass on these great tips, tell your friends and like us on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and Pinterest. Find out more about how to use HaveUHeard as a great resource. Sign up for other great tips at haveuheard.com.

Staying at FSU for Thanksgiving

Make it a Friendsgiving Although FSU is officially closed from November 25th-29th, not all students will be going home for the holiday. Flights can be incredibly expensive around this time. Some students may have to work and others may go home with a more local friend for a little turkey dinner. And, although classes are going virtual from Thanksgiving through the end of the semester, there will still be some students that want to stay in Tallahassee. Perhaps, instead, you’ve decided to switch things around a bit and this year you will go to Tally for Thanksgiving. Whichever way it works out; there is plenty to do if you are going to be at FSU for Thanksgiving this year. Let Someone Else Do the Cooking Many restaurants put together a great traditional meal for Thanksgiving. Some are less traditional but sound delicious. Some are only doing take out. Check out some of […]

The Benefits of Joining the FSU Alumni Association

Alumni Networking, Perks, and More… Before you know it, you are walking across the stage at graduation and, with that last step, you are officially a Seminole alumnus. The question is, what does it mean to be an alumnus? Certainly, you will wear your Nole pride for years to come, but there is more. Right from the start, you will find that Noles want to help each other. Encourage your students to join the FSU Alumni Association for a variety of reasons, but first to network with other alumni when looking for jobs. I know quite a few Nole’s that are more apt to hire a Nole graduate than “outsiders.” HaveUHeard that membership in the Alumni Association starts at $50 annually? Should your students move to another city, they may find alumni activities there as well. It is a great way to meet people and find a realtor or a roommate. Check […]

Sending A Package?

Make Sure Your Package Gets There There are many reasons that a student receives a package. Whether it is just their usual Amazon delivery or a care package for midterms or because your student is under the weather, there are a few things that will make package delivery simpler. FSU has its own UPS store on campus that is across from the FSU Police Department. Students are assigned a Student U-Box (University Box) which is the equivalent of a Post Office Box on campus. They are notified by email when they have a package. There is no mail service on Saturday and Sunday. They may also receive UPS and FedEx mail to this Student U-Box. If you are not sure of their U-Box number, contact The UPS Store by email at store6133@theupsstore.com. We actually recommend using UPS (or FedEx) in comparison to USPS as it is just timelier, especially for in-state shipping. […]

FIG Options for Freshman Noles

FIG – A Good Option for Freshman Noles Have you heard about FIG classes? It stands for Freshman Interest Group and is basically a bunch of classes that have been linked by an academic program or theme. Students who enroll in a FIG will find it an excellent source of networking with like-minded students. In other words, registering for a FIG will place you and your fellow participants in a set of classes that have a theme such as business or communication. Registering for a FIG definitely makes the registration process simpler since it registers you for all your classes at once. Many students recommend taking a FIG even if you have some of the classes already because the support in the group can make a difference in your continued path. FIG often becomes a social group as well. They are designed for students who are not participating in a living-learning program […]

Controversial Speakers FSU

Is Free Expression Controversial? Is free expression controversial? FSU’s beautiful Landis Green is a magnet for debatable speakers to frequent. FSU embraces diversity and celebrates individuality within its community; however, the college culture pulls in visitors determined to protest and argue the lifestyle of many of FSU’s students. So where is the fine line drawn between the protection of FSU’s community and the preservation of free speech? On April 15, 2019, Governor Ron DeSantis backed a specific free speech policy that allows for free speech among all Florida Universities regardless of how offensive the viewpoints may be. DeSantis explained that the state of Florida is determined to protect free speech and open exchange of ideas within campuses. DeSantis stresses the importance of allowing this kind of free speech in order to remain a united front that encourages free speech and challenging conversations. DeSantis advised that the best way to protest the more […]

First Time Student Loan Borrower?

You’ll Need to Do This. What is the Entrance Counseling? In July of 2016, the U.S. Department of Education made it a requirement that, in order to have student loans disbursed, all students must complete Direct Loan Entrance Counseling. This counseling includes information needed to successfully repay the federal student loans they will be receiving to help pay for college costs. If you have not previously received a Direct Loan or Federal Family Education Loan (FFEL), the federal government requires you to complete entrance counseling to ensure that you understand the responsibilities and obligations you are assuming. You must complete entrance counseling before you can receive the proceeds of your first Direct Loan. If you are completing entrance counseling to borrow as an undergraduate student, then the entrance counseling will fulfill counseling requirements for Direct Subsidized Loans and Direct Unsubsidized Loans. If you are completing entrance counseling to borrow a loan as […]

Weekend with Dad

Officially, unofficial. Dad’s weekend isn’t exactly official at FSU, meaning that there isn’t one specific weekend that it is called for, but many sororities and fraternities have one. My sorority has one during the Spring semester. Some will rotate years with mother-daughter or mother-son weekend. Sororities will either host a brunch or have some activities planned that weekend. Many sororities have brunch at the house; others rent out a restaurant. Mine has brunch on Sunday, giving us time to hang out with the family beforehand. It is not uncommon for more than Dad to come for Dad’s weekend, but generally, it is about you and Dad. For those dads looking to relive their college experience, there are floods of parents that go out during happy hour. It is extremely relaxed and less clubby. There is outside seating and parents can get a glimpse into the college lives of their students. My parents […]

Dinner, Early or Late

When you want to go somewhere nice for dinner. Like any college town and/or state capitol,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. Whether you are eating dinner early or late, you will find your burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, sushi, salads, Mediterranean; a restaurant for every palate, and every price point. Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Tally, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. First, let’s be clear; like getting hotels and beating the traffic, securing a reservation at a restaurant – good or bad – on a […]

Brunch is Breakfast plus Lunch plus Fun

“Brunch is breakfast without an alarm.” — Unknown Most college kids sleep late. It’s a well-known fact. So, going out for breakfast on weekends, in particular, may not be an option. Brunch, however, is generally a good option on weekends and there are quite a few choices not far from FSU’s campus. However, if you can get your student out of bed early and breakfast is what you want; check out our blog Wakey, Wakey Eggs & Bakey. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. Brunch… Andrew’s Downtown – Sunday 10:30 am – 2 pm, anything from their all-inclusive $18 buffet to a variety of shareable brunch tapas options AZU: Lucy Ho’s – You wouldn’t normally think of Lucy Ho’s for brunch […]

Finding a Roommate

A really great roommate experience! Finding the ideal roommate(s) can be tough and a hassle. I’m here to tell you about my personal experiences and how to avoid getting a disastrous roommate. I remember being an incoming freshman and dabbling back and forth on whether to pick a stranger for a roommate or my best friend from high school. I ended up doing both—picking a random girl to live with me in Dorman hall for summer C and taking on the fall semester with my best friend by my side in Gilchrist Hall. A lot of people warned me about the complications that involve living with your best friend, yet I still chose to live with her for Fall/Spring. By all means, I am not saying this was a drama-free year, but I enjoyed living with her regardless. It is up to you to determine if living under the same roof as […]

Football Time – Where to Watch the Noles

College football … Noles, It’s Time We can’t wait for it! Noles football! To start anticipating that our football team will end up nationally ranked and headed to a bowl game. Even after graduation, alumni go to football watch parties where they can hang with other alum. Hanging with other Noles fans is way more fun and it could lead to a job, a rekindled friendship, or just a feeling of being back at school. We’ve got the places to head to for football game madness. In some cases, bars may have closed or are no longer affiliated with FSU. We highly encourage checking with the bar prior to your arrival. Be sure to dress in your Noles school colors – you can find some great gameday outfits. And since going to the actual games is sort of different this year, you might just want to watch them locally in Tally. If […]

Football Seats at FSU

A Guide to Seats at Doak Campbell Stadium Everyone should get to at least one Nole football game. Or, perhaps you want to get season tickets. In past years (not including last year),  Nole games have proven to be pretty exciting and they are anticipating another thrilling one. One of the keys to making it great, however; is knowing where to sit. For instance, the blazing sun can make a big difference in the fun factor of a game. Here are some thoughts about the best seats for football games.  Doak S. Campbell Shady Seating Unfortunately, little of the stadium offers much shade – less than 10% actually. However; short of hoping for an evening game, you should know… Rows 80 and above in Section 9 are covered Rows 3 and above in Club 315 are covered Sections 35 – 38 With this in mind, you may just want to choose your […]

How to Transition

Becoming an FSU Transfer Student Transferring to a university, especially one as large as Florida State, can be nerve-racking, but if there is one thing I do know…it is that there is a place for everyone. There are many resources FSU has to offer and one of them is the Transfer Leadership Institute. Transferring is a unique experience, but this makes it easier to bond with people going through the same experience as you. Through TLI, this unique opportunity allows transfer students to get acclimated to the campus, make connections and build relationships with other FSU students interested in leadership, personal, and professional development. Check out the TLI here. In addition, there is another organization called Transfers Helping Transfers. They too provide chances for students to meet with other transfer students by hosting all different kinds of events, whether it’s bowling at Crenshaw lanes or watching movies in the SLC! It too is a […]

Wake Up ‘Noles, It’s Game Day!

Get ready for the big game with these attire tips! The best feeling for any college student, particularly if you’re a Seminole, is waking up knowing its game day! There is so much preparation that goes into game days: where to tailgate, who to squad up with, and what to wear. Showing up to tailgates and games is more than just rocking your school colors, it is showing your spirit and how much you love your school. It almost feels like a school-wide competition: who can get the most spirited? With this list, you’ll be sure to place in first! It is important that whenever you are shopping for game day attire, you strictly look for your school colors. You don’t want to stick out like a sore thumb wearing the one color that doesn’t match with everyone else. As Game Day gets closer, FSU will announce what colors students are expected […]

Wakey Wakey – Eggs and Bakey Breakfast Anytime

Here are our favorites! Best Breakfast Restaurants Like any college town or state capitol,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. Hungry for breakfast, you will find your bagels, omelets, pancakes, burgers, pizza, shakes, salads; a restaurant for every palate and every price point. Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Tally, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. Bada Bean – also has delicious food as well. Famous, per se, for their cinnamon roll pancake great breakfast egg wraps; they too fill up quickly.  Now I am a tea person […]

Grad School Housing is More Grown Up!

Because Grad School Needs Are Different For students heading to Grad School, finding an apartment if they are going to a different university entails completely different criteria. My niece and our interns all recently switched universities from where they went for undergrad. Grad School housing comes with its own unique challenges. With expensive tuition and long study sessions, the last thing they need to worry about is finding an apartment near Florida State University to call home. Tallahassee has a wide-range of graduate student apartments from quiet and cozy to large and luxurious. FSU does have several halls that accept single graduate students. Those would be Ragans and Traditions Halls. Off-Campus Apartments – Recommended for Grad Students 11|11 On High Includes swimming pool, fitness center, on-site maintenance, sand volleyball court, AC, dishwasher, dryer/washer, internet, cable Individual leases allowed Pets allowed Furnished Apts. Available Arbor View Luxury Apartments Includes: swimming pool, car care […]

Garnet and Gold Debut

Get ready for Florida State Football, Garnet & Gold! There will be a lot of excitement on April 18th when our Seminoles play the Garnet and Gold Spring Football Game in Doak Campbell Stadium.  The game will include the addition of new head coach Mike Norvell and new Offensive Coordinator Kenny Dillingham.  Doak after Dark will present a free concert right after the game. Ticket information and performances will be announced at a later date. Typically, there is a Friday Night Block Party in FSU CollegeTown,805 West Madison Street. This will be the kickoff for the Spring Game Weekend with performances as well. During half-time, there will be an Alumni Game with many familiar names and faces and a few surprises. Tickets for students are free, $10 for general admission, and $55 for the Champions Club, though the latter is only $20 for those 18 and under. They are also offering a […]

The ABC’s of 529 Savings Plans FSU

What 529 Pays When you decide to have kids, your first thought is not how am I going to pay for college, but it might be your second. I made a decision when they were about 5 to buy a Prepaid Florida Tuition Plan which is one type of plan, locking in a Florida college. The 529 Savings Plans, or what is also known as a Qualified Tuition Plan (QTP), is a saving was fairly new and I chose not to invest in a 529 savings plan. I wish I had not overlooked this type of tuition plan or had asked their grandparents to invest in a 529 Savings plan, as opposed to gifting them money for birthdays and holidays. Since 1996, 529 plans are a way of saving for college for your student. If you had such a qualified tuition plan or a relative set one up for you, then you […]

Sports for Noles, Get ready to Chop!

Seminole Chop anyone? Way back, when your student was deciding on where to go to college, attending Seminole sports probably came into play. It’s just what we do. And it’s fun…even if you don’t know what’s really happening on the court/field. (Who me?) The important part is to know when to cheer, when to chop (Seminole chop is taught at orientation and if you missed that class, it’s pretty easy to catch on, but I will describe later) and when it’s a good time to run out and get a drink (I mean water. It gets extremely hot on some game days.) The key is learning where to sit inside the stadium based on time of game and shade. Student Sports Tickets Did U Know? FSU students get in FREE to all Seminole athletic events, including football? Football, basketball, and baseball are the most popular, but tickets are available to view golf, […]

Fix it! Repair is Better than New

Repair Shops Car, scooter, or bike, oh my!  At FSU, you will find all in large numbers. Talk to any student about which is the most useful at FSU and you’re likely to get an equal number of answers. No matter the transportation your student is using, they may, at some point, need a repair shop. There is nothing worse than having your main mode of transportation break down. Below you will find a list of repair shops. Bike Shops University Cycles of Tallahassee, 668 W Gaines St, Tallahassee, FL 32304, 850-222-1665 Joe’s Bicycle Shop, 1637 Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32303, 850-222-3855 The Great Bicycle Shop, 1909 Thomasville Road, 850-224-7461 Bird Legs Bicycle, 2784 Capital Cir NE, 850-422-1075 Higher Ground Bicycle Company, 1410 Market St, Tallahassee, FL 32312, 850-562-2453 And finally… At Krank It Up, students can work with volunteers to learn how to repair their own bikes. Pretty clever, right? Krank […]

From Tallahassee to Thomasville, Southern Charm!

Southern Charm Close to FSU Less than an hour north of Tally is a small town that will have you believing you’ve traveled back in time. Filled with southern charm, Thomasville, Georgia can provide the perfect weekend getaway. Actually, you can just go for an afternoon too, if you just want to escape the daily routine of college. It is especially popular when parents come to town and families are looking for something different to do. (Check out our Nature vs Nurture blog for more ideas.) Envision Stars Hollow from the Gilmore Girls and you will get Thomasville. Here are some of our favorite places to visit while in Thomasville: The Farmer’s Daughter Vineyard You don’t have to be a wine connoisseur to enjoy their tasting room. Just next door is Sweet Grass Dairy, a renowned farm and home-grown brand known for its mouth-watering cheese. Jonah’s Fish & Grits – definitely worth […]

Retail Therapy

A Little Retail Therapy There is plenty of shopping in Tallahassee and although your student is up there for school, there is always something that he or she will need particularly at the start of the first semester, so a little retail therapy is needed! It’s a good idea to order some things online or at home and have them waiting for you at some of the stores in Tally. This can be done at Target, Walmart and Bed, Bath and Beyond, and can be extremely time-saving as well as freeing up space in your vehicle or if your student is flying into town, making shipping far easier and less expensive. There are many other major box stores near FSU as well, including Best Buy, Family Dollar Store (there are three), Sears, TJ Maxx, Marshalls, and a few department stores. For those unfamiliar with these stores, here is what you may need […]

Banks and Credit Unions at FSU

Many Places to Grab Money, Banks Galore! Leaving for college comes with so many new things, but handling their own money can be one of the scariest. We have all kinds of suggestions regarding Working While in College, Teaching Them to Budget; even information about the dreaded Auxiliary Fees for Online Classes, but this blog is all about banking. I personally find it best to have an account for my daughter at the same bank as mine as it makes it easy to slide money over whenever I need to. Therefore, I was grateful when we discovered many Bank of Americas close to campus; the nearest branch at the campus’ back entrance. If they ever need cash this is helpful, although few students seem to use cash these days. Venmo and Zelle are just more convenient. Banks, banking and how our students can access money is something you will undoubtedly want to figure out before day […]


Choose a Hotel Nearby Keeping in mind that Tallahassee is not only a college town but also the state capital, there is a vast selection of hotel options. There are all different things to take into consideration when booking a hotel; I’ll do my best to cover all of them. I usually stay at the Doubletree Hilton courtyard, see below for other Hilton choices. Many of my friends, on the other hand, stay at the Marriott, because it is closer to their daughters’ sorority houses. See Marriot choices below too. There is a lot to consider – location, breakfasts, bed comfort, etc. For instance; if you want a suite type of room, free breakfast and to be able to walk to campus; check out the Residence Inn. If you want a trendier hotel with a Starbucks in the lobby; check out Aloft. It is also a Marriott hotel so you can get […]

FSU Lunch Bunch – Try These!

Mid-Day Munchies – what’s for lunch? The best part of lunch is the break it gives you in the middle of the day! But it’s even better when you’re enjoying the meal as well. Like any college town or city, there are literally hundreds of dining options in Tallahassee from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. The more time my daughter spends there, the more places to eat we have discovered. Food is a big draw for us, can you tell? Your lunch choices will often depend upon whether you are touring with a prospective student or making a visit to your established Nole, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait at some of the more popular lunch spots – even with a reservation – during a […]

Register to Vote FSU

How to Have Your Vote Count While at College, Register! For students in a new city adapting to a busy college schedule, the voting process can seem daunting. As an 18-year-old freshman, I didn’t even know where to begin to register or where to go to vote! With an election coming up, taking the time to go to the polls and vote is more important than ever. So, how can you do it? Your vote counts. FSU‘s Initiative “Garnet & Gold Votes” is the place to go for all things voting-related for Seminoles. They offer a variety of information from registering to vote to where to vote on election day, including information for students who are residents of Florida, as well as those out of state. Seminoles who are residents of Florida and are not already registered to vote should start here. For out of state students, they should refer to vote for tips on […]


First Applicants Find Substantial Assets, of course! FAFSA is the national Free Application for Federal Student Aid but, based on how aid is distributed, it may as well stand for First Applications Find Substantial Assets. Because aid is distributed on a first-come, first-serve basis, every student that hopes to receive aid for college must fill out this form to even be considered. Every college has its own deadline. For high school seniors who do not know what school they are attending, you can submit an application for schools you are planning on attending and then update your application down the road. If your financial situation has changed since filing a tax return, do not hold off starting the application process. You can discuss the change in finances with the financial affairs office once you know your student’s school. FSU’s school code is 0371. FSU’s priority deadlines are December 1st each year. After […]

Planning to Sublease an Apartment at FSU

The Supply is Greater Than the Demand. Here’s How to Sublease Have U Heard that when a student moves into an off-campus apartment, they generally sign a lease for twelve months? (It is a 10-month lease that prorates apartments, so it gets paid over 12 months). Most leases run mid to late August through – July 31/Aug 1. Unlike most dorms, students are responsible for the entire year, even if they do not intend to stay for the summer. However, most apartment complexes will allow students to sublet their apartments. You will, nevertheless, have to jump through a few hoops to make it happen. To find a sublessor for the summer, it is best to start looking at the semester before (in the fall). It may seem a bit early, but there are usually more available apartments looking for sublessors than there are people looking to sublet. Post on Facebook pages and […]

Tutoring and Other Ways to Study Better

Challenges But Not Limitations, Tutoring Can Help Students who attend FSU, no different than many other highly sought-after colleges, will be faced with challenging classes, taught by respected and renowned professors. They are no longer in high school where a student can often coast by; succeeding at FSU requires taking classes seriously. At the same time, there are many opportunities to get involved and enjoy these four years including football games, Greek life, and outdoor activities. A student needs to be able to balance all of this, which can prove daunting to many. But since they have such a selective admissions process, the understanding is that many of these students have already been faced with balancing academics, social and civic activities. But Just in Case…Get A Tutor If your student mentions he/she is having difficulty, there are many places he/she can turn; including speaking with his/her professor and/or teacher assistant. There are […]

Fun Electives to Take

When You Need Electives At orientation, before freshman year had started, advisors asked that students declare a major. My daughter left there practically in tears, feeling as though the pressure was on and her course needed to be set. There was a course catalog, per se, in front of her, but she felt limited to just the pages within her major. We encouraged her to explore. Take all different sorts of electives, because you just never know what may spark an interest and possibly change an intended path for something even more grand and exciting. Sometimes students’ schedules are just so jam-packed that an easy and fun elective is the perfect way to round out a schedule. Electives can serve many purposes: fulfill an individual’s major requirement, supplement more rigorous courses to complete a minor, fill a schedule, or simply to have fun. For those who have the time and space in […]

Money, Money, Money

When Does Financial Aid Get Disbursed? The time has come to pay for your college costs and panic sets in. Time to pony up the money! I remember receiving my tuition statement for my daughter and yet her student account showed no Prepaid Florida (which I was fortunate enough to have 4-year college and 1-year dorm).  Additionally, her bank account did not reflect her Bright Futures Scholarship funds. Show me the money! When does this money get disbursed? Can you get a deferral for books, living accommodations, and student fees? As a general rule of thumb, most disbursements do not happen until after Drop/Add. Florida Prepaid and Bright Futures pay the school first and any left-over funds, are either deposited into your student’s bank (make sure they sign up for direct deposit) or mailed to them (this will take much longer). For your student’s specific account details, you should log into their […]

Having A Car At College

Can You Get by Without a Car? Yes, you can get by at FSU without a car. There are actually countless perks to not having a car on campus and unlimited resources to help with your commute – not to mention the avoidance of FSU’s notorious parking tickets. If you know for sure you will not have a car with you throughout the school year, it is probably in your best interest to consider housing close to campus. This should be no problem as there are plenty of options (Onyx, College Town, Catalyst, the list goes on… actually you can check out our blog on off-campus apartments here). Additionally, College Town is not only a great location close to campus but also is in the heart of West Madison’s restaurants, bars, and shopping which are all walkable. Walking-distance housing will make it more than possible for you to get to all of […]

Taking the Campus Tour FSU

A Tour Can Help You Make Your College Decision It’s the season for campus tours. Many of you have already visited a multitude of schools, but now that the verdicts are in; decisions have to be made. Therefore, this tour should look different as it should point out the pertinent things that will help your students make their final decision as to which school to attend. Of course, my daughter and son loved being Noles, but your students may have specific things that will help them weigh out the pros and cons of each college. Go with a list of questions, but not the kind of questions that you can just google an answer to. Don’t be shy about asking your tour guide, financial advisor, a specific department, or even students hanging out around the fountain. They can be your greatest resources. For instance; how important is Greek life to your students? […]

Who You Going To Call?

…When You Need Answers Over the years there have been only a few times that I, as a parent, have felt the need to call the campus to resolve an issue. Generally, I try to get my kids to handle it themselves. However, knowing where to call for whatever the issue can be daunting. For instance, when said student accrued a certain amount of parking tickets and was having a difficult time paying them online, she called the Transportation and Parking Office to figure it out. More information and other reasons you may have to contact this office are below. Another example: When a friend had reason to believe her son may have been being hazed by his fraternity during rush, she got in touch with the Office of Fraternity and Sorority Life.  850-644-9574. The director email ccgraham@fsu.edu Fortunately, that situation was managed, but her next step was to call the President’s […]

Let’s Do Lunch

Hey, let’s grab some lunch grub. Like any college town and/or state capitol,  there are literally hundreds of dining options from fast food to fast-casual, from family-style to fine dining. You will find your burgers, pizza, Mexican, Chinese, barbecue, sushi, salads, Mediterranean; a restaurant for every palate, and every price point. Since lunch can often be intertwined with brunch, I suggest you take a look at our blog on Breakfast/Brunch as well. Depending on whether you are touring with a prospective student or visiting your student in Tally, who will undoubtedly be clamoring for a good meal, the options are plentiful. Some things to consider beforehand are price and time. It is not unusual for there to be a considerable wait, even with a reservation, on a game weekend or graduation, at some of the more popular selections. Centrale – Italian Parlour in the heart of College Town known for their shareable […]

Pets in School

Take Your Dog (or Cat) to College Every time I headed up to Florida State to see my kids, they asked that I bring our dog. Let’s face it; the pup is everyone’s favorite family member. We all love our pets. Personally, I would rather travel with a dog than have our daughter adopt one of her own that may eventually become mine too, so I often obliged. The good news is that is becoming rather common for people to travel with their pets. Should you decide to; we’ve made it easy. Dog-friendly Restaurants: Andrews Capital Grill Bella Bella Bird’s Aphrodisiac Oyster Shack Burger Fi Canopy Road Café Food Glorious Food Kool Beanz Café Temporarily closed Liberty Bar and Restaurant Madison  Social Masa Proof Brewing Company Sage Sonny’s Sweet Pea Café The Brass Tap The Edison Uptown Café Pet-friendly Hotels: Aloft Tallahassee Downtown – 200 N Monroe St, Tallahassee, FL 32301 Baymont […]

Spring Sports at FSU

Everyone loves sports With the unexpected and disappointing football season that we endured, some fans are quick to claim that FSU is now a Basketball and baseball school. I remember the thrill of attending my first basketball game as if it was yesterday and the goosebumps I felt when the pre-game hype video played. A student should definitely not limit themselves to attending one sporting event. It is to their advantage to explore all the sports that FSU has to offer, I mean who wouldn’t want to support the Seminoles without even having to spend a penny! What sports fans rave most about FSU is the free student tickets that are available for any home game. Basketball and baseball student tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis. In order to obtain tickets for any sporting event, a student can go to the official athletic website or call 888-FSU-NOLE. Or go here for […]


Have you been Accepted? Acceptances come out for FSU on January 3o, 2020 for those that applied for those who submitted all supporting documents by November 1, 2019. Students who completed an application after November 1, 2019, will receive an admission decision on a rolling basis starting January 31, 2020. For those of you who have been accepted, and are lucky enough to be a future Nole, congratulations Class of 2024! It is great to be a Nole for so many reasons. You can now take that sigh of relief that a decision has been made and then take a look at our list of what to do next. First, this may sound silly, but check your admissions letter for accuracy regarding their name, entrance term, address, residency status and major. If any changes need to be made it needs to happen as soon as possible. At this point, if you haven’t already […]

Spring Break

Fun to be had by all! You haven’t seen them since January and are looking forward to some time with them home again over Spring Break. FSU’s 2020 Spring Break has actually been canceled and the semester will end earlier. Normally, we would say we recognize the scenario. They, our students, may have other plans though rather than coming home. We just thought we would give you the heads up. It is not uncommon for students to go away with their friends for Spring Break. It’s what they saved all summer for, right? Remember cramming 10 college kids into the Holiday Inn in Ft. Lauderdale for Spring Break when you were their age? Perhaps that is what is frightening you. Probably the most popular Spring Break trip these days is a cruise…with 422 of their closest friends (think group rates). My son has been on two. Based on his stories, I pity […]

Computer and Phone Repair

It can be fixed! The day my daughter’s phone broke, and she thought the world would come to an end, was nothing compared to when her computer stopped working. I have to admit, I could live without a phone temporarily, although our kids’ phones have become their life-lines; but when a computer malfunctions and all the work you did previously can’t be accessed, or worse, may have been lost; it may feel like the world is coming to an end. The good news is that it isn’t. There are a few repair services available right near campus for those moments when their computer and phone need to be fixed. I do, however, highly recommend a backup system. I presently use Mozy for myself and my student’s computers. It simply backs up their computer daily (or however they deem necessary) so if you ever run into a jam they don’t have to panic […]

Study Places

You need a good place to concentrate? My son closes his bedroom door in his apartment and puts on headphones to study. My daughter likes to study in the laundry room. Perhaps it is the idea of getting two things done at once or the whir of the machines that block out distractions. However, they all need a few other options for good places to study. Fortunately, there are quite a few places to study on and off the FSU Campus The most obvious place would be one of the three libraries. Check the hours before settling in; they often extend hours as students are preparing for finals: Dirac Science Library – has over 800 seats and a number of private booths…oh and a Starbucks. Strozier Library – Students can reserve a study room ahead of time through the library website. Goldstein Library – This library closes earlier than the more popular […]

Entertainment for Noles looking for a good time!

Check out those ‘Noles This is what we call entertainment, I’m going to go out on a limb here and tell you flat out; I wasn’t a sports fan until my daughter became a Seminole. That said, I still don’t know the difference between an interception and an airball, but I know I’ve heard those terms while dressed in my garnet and gold watching live football and basketball. The excitement can’t be beat. And if you can’t get to the stadium for a football game; I’ll give you a pass on those blistering hot days, as there are plenty of sports bars in Tallahassee that will provide the same exhilaration. Get your chopping arm in shape and go Noles! More than Football If a movie night is what you are looking for, head to: AMC Tallahassee 20 – There are, as the name says, 20 movies to choose from; all in fabulous reclining […]

Sorority Recruitment: What to Expect & What to Wear

Here Are Tips & Tricks On What to Wear If you are planning on going through recruitment at FSU, we have all the tips and tricks on what to wear to ensure you are prepped for the week. Florida State University hosts its recruitment in Fall from August 16th to the 23rd. Registration for recruitment opens up in June. Make sure you schedule your summer plans around recruitment because you will have to come to school earlier than other students. Luckily, FSU allows students to move in their dorms a week in advance – the day before recruitment orientation. Most apartment complexes can be slightly hesitant allowing you to move in early so contact your complex ahead of time to establish a move-in plan. *Note: This year, 2020, things will work a bit differently due to the ever-changing nature of COVID-19 regulations. Fall 2020 recruitment plans include both virtual and in-person options. […]

Tax Time

What Month Is It Anyway? April 15th is right around the corner. As you are preparing your return or having a CPA prepare your return, do not forget to take advantage of the Education Tax Credits available which can help offset the cost of your student’s education. Two Credits Available There are two tax credits available to take, The American Opportunity Tax Credit and Lifetime Learning Credit. The AOTC (American Opportunity Tax Credit) was made permanent by the Protecting Americans from Tax Hikes Act signed in 2015. The AOTC allows credit to be claimed for four post-secondary education years instead of two. The AOTC/Lifetime Learning credits are based on the payment of “qualified tuition and related expenses.” These are the expenses for tuition and academic fees that are required for enrollment or attendance at an eligible educational institution. Qualified tuition and related expenses do not include student activity fees, athletic fees, insurance, […]

Home Sweet Dorm – Make it Dreamy!

Dorm-o-Rama! You may be surprised at how one can transition a mass-produced, industrial-looking dorm room into a warm and inviting room/suite. And there is plenty of help out there to spur ideas and help you organize. Organization is a primary concern because if your kids are anything like mine, they will take enough stuff from home to settle them in as though there are no laundry facilities or stores in the vicinity. Pinterest alone has enough ideas to make your head spin.  Of course, decorating for a girl’s room is drastically different from a boy, but both will need a little extra organization. Either way, check the size bed their dorm will provide. They are usually those extra-long twin beds and many stores start selling these sheet sets over the summer just for this purpose. The bed-in-a-bag can be a great choice as it provides many pieces at once – and they […]

Need Advice? Get Some Advising

A Guide to Getting An Advising Appointment The demand for academic advising increases as registration for the next semester approaches. Advisors have limited appointments and if I could offer any advice in this regard, it is to schedule your appointment in advance. I remember being in a panic when I saw that the next available appointment wasn’t for a month out. What is clutch though is walk-in hours. This is on a first-come, first-serve basis and, although there may be a longer wait time, general questions can be resolved. There is a specific window of time for this and it varies depending on the major, so make sure to check on the website first. Based on first-hand experience, I have had some horrendous experiences in some departments so when you go in, I can’t stress enough how important it is to be prepared and have plenty of time to wait. Make sure […]

Get on The Bus

A Guide to FSU Bus System It can be tiring and time-consuming to find parking around campus, but FSU offers free student transit options that allow individuals to get to and from campus and their housing. College students can enjoy the benefits of public transportation and save on gas, parking, and other car-related costs. Even for those that have a car, everyone should take advantage of this service. (and it is included in student fees) The Seminole Express Bus Service, StarMetro, is available to faculty, staff, students and visitors that want to get around the Tallahassee area. StarMetro buses are also free with a valid FSU card and have bike racks attached to them so you can even bring your bike with you! Here is a map showing the StarMetro’s 7 routes. HaveUHeard that there is even a “Nite Nole” that runs from 8:00 pm-3:00 a.m. except in the summer semesters and […]

Advice to My Freshman Self

Advice Every Freshman Should Know Moving to an unfamiliar place where you don’t know the area or a lot of people can be intimidating and challenging. It is a complete step out of your comfort zone, away from your familiar surroundings and your network of close friends and family. High school is not comparable to college even in the slightest. Get all the advice you can. Making friends takes time and it requires effort. I was so overwhelmed by the number of clubs and organizations that Florida State had to offer that I didn’t join in at first. I can’t stress it enough how getting involved is a great way to not only make friends but make lifelong memories. Everyone is so welcoming and there is a niche for everyone. The one event I would suggest participating in is Dance Marathon. Everyone works together whether they dance or not. It is an […]

Storage at FSU, find out what the deal is…

Where Will They Put All Their Stuff? That time between semesters when they want to bring everything home for a few weeks or summer and you are wondering a) how you will get it all there and b) where you are going to store it all. I remember my daughter’s freshman year, I went up to get her and when we finished packing the car with barely enough room for our bodies and the car feeling as though it was skimming the pavement, I wondered if her belongings seemed to multiply over the past 10 months. Then when we began unloading everything into the garage, sorting out what could stay in our hot garage for the summer and what needed to find space in the house, I became a bit flustered. Well, not panicky, but I did begin to dream of those people that come to your home and teach you to […]

How Will Students Stay Safe, Sane and Happy this Fall

Where is a Safe Spot at College? Safe, Sane, and happy, is that possible? As colleges are doing their best to come up with ideas as to how to keep our students safe and healthy as they reopen campuses, we can only hope that our students will adhere to those rules when they leave their classrooms. Let’s face it; it is not easy to enforce social distancing among a population that has a tendency to want to gather. Isn’t one of the best parts of college, socializing? We realize we can’t replace a good frat party or tailgate, but there are alternatives to fun near campus and, since outdoor fun appears to be the safest alternative these days, we have come up with open-air ideas. Given that we are living under such unprecedented circumstances; we always recommend double-checking on hours, etc. before heading out as activities may be modified or limit the […]

Graduation Photography for FSU Seniors

Memorialize Graduation Day with Photography The last four years (or so) probably flew by and commencement is around the corner. There is no doubt that graduation is a big deal and one you will definitely want to memorialize. It should be celebrated and remembered! Graduation photos are a big deal too; far bigger than the simple cap and gown pic I remember taking….well, a few years back. Students today often hire photographers to guide them around campus and get all sorts of pictures of them in their garnet and gold to commemorate the event. Some students will go to the usual spots for their photos. Others may choose to have some of their senior pictures captured someplace that is specifically special to them. Some want a few of their photos to be with their friends or sorority sisters or brothers too. One of my favorites is of my daughter and her two […]

More Veggies Please

Vegetarian/Vegan Dining Slowly, but surely, more and more young people are going vegan or vegetarian. I can’t blame them. Veggies are good and good for you. Sometimes the choices on or around campus just aren’t that healthy. So more veggies, please! My daughter was a vegetarian for about two years until she could no longer resist a big, juicy burger. Now she is a vegetarian most of the time with an occasional burger or piece of chicken. Whichever way works for your student; the good news there is plenty of veggies around and restaurants by FSU that cater to our vegan Noles. Favorites: Sweet Pea Café – on W. Tharpe Street gets most of its produce locally from a farm less than a mile away. Chipotle – This is not just for meat lovers. In fact, most of the vegans we spoke with are bigger fans than we are (and we are […]

Nature vs Nurture

So much more Nature than you think! Your first few trips up to Tallahassee were probably about seeing the school, orientation, and move in (which means shopping too) and possibly a football game. By now, you know that FSU is really a beautiful school. To boot, there is no denying that Tally also gets the best of Florida’s weather (well, minus the ridiculous summer heat, but that is a great time to go tubing). The winters are cooler than I expected; having lived in S. Florida for so long I had no idea it got that chilly at night, but they are still spectacular. Good weather makes us want to be outside and drink it in. Great news; there is plenty of nature in and around Tally that will keep you enjoying the outdoors. And here’s the thing; it doesn’t only have to be about the football games (although there is nothing […]

F.S.U. Move.In.Day.

F.S.U.M.I.D. Yeah, move. FSU’s move-in day is …well…a lot of work. Be prepared for many trips to the car and possibly one or two to the store for the inevitable forgotten/overlooked item (ours was not enough Command hooks last year).  The heat does not help, but a hand truck and Ikea bags do. Drink plenty of water between trips.  I will not get into the emotional goodbyes at the end of the day but will say that large sunglasses to cover my watery, red eyes were my savior. M.I.D. Summer C June 20th and Fall 2019 August 22nd Move-in this fall begins on  Thursday day, August 23rd. Students will need to be present with their school ID to get the key. Then the race begins; a sprint to unload the car as fast as possible due to very short-term parking options. Parking permits on student spots (white lines) are lifted until Sunday night, […]

Budget 101

The Money Talk At orientation we were inundated with information about all sorts of things; from FAFSA forms to meal plans. No one ever really elaborated on the best way to budget and handle finances when it comes to how much to give your new student. Perhaps this is because it will vary based on need, ability, preparedness to handle the responsibility, what an allowance should cover, and so on. I first realized that we needed a plan when our daughter announced, during our fifteen minutes together during orientation, that she was excited to learn that there are places near campus that provide student discounts on manicures. Budget 101. I wanted to sign her up right away but realized that it wasn’t just her that needed this class, but we, as her parents, needed to have a better handle on how much we would be doling out, how often, and what the […]

What U Should Do Before Heading to FSU

Before You Leave Before you leave to take your kid to college, there are a few items you will want to take care of that are extremely important. Most college students are 18, although a few are younger, which means they are considered to be legal adults. With that comes a whole lot of independence from their parents, regardless of who is footing the bill for their education. Unless they give you permission or their login information, you will be unable to have access to their health records, grades, pretty much anything that has HPPA laws behind it. Talk to your student about signing over permission for the college to speak with you. Make certain they understand that without that signed permission, everything, and we mean everything, pertaining to the college from medical records to financial aid, cannot be discussed with any other person but themselves. While you may be footing the […]

Time to Move It and Move In!

It’s Go Time! Once your student has been given their move-in date and dorm/residence assignment, the process of handling what can be a stressful, labor-intensive, and often very expensive process begins. Traditionally, female students tend to take a full-on decorating approach complete with wall décor, signs, picture frames, string lights, desk accessories, and many other decorative items. Male students do not quite go that full in and often just want a comfortable bed, maybe a poster or two, and perhaps a rug. It is quite humorous after each drop-off, whether it is for summer or fall, to see my friends postings on Facebook and Instagram, (because that is the social media that parents are most comfortable with), and see the obvious difference between a completed dorm room. This may a sticker price shock moment. According to the National Retail Federation, back to college spending averaged $977 in 2019. This is big business […]

First in Family?

Are you first? FSU C.A.R.E. program may be worth applying to… Sending your child off to college is exciting. Sending your child that will be the first in your family to receive a college degree maybe even more so. FSU’s CARE Program’s mission is to guide students who have been disadvantaged by economic or educational circumstances. Generally, these students will have been targeted in middle or high school to pursue higher education, but if this is a goal for your family, why not reach out to the Center for Academic Retention & Enrichment (CARE). If accepted to the CARE Program, students will begin with the Summer Bridge Program that is designed to help ease students’ adjustment to college life and build a foundation for academic success. Students will be required to apply for financial aid and those with financial need will have 100% of their need for the Summer Bridge term met […]

TCC First

Then Transfer to FSU Some students may not be ready for a big university, but want the excitement that goes along with it. For this reason, many students choose to start their college career or even just take some of their classes at the local, much smaller, Tallahassee Community College, which is located about 3 miles from FSU. TCC’s classes are definitely smaller than those at FSU and tuition is less. FSU offers a collaborative program to help students get their A.A. degree from TCC and transition to the university. If students enroll in the TCC2FSU Program they will benefit from individualized advising provided by TCC and FSU advisors. Students can also apply for special TCC2FSU scholarships. Some students choose to live in off-campus housing near FSU (see our blog about Off-Campus Living), often with FSU students, so they can participate in the Nole excitement. Others choose to live at Southgate, a private dorm […]

Safest Places to Visit Your Student This Semester

We Still Love to Visit Our Noles Let’s face it, these are odd and crazy times! Things look very different at FSU this semester but one thing is still for sure; we all still love to visit our Noles and they love visits from us. There are plenty of different food options that offer outside and patio seating, are operating at 50% capacity indoors, and others provide pick up or delivery to adhere to and cater to potential COVID-19 related concerns. Check out some of these places to eat. Dining Andrew’s Downtown AZU: Lucy Ho’s Canopy Road Food Glorious Food Kool Beanz Liberty Bar & Restaurant Madison Social Primetime Outdoor Activities There are also many outdoor activities to participate in to make memories in a safe and socially distanced manner. Watch the FSU game at a local bar Brass Tap Beer Bar, Proof Brewing and World of Beer all of these places offer outdoor […]

College Majors to Pursue at FSU

Perhaps It’s Time to Consider Majors that are Sustainable in Tough Times Students usually choose a major over a period of time. I have always been a fan of taking a variety of classes until you find the ones that you enjoy most and choosing a major around that. Every school, including FSU, has its more popular majors as well. However; in these unprecedented times, students might want to take recent events into consideration when choosing a major. As with any major event, such as a recession, war, or, in this case, a pandemic, there is a shift in what type of degree a student may want to consider pursuing. Certainly, the job market will look different in the future. Contemplating what jobs were sustainable throughout the pandemic may also help in the decision-making process. For instance, public health, which can include hospital management, infectious disease, and clinical research among other things, […]

An Insider’s Guide to Living on Campus FSU

Here is what you need to know! You can certainly read about the dorms and just where to live on campus on the FSU Housing pages, but we asked our interns for the inside scoop…which is probably what you really want to know before you choose where to live when you become a Nole. Here’s what they had to say: Azalea and Magnolia Halls The newest dorms that were recently built (opened in June 2017). These are the only two halls with built-in dining (Noles’ Homecoming (comfort food), Passport (international/healthy), J Street Grille (American Grill), Tuscan Eatery and The Canteen (convenience store/coffee). Suite-Style Hall. Laundry facility on the first floor, one lounge on the first floor, meal-plan optional, kitchens, small fridge per room. Co-ed building/single–gender suites. These halls are located near many sororities and the FSU police department. Dorman and Deviney Hall Built and opened in 2015, so still pretty new and nice. […]

What Not to Bring

No, you don’t need that! If you haven’t started shopping for your incoming freshman yet, whether for things for their dorm or clothes; well, then, we are here to tell you that you probably shouldn’t bother. You see, our kids have cleaned out just about every store and depleted us of our savored stack of Bed, Bath and Beyond coupons. Ok, so we are kidding… sort of. Actually what we wanted to share here was that given that we have had three kids leave for college so we have learned that there are a few things you really don’t need to purchase and bring. Don’t Bring… For instance, that printer you spent hours picking out. It turns out there are quite a few places around campus to print wirelessly and then you won’t have to pay for continuous refills of ink, which can actually be more expensive than a whole new printer […]

Bright Futures

The Future Is So Bright You’ll Need Shades! SEE END OF BLOG FOR CHANGES EFFECTIVE WITH THE 2020-2021 ACADEMIC SCHOOL YEAR Bright Futures has been a great source of financial aid for many Florida Students and is now shining even brighter. Summer 2018 was the first-year Florida Academic Scholars received 100% tuition and summer 2019, 75% of tuition is available for Florida Medallion Scholars. The $300 college-related expense stipend is still only available for fall and spring semesters. The requirements for summer are as follows Must be enrolled in a minimum of 6 credit hours across all summer sessions. Students with less than 6 credit hours required for graduation, may receive FAS and FMS by submitting a memo on letterhead from an academic advisor indicating less than 6 hours are required for graduation. Graduate-level hours may be approved by the student’s academic advisor.  Students taking graduate-level courses must submit a memo from […]

Football, are U ready?

Are U Ready For Some Football? Note: So things definitely look different this year, therefore….In order to keep the Tallahassee community safe president Thrasher is now strongly recommending that students and individuals wanting to attend Florida State Football games now must get a COVID-19 test the week prior to the football game. Students still are required to request tickets and will be notified the day prior to the game if they got a football ticket.  Students can get a free COVID-19 test at the Donald Tucker Civic center by signing up for an appointment. Students will now also have to request football tickets if they want to attend the game. Students who have a negative test result and are eligible to attend the game will be emailed a ticket the day before the game. Additionally, there are new rules that will be enforced at all upcoming Florida State home games. Fans who […]

Study Abroad FSU, Here’s How

The World is your Classroom I am a big believer in this adage. Apparently many students agree as Study Abroad programs have become increasingly popular. When researching this topic I was amused to read not only a plethora of information about the various things to look for in a program but also some amusing blogs written by students about how to convince one’s parents to allow him/her to study abroad. Well, this parent is sold. My oldest daughter studied at FSU’s facility in London for a summer and it was fantastic. She loved everything about it (except for the mouse that set up camp in her flat, but we have decided that was all part of the learning experience that she never before had to deal with such a circumstance) and we took advantage of the situation and went to visit and used one of her long weekends to vacation in Paris […]

Books, Books, Books

Reality Starts, Books, and More Books! Now that our sons and daughters are settled at college the reality begins (not ours, which happened to me the second I got into the car and drove away). Their reality means being students again and the real reason they have been sent off to college surfaces. Therefore they will undoubtedly need books. HaveUHeard that some students do not even purchase a required textbook due to the high cost? FSU recognizes the impact of the textbook affordability problem and has a few resources available including  FSU including Open Educational Resources  (OER) which gives students permission to access free learning materials. Students can find resources for saving money on textbooks using FSU’s physical and electronic course reserves and library resources. Books today come in many different forms and likewise can be purchased in a variety of ways – including rentals. Deciding which is the most a) cost-efficient […]

Radio and TV Stations

Radio and TV Stations There are lots of media options, but if you still need it here are the radio and TV details for FSU. For students coming from larger cities who are accustomed to nationally syndicated stations, rest assured, there are plenty of radio stations in Tallahassee that will meet your listening tastes. Country music is very popular in the south, but the major stations are as follows: Radio WFSU – 88.9 FM FSU Public Radio WTNT – 94.9 FM Country WDXD – 101.9 FM Country WWOF – 103.1 FM Country/Seminole Sports WFSQ – 91.5 FM Classical WHBX – 96.1 FM Urban Contemporary W243CZ (WSEG-AM) – 96.5 FM Sports WGLF – 104.1 FM Classic Hits W283AW – 104.5 FM Religious W287CO – 105.3 FM (WTLY– 1270 AM) Adult Contemporary WQTL – 106.1 FM Classic Rock WFRF – 1070 AM Spanish Christian WTLY – 1270 AM Adult Contemporary WHBT – 1410 AM […]

Safety Matters

Their Safety is Really All that Matters I’m not a helicopter parent. Really, I’m not. (Ok, some may disagree.) Regardless, once we have moved our students in and they are ready to embark on a new independent life, we still want to know they are safe at all times. Once the tears have stopped (ours, of course), it becomes easier each time you realize their growing autonomy (this is what we are supposed to want for our children) and happiness. Knowing they are safe is a forever thing. Therefore, it may be helpful to know that FSU has a few very supportive resources available. Their safety really is all that matters. The FSU Police Department provides SAFE Connection which is available when students need a free, safe escort on or around campus. The emergency Blue Light Trail consists of over 300 strategically placed light poles equipped with emergency speakerphones and strobe lights. […]

The Next Four Years

Have you begun practicing your Tomahawk chop yet? If you have a student ready to spend the next four years at FSU and plan to visit, you best get your chopping arm in shape. You can feel the school spirit by just getting near campus. Tallahassee is both, in character and appearance, more of a Southern city than a tropical Florida one – sort of laid back, dignified buildings and grid streets with a canopy of large trees.  The large city of Tallahassee hosts the State Capitol, Supreme Court of Florida, Governor’s Mansion, and nearly 30 state agency headquarters, as well as a few other (much) smaller colleges. Remember, being Florida’s capital (which could be why airfares to and from Tallahassee are so costly) has some advantages.  Here, you will find almost every major box store, many chain restaurants from fast food to quick service to some pretty darn good full-service restaurants, […]

Away for the High Holidays

Celebrate with a New Community Generally, our kids get to come home for Thanksgiving and Christmas, but for those who celebrate the upcoming Jewish High Holidays, it may be your first one without your students at your high holiday table. While it may feel strange having that empty seat, it can feel better to know that they are celebrating the holidays with a new community of their peers. There are options for Jewish students at FSU. You may want to let them know they exist and then hope that they will choose to participate. Time Off Not all colleges give days off for every holiday and it doesn’t look like FSU is any different. Students can certainly inform their professors, in advance, of their absence for the high holiday, but chances are class will go on and they will be responsible for any work. Even if they do get a day or […]

The First Few Weeks

We completed the drop. We unloaded the car in the treacherous Florida heat and we set up their rooms. The bed was made, everything had been put away and it only took two trips to Target for things we didn’t realize we would need. We said our see-ya-laters and shed the appropriate amount of tears. It was when I got into the car without our new college freshman, all the advice we meant to give them about those first few weeks lay dormant somewhere between the big lump in my throat and my empty heart. Forgive me if I sound dramatic, but the truth is there is a great deal to be said at that time. Whether or not they take to heart is another story. Perhaps starting the conversation a few weeks before drop-off is a better idea. Getting Started Those first few weeks of college are a crucial time for […]

Garnet Fever & Good as Gold Nole

Putting Together Great Nole Outfits I love going to FSU football games- there is nothing like game day. HaveUHeard how FSU got its colors? In 1904 and 1905 when FSU was known as the Florida State College, they won the championship wearing purple and gold. Florida State College became Florida Female College in 1905 so the football team was forced to attend the University of Florida (ironic). The following year, the Florida Female college student body selected crimson as the official school color. The administration combined it with the purple of the championship football teams from 1904/1905 to create the color garnet. Garnet and gold were first used on an FSU football uniform in 1947. I’m all about the Garnet & Gold on game days but I am also about fashion. I want to be comfortable, especially on those Florida humid days when you are packed in a stadium, it’s more than […]

Food for Thought

No Student Hungry Much like the national campaign No Kid Hungry®, there are many students at colleges throughout the United States that are barely getting by, some putting their nourishment behind paying for college and all of the expenses that go along with college; tuition, books, rent, utilities, to name a few. The USDA average monthly cost of food for a college-age student for a moderate-cost food plan, following the recommended Food plans, is $223.55. According to Education Data, in 2018: Nearly 25% of high school students considered middle class indicated they were not planning to attend college because of the expense In 2018, an average of 45% of students experienced frequent food insecurity Over 50% of students from 2-year institutions and 44% of 4-year students worried about running out of food Nearly 50% of students could not afford balanced meals Many students who are struggling just to keep up with the […]

Bucket List FSU

Check out these ‘Nole’ things to do! If you have committed to becoming a Nole, there are a few things that you might want to check out over your next for years at FSU. Consider them part of your induction to Nole-dom. Some are just plain fun and others sort of obvious. Either way, your time at FSU shouldn’t only be about studying. There is so much more to FSU and Tally. Check out our “bucket list.” The Bucket Participate in Dance Marathon – Dance the night away and be a fundraiser at the same time. Relax at the FSU Reservation for a day – Actually, we suggest renting a canoe, kayak, paddleboard, or sailboat for a few hours (ID needed). FSU football game/ tailgate – Yes, they can be hot, but the school spirit can’t be beat. We recommend far more than once a season. FSU Flying High Circus – One […]

Making the Most of Summer C

This Can Be the Best Summer Ever! If you’re starting FSU during the summer, get ready for an amazing start to four years of college ahead of you. Summer is a great opportunity to really get a feel for the campus, lifestyle, and the entire school itself. There are so many things to do and so many people to meet, that it never gets to the point of being boring. Assuming you’ve gone through orientation, you at least have a general idea of where everything is on and around campus, and if not, well it doesn’t take long to figure everything out. The vibes on campus during the summer are so peaceful and relaxing since most students usually start with 1-3 classes per summer session. When signing up for your first classes, make sure to enroll in the ones you think you will excel in, and as many as you think you […]

Working While Attending College FSU

Need a job? Working it! Some students have to work to pay for college, some consider their school work their only job and fortunately don’t have to find work outside their studies, and others choose to work while at school to supplement their spending. Whatever the reason, it is rarely a negative when a student gets a job, whether it is to pay tuition or housing, plan for their spring break trip (see our spring break blog for more information on that) or to backpack throughout Europe after graduation or simply to augment their wardrobe; working, while in school, is not new. FSU will even help students find jobs both on and off-campus by visiting the Career Center.  There is also a Part-Time Job Fair held each fall and spring for the purpose of connecting local employers, both on and off-campus, with FSU students. Students can also check on CraigsList, Indeed, SimplyHired, […]

Beauty and the Beast for Noles

Beauty & The Beast When planning for college, we rarely think about the fact that our kids may still have to visit hair salons and barbershops or get the occasional manicure and so on. Let’s face it; they want to maintain their beauty, magnificence (and sometimes even hygiene). We certainly can’t expect them to go from August until Thanksgiving without an eyebrow wax now, can we? So, I’ve asked around and my own kids and their friends have tried many of these. Barbershops Living in the Cut Toppers – my son’s favorite (and he tried many prior to here) Artistic Barbershop (on Tennessee and Macomb) Renegade Barber Shop (on W Tennessee) Chop Railroad (Close to Collegetown) One-touch (Close to campus) Sports Clips Haircuts – Free haircut valid for new clients in Ocala Corners Nail Salons Nails La La- N Adams street (a good friend suggested, Doug is recommended too) Jenny at Fine Nails […]

Homecoming at FSU

It’s about the game. Note: Homecoming 2020 has been postponed until the spring semester. Homecoming…no, not the kind where our kids announce they are coming home for the weekend…at FSU is exciting. From the tailgates that lead to the big football game to the big parade filled with floats and bands and all that jazz; there is plenty to do and the excitement is contagious. Florida State’s Homecoming started back in 1948, but it has grown in size and enthusiasm over the years. Back then it didn’t even include the Warchant. Rich in tradition Homecoming now includes a theme, Grand Marshall, King and Queen, and daily activities for the whole week. Homecoming week kicks off with the Warchant, then includes a concert held at the Leon County Civic Center, which fills with over 8,000 students, faculty, and alumni to watch headlining celebrity artists. Spear-It Night, Torch Pursuit, Renegade Recess, Skit Night, Seminole […]

Sick at School, here is what you can do.

Mom……Dad…… It’s bound to happen. At some point in the four years that our kids are at college, the phone will ring and suddenly our mature, independent college student will sound like a preschooler once again. There is little worse than when they call and tell you how sick they feel and you are far away. Hopefully, and most likely, their illness will be a result of their new-found independence that includes lack of sleep and exercise, stress, not-so-healthy food, hygiene habits that don’t embrace enough hand-washing, and can be cured quickly and easily. I sent my kids to school with a little box that I literally labeled, “Things you may need that Mom can’t squeeze through the phone.” Inside the box, I put all sorts of things from a tiny sewing kit to Tums. When my daughter got her first cold, she was happy to find a thermometer, cold medicine, and […]

Off-Campus Living – Apartments

…Economical to Extravagant, Apartments Galore Apartments happen before you know it. In October of your student’s freshman year, they will most likely tell you that they want to move off-campus the next year and have to sign a lease in the next few weeks. This is not a joke. I know you have just about adjusted to having them leave and getting them settled in the dorm, but the good ones go fast, and sign-ups really do work this way. Kids will start lining up outside the rental office of the apartment complex of their choice, in the middle of the night, in some cases. My husband equates this to having lined up to buy Grateful Dead tickets many moons ago. There are many apartment complexes that cater to students, some within walking distance of campus. My first daughter lived with three other girls who were on a strict budget with what […]

Grocery Stores

Let’s eat, where’s the grocery store? Whether your student lives on campus or off, they will need groceries. Tallahassee has plenty of places to shop in this regard. For those new to Florida, let me first introduce you to Publix. Publix is a Florida-based supermarket with every department found in most grocery stores including produce, deli, meats, canned goods, seafood, frozen foods, flowers, bread, soda, and stationery, candy, dairy and so forth. There are two Publix supermarkets close to campus. The other major chain supermarkets you will find in Tallahassee include The Fresh Market and cult-followed Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods. For those who have Amazon prime accounts (remember your student discount for Amazon prime), you get discounts including 10 percent off sale items and exclusive deals. To get these discounts at Whole Foods, download the Whole Foods app and sign on with your Amazon prime log in info. You can show […]

Being Thrifty

When You Need to be Thrifty and Stay on Budget With the never-ending date functions and themed events, buying something at the full retail price can leave a college student with a negative bank account balance. Being a broke college student myself, I have tried to budget and save as much money as possible. I have learned to be more cost-efficient and thrifty by thrifting. HaveUHeard there are four different Goodwill locations in Tallahassee? Buying second-hand clothes is not unusual and there are other places besides Goodwill and Salvation Army to choose from. In fact, Plato’s Closet, next to Publix, has all the name brands at an affordable price — which include brands like Nike, Henrigirl, and even Lululemon, being thrifty is clever! Sometimes people have negative preconceptions that the clothing in these places is in poor condition or are dirty, but I have managed to find clothes that still have the […]

Namast’ay – Yes Yoga Can Help

Namast’ay at FSU For years I tried to get my daughter to enjoy yoga with me, but she had multiple excuses. I knew it would be good for her mentally and physically, but, like many other things she had to realize this on her own. I am happy to say she learned to take advantage of much of the yoga offered on and around FSU. She, unlike me, prefers hot yoga and therefore goes off-campus more than on, to get her fill. Fortunately, there is plenty to choose from, both on and off-campus. If your student is resistant, as mine was, you may want to remind them that the practice is over 5000 years old. There has to be something to that. In addition, it has been proven to alleviate stress; and what college student doesn’t have some stress? Research indicates that within seven weeks of regular practice, students enjoyed significantly reduced […]

Favorite Apartment Rentals at College

Here are our most favorite apartment tips on rentals. Rentals, it is the future. Not one of my kids or their friends stayed in the dorms beyond their freshman year.  The choices are plentiful. Below are some of the more popular apartment complexes students live in near FSU. Some provide buses to campus (which can be important since parking on campus can be a nightmare), some have facilities that rival a fancy hotel (pools, hot tubs, volleyball courts, lounges), some provide reserved parking spots for a fee, some are gated and provide constant security, and all have various options from studios to 4 (even 6) bedrooms. Prices vary and generally go up slightly each year. The rent for many complexes depends on how early in the year you sign a lease. Most will also help find a student to fill a vacant room if need be. Wi-Fi is generally included in rent, […]

Student Jobs

Some students have to work to pay for college. Some consider their school work their only job and fortunately don’t have to find work outside their studies, and others choose to work while at school to supplement their spending. Whatever the reason, it is rarely a negative when a student gets a job, whether it is to pay tuition or housing, plan for their spring break trip (see our spring break blog for more information on that) or to backpack throughout Europe after graduation or simply to augment their wardrobe; working, while in school, is not new. FSU will even help students find jobs both on and off-campus by visiting the Career Center.  There is also a Part-Time Job Fair held each fall and spring for the purpose of connecting local employers, both on and off-campus, with FSU students. Students can also check on CraigsList, Indeed, SimplyHired, SnagaJob, Monster, and WayUp for […]

The Best Apps For Students

FSU and College Studying Apps Remember when you were in college and everything was easily accessible via apps on your phone? No? Well, me either. Our kids, however, do live in this world and there are literally apps that provide things like food delivery, tutoring services, or finding a parking spot.  Below are some I thought were most useful. Forgive me if it is a little too long, but truly there is something for everything and it was hard to narrow down. As well, on Wednesdays and Thursdays, from 7 to 9 pm at Strozier library, students can get one-on-one consultations to help create an individualized plan based on their needs, with continuous technical support. Students can download and test new apps with guidance to find what works best for them. FSU Guardian – I am listing this first because we always want to know our kids are safe.  It is a […]

Eating Healthy while at College

Eating Healthy, Not an easy feat! It can be hard to eat healthfully when at college. Meal plans, rushing to and from classes and activities, budgets, the amount of burger, pizza and fast-food restaurants surrounding FSU, and, of course, late-night food runs definitely compromise our student’s plan to not gain the Freshman 15 and stay in shape. (Please note I did not mention the calories that come with a few drinks, but the reality is they often work into the equation.) Don’t get discouraged yet though. Today’s college students are demanding higher quality foods varied in taste and economically priced. There are several apps that many students can download for the latest promotions and deals at some of their favorite places. These include Hooked and Pocket Points. Here are some of FSU students’ favorites and a few ideas that may help your students stay on track and healthy. 3Natives – For health-focused […]

Mother-Daughter Time

A Little Retail Therapy Is Good! Shopping in Tallahassee is not exactly what I am used to, but I assure you it is out there. There are plenty of big box stores (check out our blog, A Little Retail Therapy, for that sort of shopping information), but the kind of shopping that may come after the call that cries, “I have nothing to wear,” exists too.  These also may be the stores you may want to visit should you get lucky enough to partake in a Mother-Daughter weekend. The Governor’s Mall, its anchor stores being Macy’s and Dillard’s, has a fair amount of stores including Abercrombie and Fitch, Aeropostale, Forever 21 and Francesca’s.  Henri Girl is a favorite boutique for many girls; as are Walter Green, Cole Couture, Barefoot Campus Outfitter, and Olde Fields Clothing Co. Ooh Lala Boutique, rumor has it, has a lot of the same clothes as some of the other […]

Health Insurance

Get clear on all the health plans. Students at many colleges today must have a health insurance plan that meets their university’s minimum requirement.  Proof of insurance needs to be given to FSU or you may purchase a plan (FSU has partnered with Gallagher Student Health and United Health Care Student Resources plan is through United Healthcare) or your student will not be allowed to register for classes. Deciding on which health insurance plan your student should be on may require a degree in economics. There are so many variables to consider when choosing. You may want to consider consulting with your financial advisor to compare the benefits and costs. Consider the following:  Does your current health insurance plan meet the university’s minimum coverage requirements?  Is the monthly premium you pay for your child pre-tax or after-tax? Is it marketplace insurance or subsidized and again, does it meet the university’s minimum requirements? […]

Auxiliary Fees for Online Classes

Who Pays for Auxiliary Fees for Online Classes? There is no denying that college tuition, itself, is a huge expense; however, on top of the cost, Have u Heard that some classes have extra fees that may or may not be covered by some scholarships or prepaid programs? Costs of online courses are usually equal to tuition plus a distance learning fee. Distance learning fees are authorized by the Florida statute. Fees vary by program, depending on specific costs of curriculum development, technology tools, and course mentors. Each program’s fees are examined annually and adjusted up or down accordingly, on a cost-recovery basis. At FSU, there are several fees associated with various programs that are not technically covered by prepaid scholarships such as Florida Prepaid or Bright Futures. These fees are often upwards of $600 on top of the school’s credit hour tuition rate. The Florida Prepaid scholarship only covers credit hour […]

Diversity and Inclusion for LGBTQ College Students

LGBTQ Campus Support and Resources College can be challenging for all students which is why finding ways to make connections with others who identify similarly can make a big difference. The American College Health Association estimates that at least 10% of college students identify as gay, lesbian, bisexual, trans, asexual, pansexual, or questioning. Although LGBTQ PRIDE is becoming more prevalent, the LGBTQ community often face additional pressures or concerns. FSU and its surrounding community offer resources and information to both help LGBTQ students navigate the college environment and make connections in a group setting. The first stop would be the Pride Student Union, an LGBTQ+ student-run organization advocating for, empowering, and providing community spaces for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and, queer people in Tallahassee. They are located in the Agency Space on the fourth floor of the Thagard Building while the Union is under construction. For more information, email psu.director@gmail.com. Ways to get […]

Supervise an Easy Budget for Your College Student

This is a budget lesson that will serve you in the future! Some students actually keep to a budget. I know this is true because I have had three of my own and they all struggled at the beginning, but eventually got it. It was hard telling my daughter, as I watched her weekly allowance dwindle, that she better be more cautious or stock up on peanut butter for her next few meals until her next allowance came. I knew the gift of teaching her to budget her money would be far more useful than the pain I was feeling saying so; even when she had to forgo sushi with friends. At orientation we were inundated with information about all sorts of things; from FAFSA forms to meal plans. No one ever really elaborated on the best way to budget and handle finances when it comes to how much to give your […]

Because Balance Is Important

Leach and Campus Rec FSU Going to college isn’t just about studying; no matter what parents think. Finding your balance while at school is incredibly important too. Fortunately, Leach and Campus Recreation at FSU offer plenty in this regard. Get to know your campus and all it has right from the start so you don’t miss out. You should probably begin by downloading the FSU Rec App so you can keep up with all there is. The app allows you to sign up for fitness classes, see how busy the gym is before you make the trip, reserve equipment, or check the status of your intramural game; amongst other things. Leach has racquet sports, aquatics programs which include CPR, SCUBA and lifeguard training, yoga, group classes, personal and small group training, Olympic lifting,  NoleFit (which is high-intensity interval training), intramural sports (think soccer, dodgeball, sand volleyball, etc.) and sports clubs (think cheerleading, […]

Preparing for Grad School Exams

The Fun Continues… I know it feels like you just finished studying for the ACT/SAT’s and left for college, but before you know it, graduation will be looming and many students will be preparing for graduate school exams of some sort. Getting familiar with the vast amount of degrees and programs out there would be the first step. If you are considering graduate school at FSU, check to see if they have an open house. Consider visiting other colleges as well. This will give you the opportunity to meet professors and ask questions about the program. Start talking to an advisor early to be sure you have all the correct exams, prerequisites, shadowing or research hours you will need. Whether you are preparing for Medical or Law School or a specific graduate program, researching the continuation of your education may feel overwhelming. Finding the right concentration for you is important. Consider all […]

Parking at FSU

Get the Last Parking Spot! You sent them to college with a car and they are grateful. However, although it will make a weekly Publix run easier, no one really thought about the fact that parking at FSU can be pretty inconvenient and tends to be a problem every year. There are not enough spots for as many students live on or drive to campus. For those that do have cars, parking permits, which are valid from August 15 through August 15, are required for all vehicles between the hours of 7:30 am and 4:30 pm, Monday through Friday.  If you are in need of a permit go here. You will need your FSUID and password. You can also go to the TAPS office, FSUCard Center at 104 N. Woodward (accessible through the bookstore to get there). You can find more information about parking on campus here. Students will need a VW […]

Sorting Out College Life – A Guide to Laundry

Tisket-Tasket, sorting the clothes in baskets… I tried to teach my kids to do the laundry before they each left for college. Really. I did. Yet, somehow when they went away to school, they each managed to do laundry so rarely that, at last count, one of my daughters owned approximately 54 pairs of underwear so she could prolong doing laundry as long as possible. My son either paid other more ambitious students to do his laundry occasionally or waited until he came home and then brought so much there was little room for anything else in the car. And finally, child number 3, and I have spent many happy hours Facetiming from her laundry room on campus so I can walk her through the process a few more times (ie: cold water? hot water? delicate? dryer vs hang to dry?). Eventually, they get it or find a place where they can […]

Dropping A Class at FSU

Class Drop Deadline at FSU I’m not sure which class it was, business calculus or accounting, but the horror stories were coming true. When my son called and asked if we would pay for private tutoring, we knew something was up. He studied and studied. He was up for so many hours that at some point, his contact lenses had given him an infection. Then the call came when he literally asked us what he should do. No matter how hard he tried, he was struggling. I retorted with my infamous line that I only break out when I believe my kids have given it their all, “C’s get degrees.” This would not suffice this time. The pressure he had put on himself was making him sick; worried that his scholarship may be at stake, or that his beautiful cume could be ruined or that he may not even pull the C […]

Residential Life and Roommates

Roommates and other fun life experiences. For many students entering college, this may be their first time away from home for an extended period of time. While dorm living can be an enriching and wonderful part of the college experience, it can also be a source of great stress and discomfort if the roommates are not a good match. Granted, the fit does not have to be perfect; as a matter of fact, my kids all did well with random roommates as opposed to handpicked ones. We had previously set a precedent that they couldn’t live with friends from home for the first year because we wanted them to meet new people; all part of the college experience. Students do, however, need to be able to comfortably and safely co-exist in their shared living space. Teach your student before leaving home what it means to be a good roommate. Students can often […]

Eating on a Budget is More Than Just Ramen

Some students actually keep to a budget. I know this is true because I have had three of my own and they all struggled at the beginning, but eventually got it. I admit, it was hard telling my daughter, as I watched her weekly allowance dwindle, that she better be a bit more cautious or stock up on peanut butter for her next few meals until her next allowance came. I knew though that the gift of teaching her to budget her money would be far more useful than the pain I was feeling saying so or even when she had to stay back when her friends headed out for sushi. The good news is that there are plenty of places around FSU’s campus that make sticking to a budget possible. There are also a few good tricks. For instance, if your students have a meal plan, encourage them to bring back […]

Family Weekend for the Parents

Early Bird Gets It – Parents Weekend Get the Deals Our first experience with Parents Weekend meant booking a hotel a year in advance, every weekend in October while we waited for the big announcement as to the actual dates. Then we would go back and cancel all the unneeded weekends. Well, hotels caught on and began requiring deposits and changing cancellation policies. (Be sure to check all this out when booking. Our blog on hotels may help.) Why do we race to find a hotel as soon as possible? Hotels in Tally, and anywhere within a thirty-mile mile radius, will sell out in minutes for this weekend. Prices will be jacked up tremendously (as they are for all football weekends), but it never hurts to remain hopeful that there will be some fabulous deal and. This does not mean that it is not worth it for at least one of your […]

Meal Plans

Burgers and Pizza and Fries… Oh my… A Guide to Meal Plans Some of us will miss those family dinners. Others will find some relief. Either way, we all want to know that our kids are eating…and hopefully eating right. College, or at least when I went, didn’t have a whole lot of good options, particularly if you lived on campus; as most freshmen do. That is not the case anymore. This is not to say that those dreaded freshmen 15 may not happen; there may still be late-night deliveries and food runs. There is a vast array of food choices on campus; some choices wiser than others, but a great deal right at the student’s’ fingertips. Whether they hit the salad bar or stick to burgers, pizzas, and fries (oh my), I can’t say. Experience says that their newfound independence tends to sway them in directions you may not have selected […]

Campus Resources for Students of Color

Campus Guide to Resources for Multicultural Students Campus diversity amongst students has grown considerably over the years and FSU vies to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping minority students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other students of color; FSU undoubtedly has a place where you will find your connections. Firstly, the Black Student Union proposes to serve as the official voice and meeting place for the black community at FSU. The BSU is located at 921 W. Jefferson St. where all are welcome to socialize, attend events, study, or just hang out between classes. Email fsublackstudentunion@gmail.com or call 850-644-1815 for more information. Follow the BSU on Facebook and Instagram to stay on top of news and events. BSU Hours: Mon – Thurs: 8 […]

Is an A really an A?

Those Pluses and Minuses Do Count! Florida State University is moderately selective and expects you to meet its requirements for GPA and SAT/ACT scores for admission into this beautiful place. They have high expectations and strive to uphold a strong academic standard. Because of that, the GPA scale can either work for you or against you. So each one of the pluses and minuses counts! The Grading system with +/- at FSU goes as follow: A: 4.00 A-: 3.75 B+: 3.25 B: 3.00 B-: 2.75 C+: 2.25 C: 2.00 C-:1.75 D+: 1.25 D: 1.00 D-: 0.75 F: 0.00 I have been at Florida State University for 3 plus years and every semester, I have these goals of attaining straight A’s. I still struggle to grasp why a point off can differentiate an A from an A- or why was there not an A+ to showcase my hard work? Many universities will deduct […]

ProctorU – Online Test Taking at FSU

Online Test-Taking For Today’s Students **While FSU is online, they will be using Honorlock** Proctored test process updates, and watch for communication from your instructors about proctored test requirements for your courses. FSU is also using Canvas, as usual for assignments, grading, and assessments. Some professors may use Kaltura. Kaltura is a video capture tool in Canvas that allows students to watch recorded videos from their professors. Another online teaching source is  Zoom. Zoom is also a video capturing tool that holds live classroom sessions for students and can also be saved for students to watch later. Personally, from what our interns have seen so far; most professors will be using  Zoom, and things like biology labs will be virtual labs through Canvas. Make sure to consistently check emails and Canvas. With Honorlock, you do not need to schedule an exam as it is on-demand proctoring. Since it is 100% browser-based, there is […]

FSU Coronavirus Update

Update on Latest Plans Seems like finding the right update in this unusual time is tricky. I don’t think I have ever used the word unprecedented as much as I have since this pandemic began. Actually, I don’t believe I ever used the word pandemic much either. However; it is real and regardless of what these unprecedented times have brought to you and your family, the fall semester will begin before we know it and it is important that we stay up to date on the latest update and procedures at FSU. At present, FSU will remain online throughout the rest of the summer while administrators are communicating with government officials about necessary safety measures and health protocols for the return to campus. Updates change, well, frankly, like the wind, but here are some important parts. On-campus COVID-19 testing is available and encouraged. Students can sign up for COVID testing and their […]

Flu Season Ahead

The Flu ends with “U” It’s that season again – and I don’t mean hurricanes. Flu season is generally from October through May. Given that the flu is easily spread by coughing, sneezing, and close contact, and what gets closer than dorm life and classrooms, your student may want to consider getting vaccinated. FSU makes it incredibly easy for students and free too. All they need is a valid ID. FSU is promoting students getting flu shots with their Spear the Flu campaign. Check out the schedule of when flu shots are given at the UHS on the first floor or they can call for an appointment 850-644-4567. The vaccines given on campus do not contain any live influenza virus and take about 2 weeks for protection to develop. Another option to get a flu shot is at: CVS Minute Clinic – if you go on the CVS Minute Clinic website you […]

Volunteering Turns Your Compassion into Action

There are many reasons… Volunteering lets you give back to the community to make a difference in the world, to gain experience, and to change a person’s life. During your four years in college, it is incredibly important to give back to the community for many reasons. Depending on what major you are and what kind of grad school you plan on attending, it could increase your chances of getting in. When you start applying to graduate schools, you want to stand out. Why should the graduate program pick you over another person? Graduate schools look for more than just the book smart student. They look for well-rounded students who want to make a difference. Being altruistic is such an important quality to have. Another great quality graduate schools look at is being able to balance your time. If you are able to take rigorous classes, be involved in extracurriculars, have a […]

Student Accessibility Resources

Everyone Has a Right to Easy Accessibility When my oldest began college, which can feel tremendous by way of size alone compared to high school, she was relieved to know that some of the accessibility accommodations for her ADHD would follow her. The idea of sitting amongst hundreds of pencil tapping students was somewhat intimidating. Of course, she still had to show necessity through diagnosis and jump through a few hoops to make it all come together, but it was well worth it. FSU is large and frankly, can be rather overwhelming, but the Student Disability Resource Center is there to create an inclusive educational environment for all students by way of academic accommodations, testing support, assistive technologies, and coaching. The first step for any student that will be requesting accommodations would be to visit the Student Disability Resource Center located on Traditions Way at 108 Student Services Building. Do not hesitate […]

21 and Oh So Fun

Time for fun and “Adulting” My daughter turned 21 in June of her junior year at FSU as do many students. Being that it was officially summer break, they held off on the big fun celebration until everyone got back for the fall semester. This is when she had her “waltz.” At FSU, many girls who turn 21 used to celebrate by having a “waltz.” Unfortunately, due to last fall’s ban on sororities and fraternities, waltzes have been discontinued. Basically, it was a themed bar crawl in honor of the girl turning 21. The other significance of this big birthday is they can now legally get into places at FSU that they could not get into before. Want to send a very cool Pop Up Card to mark the occasion? Here are the favorite places that those 21 and over recommend when going out to have 21-fun. Starting with Mondays Costello’s –On […]


Now you’ll need to pay for that college! Almost as soon as the first acceptance to college came in, so did the idea of actually having to pay for their tuition and room and board. When they were small it was something we always envisioned we would do and planned accordingly. We even invested in Florida Prepaid for all three of our kids and encouraged them to get as much as they could from Bright Futures Scholarships. Regardless of that, a little help is always appreciated and in some cases far more necessary. There are so many scholarships available these days; the question remains in finding the right ones that they may qualify for. Some scholarships are quite competitive, some last for four years, and some are downright silly, but pay for something. All make those bills for the next four (or more) years more bearable. Below we address the scholarship opportunities […]

The Stress of College

Stress. It happens to all of us, including our kids. As though a full schedule and trying to maintain a social life isn’t enough to cause a little stress, our students have already completed mid-terms and before you know it, they’ll be preparing for finals. Fortunately, FSU is on top of it, offering various programs, workshops, training, and suggestions; most of which are free to our Noles. **While classes have been forced to go online, most of the usual opportunities for counseling and stress reduction may not be available. However; FSU is prepared with other counseling options, including their Renew programs. You may also want to check out ways to Excell in Online Classes to avoid some of that stress. The Anxiety & Behavioral Health Clinic is committed to providing state-of-the-art treatments for our students who may be suffering from anxiety-related problems. They offer cognitive behavioral therapy. There is both, group or individual counseling […]

Graduation Restaurant Reservations

Graduation Restaurant Reservations Finally, graduation is here, yay! Family and friends will want to join you for a fest, here are our tips on local restaurants and the reservation specifics. FSU holds graduation ceremonies three times per year with May being the largest ceremony, broken down by each college. Spring Graduation dates are May 3rd and 4th, 2019. You can check the commencement schedule to see which date and time pertain to you. Hopefully, you have read our blog, Graduation at FSU, and already arranged your hotel rooms. But if you are coming up with your entire family, you may want to make your restaurant reservations as many of the restaurants get extremely busy. The next few graduation dates are the weekend of and May 1st. 2020. To help you out, we are including in the listings the restaurants that take reservations and if they require a deposit. For other restaurant recommendations, see […]

Dance Marathon

You Can Dance If You Want To Perhaps you have seen the Facebook posts from your student or friends’ kids that say #FTK or #ForTheKids. Maybe even fundraising pages for an event called Dance Marathon.  Or maybe you have never even heard of Dance Marathon. If you have a student at FSU, you will definitely want to know about this event, possibly donate to this event and encourage your student to get involved. This is college philanthropy at its best. Created to raise money for the Children’s Miracle Network Hospitals in 1991, Dance Marathons are held at college campuses across the country to raise funds and awareness for more than 170 pediatric hospitals across North America. Dance The Night Away Dance Marathon, also known in Tallahassee as DMFSU, will take place on Friday, March 6th at 5 pm and ends on March 8, 2020, at 3:00 p.m. The number of participants, which includes, […]

Just Desserts!

In a good way… Eating desserts first or getting your just desserts. Either way, desserts are often our favorite meal! Sometimes, we think the best part of the dinner is the dessert; here are some of our favorites! Not many people know about Sugar Rush Bar, which was previously located inside of Donut Kingdom and called the Shake Shop, but everyone should experience at least once. They have rebranded and moved, but they are still milkshake experts.  Of course, you can’t go wrong at the Donut Kingdom either way. Check out a hot-pressed donut; its decadent, yes, but amazing too. Au Peche Mignon – Two locations with one on Timberlane Road and the other on North Duval Street, this authentic French Pastry Shop serves up handmade pastries, cakes, macarons, cookies, sandwiches, bread, pies, drinks, and chocolates. BC Munchies – at 2401 W. Pensacola Street, hours: 6 pm – 1 am, is available for delivery on Uber Eats or […]

Orientation, Find Out About Your School

Overwhelm Potential Orientation for incoming freshmen for summer and fall 2020 will look different than the blog below describes. Due to unprecedented times, orientation will be online. Students will receive an email one week prior to their scheduled orientation session, which contains details on how to complete the virtual orientation. After, you will receive an email on the first evening of their orientation session that will outline the academic advising process, which will take place through video chat on Zoom. Once your advising appointment is completed, you will meet with your orientation leader and have the opportunity of meeting with other various groups to meet new people! On the last day of orientation, students will register for classes. In addition, Florida State will offer registration labs that will help students along the way and helps with any issues they may have throughout the course registration process. Below is more of what usually […]

Moving Out

Moving Out Moving out can be almost as hectic as moving into the dorms and apartments. It did not make sense for us to drag the entire dorm supplies home for the summer, only to send them back up in the fall. We opted to have our kids rent an air-conditioned storage facility with friends. (Sharing a unit is recommended to keep the cost down and air-conditioning is key because Tally in the summer months can be brutal.) You may be lucky in that your student may have a friend that will let them store their belongings in their apartment, but that is unusual. My kids were able to move their belongings into storage themselves by packing boxes in between studying for finals. I began reminding them early so they could start the process before panic mode set in. At move-in, we actually broke down some of the boxes and left them […]

Places of Worship Around Campus

Keeping The Traditions of Worship If you’re wondering about keeping up the tradition of worship, here are some thoughts. Shortly after my daughter started college, the first of the most important Jewish holidays were coming up (think the equivalent of Good Friday and Easter Sunday). We had always gone to services together and had huge family dinners with the entire extended family. Since the holiday fell on a weekday, it did not make sense for her to come home. So, she did what many other Jewish students did; she went to services at the Hillel Student Center. For all students, being able to continue to worship, pray, and adhere to their religious beliefs is extremely important for several reasons. Having a place to worship on or near campus allows them to meet other students and have a Rabbi, Minister, Bishop, or Priest to turn to should they need spiritual guidance. At or […]

Lost and Found – Try this first

Oh No…It Happened! My daughter spent the summer studying abroad. She was warned about pickpockets by friends. And, she has made it through almost two months without incident… until last week.  That is when I got the hysterical crying call that she was pickpocketed in broad daylight and now without her driver’s license, her debit card, credit card, transportation card, and about €50. Thankfully her passport was not in her backpack. We did not cancel her debit card but tracked the activity. That allowed her to Venmo friends who paid for her subway, meals and anything else she needed. My other college student lost more Student ID’s, keys, driver’s licenses than any person I know (or at least I thought). Conduct a search on the student FSU Class of pages, and you will see daily posts for lost keys, wallets, cell phones, ID’s and so forth. And, while clearly my daughters are […]

Is It Safe? All that stuff at school?

Is Their Stuff Safe? Right up there with the call from my college daughter that she lost her phone, keys, student ID, (fill in the blank), is the call you get when they tell you someone took their cell phone, watch, or whatever valuable item your child has had taken. How do you keep their stuff safe? And it has been through their tears and yelling about an item of theirs’ being taken, that I find myself, once again, asking if they had locked their door. You see, my daughters have lived in dorms, apartments, sorority houses, and off-campus houses and consistently, I have personally witnessed them forgetting to lock their room doors (not the front door, although they have done that on occasion). Usually, when I make a mere mention of that fact, I get a sassy response along the lines of “I’m just running down the hall to the bathroom,” […]

Where the Wind Blows

South Florida Native, Knows About Wind Having grown up in South Florida, I have gone through more than 40 Hurricane seasons, talk about wind! I prepared for my first potential hit with Hurricane David in 1979. Thankfully, he turned away from the coast sometime in the middle of the night. Now as a high school student and a novice when it came to what damage a hurricane could cause, I remember thinking “boy this is a lot of work.”  (I am sure my 17-year-old-self worded it more dramatically with several expletives). We had the old-fashioned hurricane panels that had to be screwed in and it took about five hours to put all of the shutters up. The fact that it also caused me to have to cancel a party I was having was even more upsetting. Today, with many hurricane preparations under my belt and many, many decades living in a Hurricane […]

Rushing Her Way – Sorority Pathway

Recruitment Whispers, Sorority For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably started to hear whispers about sorority recruitment. The way recruitment is handled for sororities is somewhat different than fraternities, but I am glad to give you the parent perspective on both (check out our blog on fraternities). Either way, you will not find too many who love the process.  But like it or not, Greek life does have its advantages, especially at a large college; and kids are probably not going to forgo the rumors about rush if it means not joining. So buckle up; the ride can get a bit bumpy. 2020 rush is from August 15th through the 23rd. August 15th is a mandatory day-long orientation. Recruitment registration has been announced to open in June! The link for updates: FSU- Fall Formal Recruitment 2020 Registration The following breaks down the week: Saturday, August 15: Potential New Member Orientation ​Sunday, […]

After The Hurricane, here’s what you can do.

Post-Hurricane Prior to Hurricane Dorian, our blog talked a lot about Hurricane Irma which definitely left Floridians on their toes. Hurricane Irma will be remembered not only for its strength but for its impact on the entire state of Florida causing damage and destruction on both the east and west coast. Having lived in South Florida for over 25 years and hearing meteorologists throw out words such as catastrophic, I naturally felt anxious and concerned as I watched their facial expressions and heard it in their voices as they described the latest tracks. Hurricane Dorian was no different in that regard. When FSU to move the Saturday football game from Jacksonville to Tally, we knew they were taking the warnings seriously.  Fortunately, they never needed to cancel classes, but at least this meant they were on top of things. For Irma, we were incredibly impressed by how quickly FSU responded and made […]

Cultural Resources for Hispanic-Latino Students

Support, Empowerment, and Connection for Hispanic-Latino Students Campus diversity amongst Hispanic-Latino students has grown considerably over the years and colleges vie to maintain an inclusive atmosphere; allowing all students to gain exposure, perceptions, global awareness, and a willingness to collaborate peacefully and freely. Whether serving as a forum for communication, helping students build strong social networks, or simply in pursuit of a welcoming space amongst other Hispanic or Latinx students; FSU undoubtedly has a place where you will find your connections. Located on the fourth floor of Thagard students will find the Hispanic/Latinx Student Union. The union is dedicated to unifying, informing, and serving the Hispanic/Latinx community at FSU and in Tally. The union hosts a festival, pageant, and gala, among other social gatherings, as well as a Spring Hispanic/Latinx Leadership Institute yearly. One of the goals for the HLSU is to cultivate leadership. Students can sign up to take the SGA Diversity […]

Sorority Girl

So They’ve Joined a Sorority Congratulations if your daughter has found a place to call home. Being in a sorority opens the door to so many wonderful experiences. My daughter made some of her closest friends in her sorority at FSU. Every sorority is a little different as it relates to living in the house, eating meals at the house, academic, philanthropic, and social requirements. Your daughters will be expected to attend chapter meetings, eat their meals at the house (if they provide meals, which would also be included in the fees), and participate in their sorority’s events. Sororities are paired up with fraternities for socials. Some sororities require you to dress up for dinner; others do not care if you come straight from the gym. Some may require you to live in the house with your pledge class at some point; others it is optional. My older daughter lived in her […]

Rushing His Way, the Fraternity way

Frat. Rush. For parents of incoming freshmen, you have probably started to hear about the fraternity rush. The way rush is handled for fraternities is radically different than sororities, but I am glad to give you the parent perspective on both (check out our blog on sororities ). Either way, you will not find too many who love the process.  But like it or not, Greek life does have its advantages, especially at a large college; and kids are probably not going to forgo the rumors about rush if it means not joining. So buckle up; the ride can get a bit bumpy. FSU takes a no-nonsense approach to any fraternity that is not adhering to the acceptable behavior. At present, three fraternities are suspended, while three panhellenic chapters remain under investigation for hazing allegations. I am sure there are some good fraternities out there but it should be reassuring that FSU […]

Managing the Gap

Where Will They Live During the Gap? Although it feels like you just moved your students into their dorms, you now have to move them out. The worst part, aside from the grueling heat, is that some may be returning in just a few weeks to move back in somewhere. And, if they have to be back early in August, whether it be another dorm, sorority or fraternity house or an apartment, having to schlep their stuff back home to return in just a few weeks seems a little silly. I know how many carloads it took to get our daughter moved in and, frankly, I am not prepared to rent a U-Haul to get her home and back again. So, my first piece of advice is to recommend that they start bringing things home over Spring Break or if you visit, take home a few things that they really aren’t using. […]

Stay Fit in School, it Helps Your Grades!

It’s Easy to Stay Fit! Note: Fitness schedules have changed; some are in person and others are virtual. Check out FSU’s new fitness class schedules here, but always check before heading out to any other places as many have changed schedules and some have closed. We all know by now the advantages of keeping fit, exercise, stress relief, healthy heart, maintaining weight (or losing if those freshman 15 do start to creep up), and so on. The question is will our students work out when they get to school. The truth is many do. I love seeing students jogging around campus; an inexpensive way to exercise. Some die-hards have been known to run up and down the stadium bleachers. Many students prefer the gym though and there are plenty of options as to how to keep fitness a priority in their lives. The FSU Group Fitness Program offers 2 dozen types of […]

Transportation, Getting There is easy

Trains, Planes, and Automobiles…Transportation to Tallahassee Freshman who brings their cars will quickly learn that parking during the fall and spring is at a premium and will most often not want to move their cars should they nab a great spot. Sure many will state the convenience of having their car (which will require a parking permit yearly) for multiple reasons, but having financed many parking tickets for my poor student one year, you may want to think twice or give them fair warning. You see the trick occurs when they come home late at night and want the closest spot possible. The problem arrives when that same spot is no longer legal after 8 am and they forget to wake up and move it….four days in a row…four tickets later and what could have been enough gas money to get her to Miami. Never mind, I think you get the point. […]

Delivery Services

There’s a knock at the door! Taking time away from studying can be the difference between dinner or a bag of chips and a soda. Sometimes it pays to turn to delivery services. Here are some of the ones we found and what they deliver and how they work. Bite Squad – There is a chat option if you would like to review your order or ask why your order is taking so long. You can schedule a delivery for later in the day and check the order status. Gift cards are available. Doorstep Delivery – Powered by Bite Squad. Order from anywhere anytime  – even in the park Panera – will deliver but only within a certain radius in the Tallahassee area. Some Noles literally live beyond the cutoff. Penny Deliveries – The delivery fee for every order is only a penny; just tip your driver. Sounds too good to be […]

Major Decisions

Choosing or Changing Your Major Considering Florida State University offers a multitude of degrees; how is one to choose? Most students begin college with some idea of what they want to study, but it is not uncommon for them to change majors. My own children; I have three, each changed majors at least once….so far. My son found that he enjoyed the economics classes far more than some of the finance classes and switched from a finance major to an economics major junior year. Many of my friends have told me that their kids decided against a career in medicine after a few chemistry classes which, in turn, meant a major change as well. I used to envy those students who knew exactly what they wanted to do with their lives and stuck with it, but then I learned to appreciate the opportunity to explore and possibly find something new that maybe […]

Technology Services

Check Out What You Get for Free! HaveUHeard that Microsoft Office 365 is free for all enrolled FSU Students?  For information about downloading this helpful technology. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of productivity tools from Microsoft. It integrates all the apps you need to collaborate with your classmates or coworkers. Whether working from campus or on the go, Office 365 is available wherever you are, from virtually any device. Technology at your fingertips! Students also receive 50GB of storage through their official student email which newly accepted students should create once they have made the decision to attend FSU. As an FSU student, not only do you receive technical assistance with connectivity and other authentication issues, but students may receive 60-80% savings in student licenses for special software they may need including Adobe Create Cloud Suite. While the computer of choice for many students is trending toward Macbooks, before you head out […]

Care Packages for FSU Students

Who doesn’t enjoy getting a care package delivered? We know you really care, you care a lot about your student and want them to be happy. Whether it is for a birthday, a little something to ease the stress of midterms or finals, a pick me up when they are feeling sick, holiday treats, or congratulations on a job well done; there are many options that will surely bring a smile to your student’s face. Sometimes it is nice to go with the local shops; most all deliver. Then again, there are some excellent national choices too. We have given you plenty to choose from– all of which our kids, interns, or we like. All you have to do now is decide what to send. There is variety there too. For instance; if you are looking for sweets (and who isn’t?) for a birthday, pick me up, Halloween, Valentine’s Day, religious holidays, […]

Birthright Israel

What is Birthright Israel? Birthright Israel is the gift of a free, 10-day trip to Israel designed for young adults of Jewish heritage, aged 18–32. Florida State University is home to nearly 4000 Jewish students. Hillel at FSU and the members of the Jewish Council, which Hillel supports, provide diverse opportunities for making Jewish choices while being a student at FSU. FSU is proud to offer study in Israel option through its world-class Study Abroad Program office. One out of every five FSU students participates in Greek life—as a result, Hillel partners with AEPI, SDT, and other Greeks to be Greek and Jewish. This is the trip you go on with your friends from college or to meet new people from your campus. Ten extraordinary days experiencing the enriching, inspiring and exhilarating sights, sounds, and soul of Israel. Hang out with Israelis your age, hike beautiful trails, and catch breathtaking views. When […]

Honor Roll at FSU

Did you get an envelope? It is that time of year when students receive notifications that they have made a collegiate scholar society. The cream-colored linen envelope arrives with its gold embossed logo of said scholar society organization makes me smile just thinking about it. As a parent, you do a mental cartwheel as you see the invitation; as you should. Then take a breath and read the fine print carefully. There are many Honor Societies and it is important to be aware of what stands behind each of the various invitations to join. Educate yourself as to what they provide in exchange for this membership. Honestly, there are many organizations on campus that your student can get involved with that will be far more beneficial to their resume and postgraduate application than membership in a society that profits from the fees they collect. Read their annual report to see how much […]

Trouble In Paradise

Trouble, It Happens… I began our conversations about walking alone at night, binge drinking, hazing, and drugs, among other things many months my kids left for college. I felt confident, as most of us do, yet, some of us may still get the phone call we dread. It happens. Your student got into trouble; now what? Remain calm, because most likely your child is freaking out and frankly, someone has to be the voice of reason. Yes, they may have done something stupid and immature, but let’s remember they are new to this freedom and still navigating their way around adulthood. Hopefully, it is as simple as a housing contract dispute and the FSU website can point you in the right direction as to where to find legal advice. There have been students who are pulled over and ticketed for not having their school address on their license. That will not hold […]

Get Involved

Be a Part of the Action, Join the Fun With an undergraduate enrollment of nearly 33,000, set in Florida’s capital city, FSU spans 476 acres. It seems huge, doesn’t it? Yet there are many ways to make this giant university feel smaller. Some students will choose to rush a sorority or fraternity (see our blogs about that here), but others will not find Greek life their cup of tea. No worries; there are many other possible ways to get involved and join in on-campus life and activity. Some of you may believe that your student’s first job is school, and I couldn’t agree more. Being involved in some way is rather important too. Firstly, joining a club will help your students build a community. Since they’re leaving their family and sometimes their friends behind, getting involved helps them to discover new friends with similar interests. It only takes a few friends to […]

So your student wants to be a Seminole?

The Truth… I don’t blame them; FSU is a great university right down to the beautiful brick buildings, deep-seated traditions, and is filled with opportunity. The question is, how does your son or daughter become a Seminole and get in? The truth is that more and more students are applying- this past year saw an 8.3% increase in apps. The statistics, 4.0-4.4 academic GPA; 28-31 ACT composite; 1250- 1360 SAT total, are pretty clear cut in regard to what FSU is looking for in a student, but here are a few thoughts as to how they can tweak their high school preparation. Things have definitely changed this year. Please note too that summer academic requirements are slightly lower. Students who complete an application and submit all supporting documents by December 1, 2020, will receive an admission decision online on February 18, 2021. Students who complete an application after December 1, 2020, will […]

Graduation – What You Need to Know

Time Flys! Remember how when our kids were little we couldn’t envision them leaving us and going off to college? Now, if you are like me, you can’t believe how quickly the time went. It continues to rush by and before you know it, college graduation will be here. I am not trying to scare you; I just want to give you ample time to make those hotel reservations. Similar to football weekends, graduation weekend hotels are at a premium. People book them a year out. No joke. I booked my rooms a solid year before my son graduated. (Don’t know where to stay, check out our Hotel blog.) Be sure to check the policy with whichever hotel you choose, but if possible, book more rooms and cancel later when Grandpa decides he isn’t up to the seven-hour drive. It is far easier to cancel than to try to find a room […]

Transferring to FSU

Change is good. Some students leave for college unsure of what to find and realize when they get there it is not the place for them. Perhaps too they never actually went away, but had been living at home for college and are now ready to go away.  If transferring to FSU is something your student is considering, they can start by checking out the requirements here. Note: the first condition is a minimum GPA of 3.0 (except for AA applicants from Florida community college enter based on articulation agreement), but some transfer students claim that it is not always as difficult as it sounds. Of course, the better the grades, the better their chances. If students are applying for less than 60 credit hours, they will need to send in their high school transcripts, as well as any college transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. (Submitting scores is recommended if applying for over […]

Finding a Job During Senior Year

Are You A Senior? Time to start networking. Graduation is only a few months off and, depending on the type of job you are applying for, your senior should probably start their job search. Industries like investment banking, consulting and accounting are well known as early recruiters and often rely on summer internships between junior and senior year when making job offers. Smaller companies without training programs tend to recruit later in the year; as do employers in fields like communications, advertising, public relations, social media, the arts, and publishing. Starting to network can never happen too early. Preparing a resume and updated LinkedIn page is important too. FSU has a career center that students should undoubtedly visit as they begin to consider life after college. They also offer a career fair.  Students will meet recruiters from corporate, non-profit and government organizations to discuss job opportunities. It is important to dress appropriately […]

Career Showcase: A Student’s Perspective

Choosing a major is not only a big decision but a difficult one. For assistance in selecting a program of study, FSU has many resources to aid in student’s decision making. A unique thing about FSU is its exploratory program. Those who are not ready to commit to a specific department are able to receive guidance from advisors to figure out what major is best suited for them. Coming out of high school, I was uncertain about what career I would pursue. The advisor I had was extremely helpful and gave me great advice on exploring my own options. Essentially, they help to narrow down what it is that you want to do and then suggest that you take an intro or low-level courses to see if that is something you would be interested in. Did I mention that they even hold a pizza party for when you decide on a major? […]

Best Coffee Shops at FSU

Coffee, Cup of Joe, a Cuppa, Java Caffeine is king for most college students and, while generally the most economically savvy way of getting it is making it at home, most students choose to obtain their “bean juice” via more expensive and more social ways. I, for one, am a huge coffee lover and typically have a cup in the morning from my trusty Keurig, as well as a shop cup later in the afternoon. Since coffee shops are peaceful and quiet, they are my top choice of study spots in Tallahassee. They are also common places for dates, meetups, and hangouts due to the ease of conversation that seems to flow while drinking a dark roast or a cappuccino. It seems there’s a shop on every corner in Tallahassee which is great because you’re bound to find at least one that matches your vibe or scene. Whether you have a hard […]

Finding an Internship

Get some experience, get an internship! What better way to learn about a prospective field or career than to do an internship? What better way is there to get some experience that will beef up a resume for that real job someday? Obviously, I am a big believer in internships. It allows students to learn, but it also helps them decide if that is actually a career for them. Internships help students figure out, while still in school, whether the career they envisioned for themselves all along may (or may not) be just what they wanted? The question is how to find one. I’m not going to lie….if you know someone, now might be the time to put the word out there that your student is looking. Internships, full or part-time, in just the right field can be difficult to find. If it is possible, tell your student to offer to work […]

Dress for Success

Learning to Live in the Real World. Be a Success! As they get closer to graduation, one of the greatest changes our students are about to experience is abandoning their shorts, t-shirts and yoga pants, as they begin to dress for success in their new roles, or as my older daughter stated, for adulting. Dressing for success can be daunting in different ways, but the one that stands out most may very well be its cost. Starting with the career and internship fairs students are attending, students need to look professional. For the young men, this may mean a suit and tie and for the young women, while they have more options, it may mean a suit, pantsuit, skirt, and blouse, or dress. That’s not to mention shoes. For students who may not have the means to go and purchase a new outfit, FSU has The Professional Clothing Closet, a lending service […]

Make the Call

Make the Call to Admissions A distraught friend recently called me wondering why they hadn’t yet heard from FSU although they sent in her son’s new SAT scores and first-semester senior grades. “How long do we have to wait?” she pleaded. I told her to have her son call. Of course, this is for students that have previously been denied admission and/or have negotiated a sort of conditional admission. Sometimes, if you can show FSU that your grades have improved senior year and/or that you brought up that ACT/SAT, they may be willing to make a deal. A semester at TCC may be part of the deal, but if your student’s heart is set on being a Nole, it may be worth the effort…and the call. Questions about this process would be the first call your student should make. Often we are apprehensive about calling the admissions departments of any college for […]

I’m Not Your Maid: Cleaning Services

Sometimes This Chore Is Just Too Much. I never thought I would be saying this, but sometimes it is a good idea to hire a maid cleaning service for your students’ apartment or dorm. Hear me out…With flu season and virus’ going around; wouldn’t it give you peace of mind to know those nasty germs have been eradicated and may lessen the chances of your child catching what their roommate has? Of course, this is my strongest point, but having seen my son’s apartment after a few months of living with three other young men, I have others. Some students simply don’t have the time and are often searching for affordable cleaning help. Here are few maid cleaning services some of our Noles have tried. Apple Pie Maids – Facebook reviews give it 5 stars, estimates are available through their website Merry Maids of Tallahassee: 850-329-4695 Sparkleen Cleaning Services – the price, […]

Trick or Treat The College Version

It’s Talloweek! Trick or Treat That Was Then… I would race home from school so my mom could put together some sort of costume for me then rush to meet my friends to go trick-or-treating Somehow, by the time I had my own kids, Halloween included much more; carving pumpkins, putting up decorations, more formal costumes, and, of course, trick-or-treating throughout our neighborhood, but not without a parent escort. This is Now… Halloween traditions in college are, well, a far cry from the pumpkin carving, candy apple making gatherings we had in our driveway before the kids started their trick-or-treating. Many places, including frats, will have parties – all week. Halloween week, I’m not going to lie, gives a whole new meaning to the BOO in Booze. Keep in mind FSU is not the only college in town either. Due to unfortunate events in the past though, there will surely be a watchful […]