Move Out Now?

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Time to Move On…

Moving out can be almost as hectic as moving into the dorms and apartments. When it comes to dorms, you are typically assigned a move out time to keep things flowing smoothly. But in our experience, a smooth move is even more of an oxymoron in this scenario than in a singles bar. So each move — in, out, or partial — we made our plans, crossed our fingers, and hoped for the best.

One thing we decided early on was that it made absolutely no sense for us to drag the entire dorm room’s worth of supplies and furnishings home for the summer, just to lug them back in the fall. We opted to have our daughter rent an air-conditioned storage facility, sharing the space and cost with friends. (You may luck out with a friend who offers to let your student store their belongings in their apartment for a modest fee, but that is unusual.) Our daughter was able to move her belongings into storage herself by getting boxes and packing up her dorm, little by little. She also sorted through items that she no longer needed or wanted. Happily, most dorms collect these gently used items in a common area and donate them to a local community collection organization. It feels good to lend a helping hand and practice responsible consumption at the same time.

While my kiddo managed pretty well on her own, some students recruit friends to help them move. They communally help each other, which seems hectic but usually works pretty well for all of them. Or, you may want to travel to Gainesville yourself to give a helping hand. If there are deadlines before or after the move (a departure for an internship or study abroad, perhaps), it’s nice to lessen the stress with more hands. Move out dates and further information.

  • UF has partnered with Storage on Demand, which provides free boxes and other packing materials, then schedules the pickup and storage for students as well as the return of their belongings.
  • There are other companies that similarly service UF, including DormRoommovers. They too will drop off boxes, pick them up and store them, then redeliver in the fall.
  • Another option is CollegeBoxes. CollegeBoxes charges for their supply kits or you may provide your own. You pack and label your belongings for either storage or shipping, they then pick it up for free from UF at a specified date and time. It’s the same process in reverse for the delivery; there is a single, specified day for free return delivery to your dorm room.
  • MakeSpace is storage without the struggle. They pick up, haul, and store your stuff. Get $100 off your first month of storage!

Finally, take 100 pictures, then take 20 more time-stamped. You could be charged for damages to the dorm room and if you have not documented everything, prepare for those charges. My daughter burned her desk chair with a hair appliance and you better believe we were charged for that.


If your student is moving out of an apartment or subletting their apartment, you may need to pay a moving company if there is furniture is involved. This is, by far, the more expensive way to go. Unfortunately, we had no choice but to use this method as my younger daughter had purchased used furniture for her apartment for the following year and needed a place to store the furniture.

Here are a few recommendations for actual movers.

We went with UF Mover Guys. While a bit on the pricier side, they were professional, efficient, and thorough. They notified me each time they picked up from the location and contacted me when delivering the furniture to her apartment in August, arriving earlier than anticipated. For incoming freshmen starting in the summer, your student has the option to keep the same dorm room for the fall so they do not have to worry about moving out after six weeks. The dorm selections are limited and you will want to make certain it is a residence hall your student wants to stay in for Summer B/Fall/Spring.

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