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Check Out The Freebies First! 

HaveUHeard that Microsoft Office 365 is free for all enrolled FAU Students?  Click here for information about downloading this helpful technology.

Students also receive 1TB of storage through OneDrive. As an FAU student, you receive technical assistance with connectivity and other authentication issues. If you need help with your computer or Fau’s Canvas, submit a ticket or call (561-297-3999) the helpdesk.

While the computer of choice for many students is trending toward Macbooks, before you head out to get a computer for your student, some of the colleges have specific requirements that differ from general recommendations. Click for the FAU Software recommendations, specific colleges may have other requirements. You may find that a Dell, IBM or HP may better serve your student’s needs.

Students may print at various campus locations. Students can add funds to their Owl Card to use the services. For printing prices, locations, and other printing policies click here.

For incoming students, they will receive directions for setting up the FAU network. You can find information about that here.  Just make certain you have an Ethernet cable. FAU does have wireless Internet across campus, but Ethernet Cables are recommended for students living in the dorms.

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