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Time for fun and “Adulting”

My daughter turned 21 in June of her junior year at FSU as do many students. Being that it was officially summer break, they held off on the big fun celebration until everyone got back for the fall semester. This is when she had her “waltz.” At FSU, many girls who turn 21 used to celebrate by having a “waltz.” Unfortunately, due to last fall’s ban on sororities and fraternities, waltzes have been discontinued. Basically, it was a themed bar crawl in honor of the girl turning 21. The other significance of this big birthday is they can now legally get into places at FSU that they could not get into before. Want to send a very cool Pop Up Card to mark the occasion? We love these. Here are the favorite places that those 21 and over recommend when going out to have 21-fun.

Starting with Mondays

Clyde’s & Costello’s –On S. Adams Street hosts MMM (Mandatory Makeout Mondays). It gets crazy crowded so proceed with caution. The first 150 ladies get in free and then ladies drink free from 10 to 11 pm (if you’re 21). Pre-banding usually starts at 7 pm, but sometimes a bit later. Upstairs is Clyde’s, but be sure you have a good grip on the railing going up (or down) as it gets pretty slippery.


Recess – at “Jacked up Tuesdays’ is unlike the recesses you remember from elementary school. Located on S. Woodward Ave, Recess is luxurious compared to some of the other bars in Tally. By the end of your college career, you will either be able to say you jumped into the pool at Recess or one of your friends was thrown in. Pre-banding starts around 9 pm and doors open to fun at 10 pm.


“If you are reading this in the summer, welcome to the best Wednesday of your life,” is what our interns have told me. Break out your cowboy boots, jorts (my son explained when I shockingly came across a pair in his laundry, are cut off jean shorts), the flannels and anything USA.

The Strip – if you are reading this in the fall or spring, this is where you will want to be for the most fun.

Thursday…. More commonly known as Derdsday

Standard and Clyde’s – on College Ave. The Standard is somewhat preferred here (although see notes on Clyde’s on Monday). If you happen to get pre-banded beforehand, take note that getting banded at Standard will get you into both bars. If you get banded for Clyde’s on a Thursday though, you will not be able to get into Standard without paying extra. This is a common and costly mistake many freshmen make (although they are generally not 21 so, well, no comment.)

Friday….or FriYAY!

Fridays….should you still be standing at this point of the week…are split into two parts. Let’s start with Happy Hour. You may need a nap afterward, but if you can get up and go some more, check out Potbelly’s, Recess or Tenn. This is called Top Tier Fridays. Most will go to Pots before they turn 21, but it is still an old college bar with live music, cheap drinks, 5 bars and lots of fun.

Another Friday favorite is Collegetown. It is worthy to note that Township on Fridays from 4-7 pm one might want to play Flip My Ship. Here’s how it works:

1) Order any half-liter beer cocktail, half-liter proof draft or well liquor and tell the bartender you want to Flip My Ship.

2) For every drink or shot ordered, the bartender flips a quarter and you call it in the air

3) If you win, that drink is on them. If you lose, you pay for the drink


Since the demise of Coliseum nightclub (many students are still mourning this), Bajas has taken its place.  Located on Pensacola Street, this place has a DJ and champagne flowing; it is definitely more nightclub than a bar as far as the atmosphere goes.


Yes, things still happen on Sundays. Occasionally Recess will hold a Sunday Funday where the pool is open and the sun is shining. It’s a day thing.

This should have given you a fair rundown of where to go if you are 21. Here are a few places that are recommended for Pre-gaming or to have a casual drink with other 21 and over friends:

  • Gordos – on W. Pensacola
  • Los Compadres – also on W. Pensacola
  • El Patron – on Apalachee Pkwy.
  • Township – on Woodward Ave.
  • Madison Social – also on Woodward Ave.
  • Bullwinkle’s Saloon – drink specials, DJ’s and bands
  • GVO – on Railroad Ave.
  • Coosh’s
  • Tin Lizzy’s
  • Scratch House – 809 Railroad Ave, Tallahassee, FL 32310. Very popular among college students and the older crowd. It has an outdoor and indoor setting. Open on Fridays and Saturdays, sometimes Thursdays (refer to Facebook page events) Upscale dress code is strictly enforced (usually guys can’t wear flip-flops and casual shorts)

You may notice I used the term pre-banding a few times. Pre-banding can require a wait, but it is much shorter than just going and waiting to get into most places. Pre-banding times can vary so double check before you go. Sometimes, pre-banding will even get you in for free to some places. And, as always, be careful and call for a ride when you are ready to go home. Sorry, I had to say it; it comes with my parental rights.

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