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Beauty & The Beast

When planning for college, we rarely think about the fact that our kids may still have to visit hair salons and barbershops or get the occasional manicure and so on. Let’s face it; they want to maintain their beauty, magnificence (and sometimes even hygiene). We certainly can’t expect them to go from August until Thanksgiving without an eyebrow wax now, can we? So, I’ve asked around and my own kids and their friends have tried many of these.


Living in the Cut

Toppers – my son’s favorite (and he tried many prior to here)

Artistic Barbershop (on Tennessee and Macomb)

Renegade Barber Shop (on W Tennessee)

Chop Railroad (Close to Collegetown)

One touch (Close to campus)

Nail Salons

Nails La La- N Adams street (a good friend suggested, Doug is recommended too)

Jenny at Fine Nails in the Winn Dixie Plaza has been suggested by many girls

Polished Nail Salon – on Thomasville

Millennium at Midtown Nail & Day Spa – on Thomasville, ask for Samantha

ProNails – in University Village Shopping Center on Pensacola

7-day Spa – on Mahan, closes daily at 7 pm


Bare Waxing and Skin Care Center on Gaines Street (is walking distance from campus)

Bumblebee Waxing on N. Monroe (It is also known for great eyelash extensions)


Hair Salons and Blow Dry Bars

Haute Headz (walking distance to campus) A lot of sorority girls go for touch ups/coloring.

Moxie Salon (Midtown) Convenient and does balayage hair coloring

Bellissimo Studios – does hair extensions and eyelash extensions as well as hair

Hair on Earth



Axios Salt Spa and Juice Bar


On Point Threading (Located on W Tennessee St.) Their regular eyebrow threading price is $11; much more convenient than going across town and worth it

Brow Art at Governor’s Square Mall – threading (which, I hear, is so much better than waxing, but have never tried) and it’s $12
Ulta (facial wax, lashes and makeup applications too)

Eyelashes – to be honest, I didn’t know this was a “thing,” but I have been informed, so I will share.

Blink Beauty Studios – located on N. Monroe actually does eyebrows, facials and more. I have seen the results via Instagram posts and they are pretty impressive.

Cabello’s Salon on Thomasville Road  (above the Wine Loft)

Nail Bar Spa & Lounge on N. Monroe (They obviously do more than eyelashes, but this is what they were recommended for so far.)

Prestigious Minks – on N. Monroe, they do brows too


Spray Tans – particularly during the formal season this becomes rather important. There is nothing worse than a spotty or orange tan (ok, maybe there are worse things, but…).

Myst Me – on Thomasville Rd.  this is one of the most raved about places and affordable too. They do it for you, not a machine, so your tan will be even.

Blink Beauty Studio – Offers spray tans (airbrush) and eyelashes extensions too. On N. Monroe.

Zoom Tan – on Tennessee Street has packages that can be used at any location in the U.S.

South Beach Tanning Company – On Ocala Road has been mentioned as well.

Some sorority girls have their own tanning equipment to do it themselves and will offer to do it for other girls for as little as $15. Some use organic solutions. Ask around. 

Some apartment complexes (like Domain and Onyx) offer free tanning too.

Not surprisingly there is plenty to choose from; the questions may be which are most affordable, conveniently located and have hours that fit students’ schedules.  My daughter literally called me in tears after a bang trim that was so abominable she begged to come home the following weekend to see her regular hairdresser (which we conceded to, because, well, there just weren’t enough hats to cover all the reasons. Please note; I did not list that salon.) Manicures are another story; she tried them all (and as long as they fit into her budget, so be it.)

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