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FIG – A Good Option for Freshman Noles

Have you heard about FIG classes? It stands for Freshman Interest Group and is basically a bunch of classes that have been linked by an academic program or theme. Students who enroll in a FIG will find it an excellent source of networking with like-minded students. In other words, registering for a FIG will place you and your fellow participants in a set of classes that have a theme such as business or communication. Registering for a FIG definitely makes the registration process simpler since it registers you for all your classes at once.

Many students recommend taking a FIG even if you have some of the classes already because the support in the group can make a difference in your continued path. FIG often becomes a social group as well. They are designed for students who are not participating in a living-learning program and are only available in the fall to freshman. Becoming a FIG leader can also be a great way to show leadership. Instructor training is done in the spring term – HUM 4924: FIGS Instructor Training Seminar and is a 1 credit class.

So far it all sounds great, right? Here, is the big question though: Do the classes really have 20-25 students in them? Well, sort of. The FIG size is capped, but the actual class size is not. Those same 20-25 students that are part of your group will be in all of the classes; therefore sharing the same – or close to the same – schedule, but each class could have 100 plus students in them. Remember, FSU is an enormous school. The group meets once a week by themselves for recitation though, which is a great perk. Think of it as having to review sessions every week; which is undoubtedly one of the best ways to study.

If you are still unsure if a FIG class is for you, we recommend talking with an advisor at orientation or contacting the FIG program directly at FIGS@admin.fsu.edu. Be sure to include your student number in the email. Go here to see which FIGS are offered this fall. Frankly, my kids are no longer going to be a freshman, so this ship has sailed for us, but for those of you just starting out; I would definitely look into joining a FIG group.

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