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Make the Call to Admissions

A distraught friend recently called me wondering why they hadn’t yet heard from FSU although they sent in her son’s new SAT scores and first-semester senior grades. “How long do we have to wait?” she pleaded. I told her to have her son call.

Of course, this is for students that have previously been denied admission and/or have negotiated a sort of conditional admission. Sometimes, if you can show FSU that your grades have improved senior year and/or that you brought up that ACT/SAT, they may be willing to make a deal. A semester at TCC may be part of the deal, but if your student’s heart is set on being a Nole, it may be worth the effort…and the call. Questions about this process would be the first call your student should make.

Often we are apprehensive about calling the admissions departments of any college for fear of somehow being blackballed for phoning. Then, when lack of patience gets the best of us, we find out that the new scores never did actually arrive or they are there but haven’t been sent to the proper parties. It is not uncommon for this to occur, so if you are feeling uneasy about not having heard, there is nothing wrong with placing a call (or rather having your students do so since this is the true beginning of advocating for themselves). A simple call inquiring about whether their application is complete and/or if their new scores/grades have arrived will ease their minds (and yours). And, while they have them on the phone, it can’t hurt to politely inquire as to when they can expect to hear.

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