Staying at FSU for Thanksgiving

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Make it a Friendsgiving

Although FSU is officially closed from November 25th-29th, not all students will be going home for the holiday. Flights can be incredibly expensive around this time. Some students may have to work and others may go home with a more local friend for a little turkey dinner. And, although classes are going virtual from Thanksgiving through the end of the semester, there will still be some students that want to stay in Tallahassee. Perhaps, instead, you’ve decided to switch things around a bit and this year you will go to Tally for Thanksgiving. Whichever way it works out; there is plenty to do if you are going to be at FSU for Thanksgiving this year.

Let Someone Else Do the Cooking

Many restaurants put together a great traditional meal for Thanksgiving. Some are less traditional but sound delicious. Some are only doing take out. Check out some of these:

Blu Halo

Cracker Barrel  


Golden Corral 

Little Paris

Marie Livingston’s Steakhouse 

Shula’s 347 Grill 

The Edison 

There is always FOOTBALL…

For the first time since 1958, the FSU and UF football game will not be played, a casualty of the shortened season. But Nole fans will still have football that weekend, just against Virginia.

Giving Back…

Perhaps you prefer to spend your Thanksgiving giving back to the community. There are many organizations, churches and synagogues, and homeless shelters that would be happy to have your help. If you are affiliated with a religious organization in Tally, you may want to start by asking if they have any plans; if not, perhaps you would like to read our blog about local Places of Worship. My family and I have delivered meals quite a few times on Thanksgiving and I assure you the feeling we walked away with was fantastic.


It seems like a trend, but one I hope sticks around. Many students, particularly those that live off-campus, have been hosting their own Friendsgiving. Some students host and organize the whole thing. Everyone brings something from turkey, stuffing to desserts or you can order the food from Publix, Whole Foods, Lucky’s Market, or The Fresh Market. My oldest has continued the tradition after college.

Along the same lines, students that cannot get home should check Facebook, because they are definitely not alone. Students are putting together groups to have a Thanksgiving meal together. What a great way to meet other Noles. Cooking a turkey meal is ambitious so don’t be surprised if they call home to have mom help them out (or they can call 1-800-Butterball). Have each person make a dish or order your turkey and sides and decorate the table (Pinterest has some great suggestions for decorating on a budget). They can grab some great disposable tableware at Party City, making clean up a breeze!

Housing is Open…

School is officially closed, but the housing communities will not be closing for Thanksgiving. If your student will be staying on campus and has a meal plan, they can contact Dining Services for more information about what areas are would be open during the holidays. Dining services will be limited.

A Few More Thanksgiving Events/In November…

Even before Thanksgiving, the spirit begins to move our Noles. They may want to check out the following events; some before and some on Thanksgiving day:

Turkey Trot Festival – Sunday, November 18, from 1:00 p.m. to 5:00 at Goodwood Museum and Gardens

Turkey Trot Race –  Four races: All Thanksgiving morning. This will be a virtual race from Nov. 26-29

A Few More Things to do Over Break for Those Stay in Tally:

Only 30 minutes out of town — The Allison Christmas Spectacular – There is no charge to come see the lights, and the display is a drive-by. The lights will be displayed Thanksgiving through New Year’s from 6-10 pm nightly.

Happy Thanksgiving to all!

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