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Change is good. 

Some students leave for college unsure of what to find and realize when they get there it is not the place for them. Perhaps too they never actually went away, but had been living at home for college and are now ready to go away.  If transferring to FSU is something your student is considering, they can start by checking out the requirements here. Note: the first condition is a minimum GPA of 3.0 (except for AA applicants from Florida community college enter based on articulation agreement), but some transfer students claim that it is not always as difficult as it sounds. Of course, the better the grades, the better their chances.

If students are applying for less than 60 credit hours, they will need to send in their high school transcripts, as well as any college transcripts and SAT/ACT scores. (Submitting scores is recommended if applying for over 60 credits too.) Applicants must meet the State of Florida’s foreign language admission requirement and complete the College-level Academic Skills test or an approved alternative. There may be additional requirements based on the major/program they are applying to. A personal statement is recommended if they have attempted 90+ hours of college credit.

The application fee is $30, nonrefundable. For spring acceptance the deadline is November 1, for summer it is March 1, and for fall it is June 1.

Once your student has made the transfer to FSU, note that 20 of their last 30 credit hours must be completed at FSU. Noles that previously transferred to FSU recommend getting involved instantly by joining clubs and attending events and before they know it, FSU will feel like they were there all along.

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