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Need to Stay on a Budget? Be Thrifty!

Are you thrifty? Sometimes I just feel like college is never-ending outfits and events. Between interviews, formals, themed date functions, school attire, game days, and themed parties, a lot of outfits need to be ready to go and that does not normally come without a large price tag and spendings account! On top of outfits, we know you are spending a ton on food, decorations, going out, textbooks, and classes in general.

Fortunately for you, I have discovered some amazing thrift stores in Bloomington that will not only make you break the bank but will allow you to be the best dressed as well. You name it, most thrift stores have everything from apparel to rugs so feel free to make a shopping list before going so you know what to keep in mind while you’re browsing the isles.

Thrifting has become more trendy than ever and some of my favorite outfits are thrift store finds. Thrift shopping definitely takes time and effort so stay patient throughout this process. I recommend going through each clothing rack in your size because you never know when something will catch your eye. Typically in thrift stores, they don’t dress items up to look good, so you really have to look beyond the wrinkles and think about how adorable that nude crop would look with high-waisted ripped jeans and a light pink blazer. Creativity is key! Thrifting is a fun activity to do with friends and a great way to get new clothes and items without having to spend a ton of extra money. Below are some suggestions of places to check out next time you want to go thrifting.

  • Bloomington Antique Mall– Located in downtown Bloomington, this is the perfect place to find unique furniture and trinkets. If you are furnishing your apartment, this would be an amazing place to shop around for hidden gems!
  • Goodwill– Goodwill is the place you go if you are dedicated to going on a thrift hunt. It can be overwhelming with the endless racks and random furniture placed throughout the store, but if you spend some time you will be sure to find some keepers.
  • My Sister’s Closet– This is the perfect place to go for professional work attire. Employees will personally work with you to find a great outfit to help you kill it at your next interview.
  • Opportunity House– Next time you’re on 11th st stop in Opportunity House for some thrift shopping with your friends. Make sure you have some spare cash because they only accept checks or cash. They also randomly will do 50% off deals throughout the store so keep your eyes out.
  • Style Encore– Next time you have a date function and are in search of the perfect going out outfit without breaking the bank, you found your spot!

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