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It is a life-long connection!

Congratulations if your daughter has found a place to call home. Being in a sorority opens the door to so many wonderful experiences. My daughter made some of her greatest friends when she was in a sorority at The University of Miami. They are a part of her life through the ups and downs, good times and bad times. Her big sister is one of her closest friends, even after graduating from UM and moving to another state to start her career. Once a sister always a sister!

Every sorority is a little different as it relates to academic requirements, philanthropic requirements and social requirements. Your daughter will be expected to attend chapter meetings and participate in their sorority’s events. They are paired up with fraternities for socials which may be mandatory. Some sororities require you to dress up for chapter meetings; others do not care if you come straight from the gym. Some may require you to spend a certain amount of time in the suite while others may not. Hanging out in the suite does offer its advantages such as meeting other girls, getting academic help quickly and having a place to relax and call home right on campus.

Be prepared for an entire wardrobe change as they can often be seen wearing frat tanks (some girls sell their collection for as little as $5 a shirt), sorority shirts, sweatshirts, jewelry and more, proudly wearing their sorority’s letters or name (New members are not allowed to wear the letters until after initiation). And get ready for some major arts & crafting as your daughter prepares to get her little sister for the first time.

Over the years, I have purchased sorority gifts for them, mainly at orientation. Between Big/Little, Orientation and Bid Day, they have accumulated jewelry, water bottles, stationery, wall signs and so much more. And while I know eventually (after they graduate college and move into an apartment to start adulting, their decorating tastes switch), seeing them enjoying this bond with so many young women and the impact the sorority makes during their college years is well worth having all of the sorority items they collect.

Should you decide to get them a congratulatory gift, we have some suggestions here from:

Desert Cactus GreekBrit and BeeAlexandra and CompanyGo Greek ChicCotton SistersSorority ShopSignature Tumblers and Gild the Lily.

Being in a sorority is not just about the social aspect, although that is a big part of joining. Many of the sororities require their members to participate in the philanthropy aspect teaching them about helping those less fortunate. They are expected to keep up their grades as each sorority loves to be able to brag about having the highest GPA amongst all sororities.  They can be found holding positions for Homecoming, Student Government, Food Drives, and UM Orange Festival to mention a few. This opens the door for new members to have the opportunity to get involved on campus through compassion, camaraderie, and community. Browse through the UM PanHellenic council Facebook page for some of the interesting events they recently planned here.
Some sororities not only have Family Weekends every year, some in the fall and some in the spring, they also have Mother-Daughter and Father-Daughter Weekends. Not every sorority at UM is required to participate in these events so check with your daughter to see if her sorority has one planned.

Most colleges are extremely strict today when it comes to drinking and hazing. I am not going to cherry coat this; it does happen. UM is no different. Sororities have been put on probation for alcohol consumption and not been allowed to have any socials. Your daughter should never feel pressured to do something that makes her feel uncomfortable. You can read about UM’s position and policies here.

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