21 and Oh So Fun!

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You are 21 and an official adult now! Have fun!

As each year ticked off, you waited for the fun of being ‘legal’! And now you made it. And if you are turning 21 during your college year, then you are probably going to want to celebrate and celebrate big. Whether you want to have a night out with friends at the College Park bars or spend the weekend in D.C., the options are endless and plentiful. Being 21 in college means that you can finally get into places you were not allowed in before and the fun can really begin.

One of the most popular traditions for girls when they turn 21 is having a “shot book”. A shot-book is a book full of pages that each friend will make for the birthday girl. The page will include sentimental memories and pictures you share with the birthday girl. At the top of the page, you will dedicate them with a specific type of shot, such as a tequila or kamikaze shot. After everyone has finished their pages, someone will print out all of the slides and put everything together to make a special book for their birthday. When it is time for the actual birthday party, everyone will come together and present the book! Girls will read their slides and then hand the birthday girl their shot of choice. Following this, it is common to go out to the bars and celebrate further. This tradition is so special and meaningful, and just a fun way to celebrate your friends big 21 birthday!

When it’s time to go to the bars, College Park has several hot spots for your 21-birthday bar crawl. Right on Baltimore Avenue, Cornerstone and Bents are two of the most popular bars among students. Having your first legal drink at these classic college town bars is an excellent way to spend your birthday. In addition to these two bars, other popular bars in the area include Terrapins Turf and Rails.

If you are looking to spend your 21 in the great city of Washington D.C., there are plenty of choices to go about celebrating. If you are looking for a nightlife vibe and are interested in going clubbing, consider:

Another great option for those looking to celebrate in D.C. is to go to a bar or dinner on the water. The Wharf and the National Harbor are both locations on the water that have restaurants and bars to spend your birthday. When going to these areas we recommend:

Finally, hit up some of the breweries closest to College Park. These include:

Further away, you will find

At the end of the day, 21 is another year to learn and grow! It’s important to stay safe and stick with your friends when you go out together!

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