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Need to Stay on a Budget? Be Thrifty!

Being a college student, it can be stressful to be thrifty and stay on budget throughout the semester. There can be interviews, social events, and many occasions for a new outfit. In between, living in a rental, I like to redecorate my room and living space with my roommates. Spending money at the mall, popular house décor stores, Target, or discount stores, such as Homegoods, can add up quickly.

Fortunately, I have discovered the various thrift stores located in College Park. No matter what type of item you are looking for, these stores have it. From clothes, bedroom decoration, or appliances, they have it all. Buying second-hand allows students on any budget to get everything they could possibly need for class, their living space, and professional events.

Thrifting isn’t just a hot trend right now. It’s an amazing way to stay in style while saving money. Thrifting is a fun activity to do with friends and a great way to get new clothes and items without having to spend a ton of extra money. Below are some suggestions of places to check out next time you want to go thrifting.

Ciesbd Thrift Store– Another great thrift store in College Park at very affordable prices. Though it may be a small shop, they have everything from clothes, TVs, computers, and books. This thrift store is run by the local non-profit group, Center for International Education and Small Business Development. They have a mission to provide “education, health, medical, and welfare assistance to underprivileged youth and adults”, making it a great choice in thrift shops.

Plato’s Closet– Located down Route 1, Plato’s Closet is a well-known thrift store. This chain consignment shop is great for buying clothes and accessories. They also buy clothes, but you do not get much on the dollar here.

Unique– Unique is another good choice to check out when you want to thrift. They have an array of different items and also purchase items from sellers.

Uptown Cheapskate– This is one of the best places near campus that I recommend when going thrifting! They carry major brand names and stores all college students love including Urban Outfitters, Lululemon, Free People, and many more. They have great options in clothes, jewelry, shoes, and bags, great for any occasion. In addition to selling clothes, they also buy clothes and pay cash or allow you to trade for clothes they are currently selling.

Value Village– Relatively close to campus, this thrift store has everything from clothes to dishes and appliances. This store also buys back clothes if you are looking to sell off some of the items you no longer wear.

What about donating to Thrift Stores? We know it is hard to let go of some of our childhood mementos. Smart Parent Advice shares their advice on How to Donate Stuffed Animals.

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