Career Showcase: A Student Perspective

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How to Align Your Studies With Your Future Career Plans

Do you know what career you want? Going into your first year of college, you may think you know exactly what you want to major in and pursue as a career or you may have not the slightest clue. Both of these views are totally fine, and you will come to find that the University of Maryland offers many resources to help you figure out your path. Making a decision that will shape the rest of your life can be overwhelming yet exciting, and with the guidance you will be on your way to success.

One great way to explore different career paths is UMD’s career and internship fairs. This is a great way for students to connect and network with various organizations and companies. There are many career fairs throughout each semester, some are major and school-specific and some are open to all students.

It is important to come prepared for events like career and internship fairs. These companies are looking to recruit UMD students and you want to make the best impression possible. The University Career Center is there for students to help launch their careers. Most of these career events require that you bring a resume and possibly a cover letter. The career center can help you with these documents and promote yourself in the best light. Several days before career fairs, the career center offers special drop-in hours in order to best prepare students for the event.

They will also give you pointers on creating a LinkedIn profile and a professional headshot. A LinkedIn Jobseeker account allows you to view profiles and send InMail messages starting from $29.95 per month. HaveUHeard that LinkedIn has a version specifically designed for students looking for their first jobs? The LinkedIn Students app is free, and lets you research jobs, view companies where alumni from your schoolwork, and connect with more people. You can create an account and get started right away without spending a dime.

Another important element of these events is to dress the part. These events are often business professional, meaning students should be dressed in a clean pressed suit or appropriate skirts and dress shoes, pumps, or flats. It is essential that you look presentable and avoid things that can distract an employer’s such as strong perfume or cologne or facial jewelry. For more examples of professional attire, visit their Pinterest page.

When attending these events, it is important to set the goals you want to achieve throughout the event. Planning ahead and researching attending employers you have an interest in is a great tip I received from one of my older classmates. Preparing ahead of time shows your interest, commitment, and allows you to stick out from students who do not do the same. After the fair can be as important as the fair itself. Applying to positions you heard about and writing thank you notes or emails are both smart steps to take after the event.

The University Career Center is a resource that offers more than just drop-ins and resumes reviews. A great part about the center is all the events and clinics they supply. For many freshmen, they may not be looking for internships or jobs yet, but it is always a great idea to get ahead of the game. There are multiple clinics each semester that covers topics such as how to write a resume, making the most of the career fair, and more. Certain schools also have their own offices of career services that take appointments and drop-ins year-round. The Robert H. School of Business offers services to business majors Monday through Friday in Van Munching Hall, and the A. James Clark School of Engineering offers services to engineering majors Monday through Friday in Glenn L. Martin Hall.

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