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Family Time, Best Time

My first family experience with Parents Weekend meant booking a hotel a year in advance except, as it was my daughter’s freshman year, I missed the memo which is why I will encourage everyone else to book reservations for parents weekend in advance or you may be staying at a not so nice hotel outside of town. (Our blog on hotels may help.) Why do we race to find a hotel as soon as possible?

Hotels in College Park, and anywhere within a twenty-mile radius, will sell out in minutes for this weekend. Prices will be inflated tremendously (as they are for all football weekends), but it never hurts to remain hopeful that there will be some fabulous deal. Staying close to campus allows you to walk or Uber everywhere as parking can be limited and creates the opportunity to explore College Park.

A good back up plan and a perk of being close to the capital of the U.S. is that you can book a hotel in Washington D.C. for a night if you cannot get into a hotel close to campus. D.C is around a 30-40-minute ride to College Park and there is always the option of taking the metro right into College Park. Though it may not seem ideal to be farther from campus, spending some time in the wonderful city of D.C. is definitely worth it!

I am not trying to deter you from this great event but rather to let you know that you will enjoy College Park any day of the year. Family Weekend is the weekend of October 2-4, 2020. The best part of it is getting to see your child in their new role at their new home with a new sense of independence. It feels great to have them show you around campus with confidence and introduce you to new friends.

What To Do

There is so much to do during Family Weekend, but the most exciting will be the game day. Family Weekend game day is super exciting considering us parents get to join in the spirit and cheer on the Terps! The University will contact you closer to the date and offer a schedule of events for the weekend. There will be fun tailgates, music entertainment, presentations, and much more. If your son or daughter is a member of a fraternity or sorority, there will probably be events to attend throughout the weekend at their respective houses too.

We’ve got some great game day attire suggestions and clear bags suggestions.

Where to Eat

There are many great places to eat near campus but know that restaurants are packed all weekend long so make reservations in advance or get ready to wait a bit. Check out our blogs for breakfast, brunch, lunch, or dinner for some great suggestions.

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