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Guide to Seats at Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium

Everyone should attend at least one UMD football game! Cheering on the Terp football players from the student section will truly be some of your best memories in college. Or, perhaps you or your family want to get season tickets. In past years, Terp games have proven to be pretty exciting and they are anticipating another thrilling season. One of the keys to making it great, however, is knowing where to sit. For instance, the blazing sun can make a big difference in the fun factor of a game. Here are some thoughts about the best seats for football games. Keep in mind that due to COVID-19, there has not been a release on restrictions regarding football games yet but UMD will take every precaution to make sure that the campus is a safe environment for all students.

Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium Seating

It is essential to plan out your seats when going to a game. The Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium has various different types of seating from premium sections to student sections. Below are the options for seating at the stadium.

  • Mezzanine Seating is considered to be some of the best seating at the Capital One Field at Maryland Stadium. Fans lucky enough to score a seat in this premium area get the best the stadium has to offer with chairback seating, complimentary in-seat food and beverage services, and covered seating with overhead heaters for when it gets cold.  These seats are located on the south side of the stadium and are the sections M20-M28.
  • Maryland Sideline and Visitor Sideline are more great options for seating. The Maryland sideline is in front of 24, 25, and 26. The visiting team sideline is in front of 4, 5, and 6. For the general visitor seating sections, tickets are in Sections 2 and 302.
  • Student Seating is open to all UMD students who request a free ticket. Sections 8-16 are designated for Maryland students on gamedays. This area always brings great energy and cheers on the Terps loud and proud!

Some overall recommendations for seats with great views of the field include Sections 205, 206, 207, and 208. The area has great positioning near midfield in addition to the great height from the second seating tier.

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