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Oh, No…It Happened, It’s Lost!

We’ve all done it, lost something. As a college student, you will often have a lot going on. From class, studying, social events, and more, losing something is bound to happen. It is important to take proper measures when you lose something, such as canceling your credit card or requesting a new ID. Things can oftentimes be replaced, but you must always be careful and diligent.

HaveUHeard recommends getting your student The Tile, a small device that you attach to the things you don’t want to lose, be it a computer, bike, keys, luggage, wallets- even pets (attach to their collar).

If you lose something, UMD has several lost and found locations around campus, the locations are listed below. In addition to these locations, each building has their own separate lost and found, so if you did lose something in a building not listed above, I would go to your classroom and check for it, your professor and ask if they have seen the item(s), and then also follow up at the front-desk office for the building.

McKeldin Library– There is a lost and found located in McKeldin Library at the Library Service Desk. Other library branched generally share a lost and found with the building they are in.

Stamp Student Union- The Information Desk handles forgotten items for the Stamp and the campus. Items found on campus or in Stamp can be brought to the Information Desk where students can easily look for their missing items. When you go to the desk, you must be able to specifically identify the item and provide a valid UMD ID or a government-issued ID. The Information Desk is located on the first floor of the Stamp and can be reached at 301-314-3375. The lost and found is emptied at the end of each month, and the remaining valuable items are brought to the campus police.

UMD also has an open Facebook Group that allows students to post things they’ve lost and the things they’ve found. This is a great way to locate your items without having to go to every desk at UMD.


For lost phones, they have a Find My Phone or Device Manager to access, provided their phone is not turned off. Whether you have a student studying abroad or on campus, perhaps a gift of a tracking device will alleviate the frustration, anger, and tears should they lose something valuable.

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