Move-In Day, Be Ready, Be Prepared

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Move-in Time Has Come!

UMD move-in day is a lot of work. When the day finally comes, it will be emotional, exciting, and nerve-wracking. The day will consist of unpacking many bags and boxes, decorating, and realizing what you have forgotten or are missing. Everyone’s experiences are a little different but here are a few tips to make your move-in day a drop easier.

Fall housing assignments are released on July 24, 2020. This means students will find out who they are living with and where. When filling out the Housing form, students can request specific dorms and make their request to live with a particular student or choose to go with a random roommate. Students may request a roommate beginning May 15- June 15, 2020. This can be done on the Student Housing Portal.

For the Fall 2020 semester, move-in is scheduled for August 27-30, 2020. Upon receiving your housing assignment, students will be given the specific date and time they can move-in based on their final housing assignment.

Arriving on Campus

Move-in can be hectic so one major tip is come prepared and try to stay as organized as possible. Moving all of your students’ belongings can be overwhelming, so make sure you try to unpack in a way that makes it easiest and clears out the unnecessary boxes. UMD sets up move-in day to be as easy as possible for parents and students. They have University Police and Transportation Service staff located all around campus to ensure traffic is moving smoothly and make sure you will be able to park and unload all of your students’ belongings as close to their residence hall as possible.

If you are unloading, you need to display your Unloading Zone Permit. This permit will need to be displayed on your dashboard inside the vehicle. Having the permit will allow you to park and will help staff guide you to the dorm your student is moving into. After your student is all moved-in, get prepared for the goodbyes. This is an emotional time for both parents and students, so take it. All in, give your hugs and kisses, and do not worry because you will see them soon for Thanksgiving!

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