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Take Your Pets (Dog Or Cat) to College!

Dogs are called man’s best friend for a reason! Pets bring so much love and joy to our lives and there’s nothing like a good facetime with your dog when you’re missing home while at college. Practically anytime I talk to my parents, I ask to see my dog. One great aspect of going to college at UMD is that it is a super pet-friendly campus! Whether you are interested in having your own pet at the University of Maryland or just looking to have your family pet come visit you at college, both are great options! I don’t think a day goes by on campus where I don’t see at least one dog. Seeing dogs around campus brings a little extra joy to my day. When having a dog on campus as your own or having your family pet visit, there are plenty of places that allow dogs so do not fear!

If you need a pet sitter while you are away or at classes or you want to become a pet sitter, check out Rover.

Pet Policies

If you decide to adopt a pet while at college, make sure you check the rules for where they are permitted. The only pets allowed in the dorms and on-campus apartments are fish in up to a 10 gallon or less tank. Considering this, if you are looking to have any other type of pet, you must look into off-campus options that permit pets. If you live in an off-campus house, all pets are welcome. In addition to houses in the area, there are many apartment buildings that allow pets. The apartments below are all pet-friendly. Make sure to look into the specifics because some apartments charge extra fees for pets and have limits on how many you can have.

The Alloy

Camden College Park

Domain College Park

If your intention is to request an Emotion Support or Assistance Animal, there is documentation you will need to provide to the Accessibility and Disability Service including registering in person.

If you do end up with grand-puppies, or grand-kittens, you may want to add some Terp gear to the shopping list. There are all kinds of fun leashes, collars, toys, and jerseys for our newest, furry fans.

Dog-friendly Restaurants

When it comes to dog-friendly restaurants, unless you have a Service/Emotional Support animal, dog-friendly means you may eat outside with them.

Dog Parks and dog-friendly outside areas

Dog-friendly Hotels

Be sure, when making reservations, you tell them you are traveling with a pet. Some have fees.

Another great program UMD offers that is great for students who are missing their dog is Wags for Wellness. Wags for Wellness is a program of the University Health Center that allows students to connect with volunteer therapy dogs up to three times a month right on campus. These visits are free to all students and are a great outlet for emotional wellbeing while you connect with loving animals while you wait to see your own family pet at home.

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