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Sorority, It’s More Than Parties

Personally, joining a sorority was something I always knew I wanted to do. From watching my camp counselors as a kid to seeing my friends a year older rush the year before I had the chance, I was always interested in being a part of Greek life. At the University of Maryland, girls rush the second semester, allowing you to have time to consider if you want to rush and to get settled into college and the new lifestyle that comes with it.

I had a great time first semester and made wonderful friends, but I felt that I didn’t know many people other than my close group of six girls. When the beginning of the second semester came around, I was thrilled to begin the rushing process. After a long but important five days, I was able to find my new home. Going through the recruitment process, you learn that each sorority has different values, rules, activities, events, and standards, and these differences are what make it easy for everyone to find which one truly feels the most like “home”.

Primary recruitment begins the first week of classes of the winter semester. You can register for recruitment in late October and have up until the beginning of the week it begins to sign up. Rush is a full five days and it begins with attending all 16 sororities under UMD Panhellenic Association (PHA). Fall recruitment is considered informal recruitment and only certain sororities choose to participate in this.

One step I would recommend for those considering joining Greek life is to attend open houses in the Fall. Each sorority holds an open house event where all students are welcome to attend and get a feel for what it means to be a member of the chapter and have a look around all the beautiful houses. Upon joining a sorority, there are going to be things each chapter does slightly differently, and some things they do the same. Some common elements between all the sororities are that all of them meet for Chapter once a week, have date functions twice a semester, and have various philanthropy events throughout the year.

Chapter is a formal meeting between members of the sorority and special advisors to discuss important information, hold specific rituals, and give out special announcements and news. There are two date functions a semester: a date function and formal. A date function is the first event and is the more casual of the two. This will be held at one of the local bars or event locations and the girl asks a boy. Formal is one of my favorite nights of the semester. Everyone gets dressed up really nicely and the sorority charters a bus of some sort to head into Washington D.C. to a club that has been rented out for the whole chapter. This event will have a shirt or sweatshirt created for both you and your date to remember the fun night.

Philanthropy events are a time where each sorority raises awareness and funds for their own individual worthy cause. My sorority’s philanthropy was something that drew me into the chapter I joined. All sororities are so passionate about their philanthropy and have come up with so many fun ways to raise money for the cause. Common events include all you can eat food events, auctions, poker nights, and many more creative ways to show support.

Once your daughter joins a sorority and is initiated, their sorority letters can pretty much be found on her at all times. Big/little events will result in tons of clothes, water bottles, bags, accessories, and various other items for them to sport around campus and show off their letters. In addition to her own letters, it is super common for your daughter to rep her favorite fraternities. Should you decide to get them a congratulatory gift, we have some suggestions here from:

Desert Cactus GreekBrit, and BeeAlexandra, and Company  Go Greek ChicCotton SistersSorority ShopSignature Tumblers, Greek Gear, Greek Creations All that Jas BaubleBar, and Gild the Lily. Even Bed, Bath & Beyond carries Greek merchandise including tumblers, pillows, poufs and more!

Yes, being in a sorority seems like all fun and games, but there are many rules, guidelines, and standards that they must meet and maintain to remain a member of the chapter UMD. PHA requires a minimum GPA of 2.5 and at least 12 credits in order to participate in sorority recruitment. In addition to this, each sorority has its own standard of GPA and it must be met each semester you are a member. There are also specific workshops and seminars each sorority and fraternity must including a sexual harassment seminar, a body image workshop, and alcohol and drug seminars. These requirements are in place to promote the safety, well-being, and happiness of everyone both in and out of Greek life.

Joining a sorority was one of the best things I have ever done, it has changed my college experience at UMD, given me my best friends, and given me a real sense of community within a huge college campus.

Arianna Powell, Intern

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