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Continuing Worship Traditions

For many students, transitioning from home to a University can be an unnerving experience.  Being able to find a place of worship and continue the religious traditions they may have had at home can be the key to a smooth transition.  Fortunately, the University of Maryland is very diverse and offers many different options for faith, worship, and community.

Whether or not you are looking for a specific religion or type of service, or just want a spiritual experience, UMD has what you need.  Start with the Interfaith Programs and Spiritual Diversity if you are looking for something spiritual. This falls under the Division of Student Affairs and their purpose is to provide resources for the UMD community to engage in interfaith collaboration, spiritual development, and learning. This program also advises and supports students and organizations interested in spiritual topics and interfaith dialogue. Past events have included dialogues, lectures, and service projects. Additionally, they have chaplains representing various faith communities to serve UMD.

Many religious services on campus are held in Memorial Chapel, a non-denominational chapel that serves as a campus icon. The building is full of history and is home to many special events, memorials, and weddings. UMD is also home to over 50 different religious and spiritual organizations.

Religion-specific options list:

As evidenced by the list above, the University of Maryland has something for most religions and they encourage you to get involved!  Click the link for your specific group for the most current information about your religion including services, community outreach, bible study, and events.

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