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Here is What You Get For Free!

HaveUHeard that Microsoft Office 365 is free for all enrolled UNF students? And it’s free for up to five devices. That is a huge cost saving for a college student.  Click here for information about downloading this great technology. Office 365 is a cloud-based suite of tools from Microsoft. With it, you also have Microsoft OneDrive which provides cloud storage and sharing files. It can also be accessed from your mobile device. Other information on Class Prep technology can be found here.

While most college students choose to have Macbooks, don’t run out and buy something just yet. Be sure that if your classes or major require compatible software or hardware, you look into that first.  However, if you do decide to purchase a MacBook, make sure that you have your student ID with you for a discount.

Individual college and degree programs may have requirements that you may find better with a Dell, IBM, or HP computer. Most are listed on the various sites.  Listed here is a connection to the UNF ITS Service Catalog.  The ITS Service Catalog defines and categorizes all information technology services provided to UNF students, faculty and staff.

On the UNF campus, the main place to print your student’s work is at the Thomas G Carpenter Library.  The library has many resources, areas to study and printing available.  Cost for printing in color is .25 and .09 for black and white.  Students can use their Osprey Card for the cost of the printing.  Of course, if your student has their own printer connected to their laptop, that can be used as well.

Your Osprey Card is your official identification as a student. This multi-function card is used for many different things on campus.  Incoming freshmen will get a chance to get their Osprey Card during orientation. For information about the card or what to do if it is lost or stolen click here.

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