Beauty and the Beast

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Beauty and the Beast

Beauty may be in the eyes of the beholder, but sometimes it is in the eyes staring back at you in the mirror. Being the mother of two girls, haircuts and coloring, nails being done, and eyebrows needing waxing is nothing new to me. At home, we have our tried and true places to go, but when your girl or boy is needing some touching up while away at school, it is nice to know where to go. I know, I know, beauty isn’t everything, but the reality is that most want/need hair trims or some services to help them get ready for Greek formals, banquets, or even job interviews.

There are places mentioned a lot on some of the parent Facebook pages, but students will find their favorites. Here are some of the recommended places:

Hair Salons

If your daughter is getting a haircut, you may want to know that they have the option to sell their hair online. If they are going to get their hair cut anyway, they can sell the locks that are lopped off. High-quality hair can be valued at over $500 and with so many people getting their first post-pandemic haircuts, we’ve got a price calculator.

Badar’s Hair & All Beauty Salon – 2321 E. Fowler Ave. Open 7 days.

Hair With Jen – 18061 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy. (813) 310-3729 Closed Sundays.

My Stylist Dean – 19651 Bruce B Downs. (813) 313-6829 Open Tuesday-Friday.

New Identities Hair Studio Tampa Palms – 15307 Amberly Dr. (813) 979-0760 Closed Sundays.

Balance Salon Spa – 2832 E Bearss Ave. in Lutz. Haircuts range from $35-$65 depending on which specialist you choose.

Ulta Beauty – Located on North Dale Mabry Highway. It offers Hair, skin, makeup, and brows beauty services. Click on the link for special offers.


21 Barber – 10937 56 St North (813) 515-6380 Open 7 days.

Temple Terrace Barber Shop – 7817 Temple Terrace Hwy. (813) 988-0828 Closed Sundays.

Supercuts – 2778 E Fowler Ave Unit B. Super close to campus.


Pure Nail Bar Spa – 20304 Trout Creek Dr. just off Bruce B Downs. Also, does waxing. Open 7 days.

New Tampa Nails – 6270 Commerce Palms Blvd. Open 7 days. 15% discount to USF students.

NiNi Nail Salon – 10330 N. Dale Mabry Hwy. (813) 353-0991 Open 7 days.

Sunshine Organic Nail Spa – 7811 Temple Terrace Hwy. (813) 983-1337 Closed Sundays.


European Wax Center Carrollwood – 12915 Dale Mabry Hwy. (813) 961-4800 Open 7 days.

House of Beauty – 320 W. Bearrs Ave. (813) 992-7525

Pinky’s Salon – 12108 N. 56 St. (813) 985-6707 Closed Sundays.

Tattoo Places

Atomic Tattoos in Citrus Park – 8238 Citrus Park Town Center Mall, Tampa, FL 33625

Henao- goes by @moleink on Instagram. By appointment only

Ink Wolves – 11900 N Nebraska Ave, Tampa, FL 33612

Las Vegas Tattoo Company – 1829 E 7th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

Ybor City Tattoo Company – 1501 E 9th Ave, Tampa, FL 33605

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