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Fix it!

You know you are having a cruddy day when your car, bike or motor scooter breaks down or gets a flat tire. Talk about being late for class, how will you get to class now? There is nothing worse than having your form of transportation break down on you.  And a college student may not even know where to start to get help to get it fixed. Whether it is a car or bike, your student is bound to need fix-it repair at some time. Here is how to set them up for success by having this info handy. 

Bike Shops

Throughout campus, there are bicycle repair stations and air pumps for a handy way to keep it rollin’.  These are free and provide heavy duty air pumps and tools for making small adjustments.  For a list of locations, check out this map.

University Bicycle Center (UBC)
1220 E. Fletcher Ave.
(813) 971-2277

Oliver’s Cycle Sports
(The Walk at Highwoods Preserve)
18055 Highwoods Preserve Pkwy
(813) 910-0207

Auto Repair & Service

If it’s got 4 wheels instead of 2 here is some car repair help:

Mike’s Garage & Auto Repair
8767 N 50th St
(813) 988-5689

Auto Pro
1801 E Fowler Ave Ste C
(813) 8667411

Pep Boys Auto Service & Tire
2304 E Bearss Ave
(813) 866-8790

Skipper Palms Shopping Center
2560 E Bearss Ave
(813) 559-5460

Quality Value Automotive Repair
910 E Fowler Ave
(813) 971-2886

South Florida Auto Repair
13301 North 22nd St.
(813) 971-1725

Atlantic Automotive
824 E. Fletcher Ave.
(813) 972-5056

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