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Homecoming Plans

If this is your first college Homecoming as a parent, get ready for your Bull to be super busy. USF’s Homecoming is packed with fun events for both students, and parents, and alumni. Homecoming also coincides with Friends & Family Weekend (see our blog about Friends & Family Weekend here). USF’s special week has become an event not to be missed. There are so many activities scheduled, that you are bound to find something to do almost every day. It happens every Fall and this year’s theme was SuperBull!

  • USF’s Homecoming site. I am listing some of the bigger, more popular events to attend.
  • Kickoff: This is at the Marshall Center Stage Fountain and Rocky the Bull will be there, along with the HOT band, cheerleaders, free food, and spirit items.
  • Stampede Comedy Show: IN the past, featured comedians were Nicole Byer and Alex Moffat and it is held in the Sun Dome.
  • Homecoming Ball: This is a semi-formal event full of dancing and music. Here you will have a chance to see the Court and vote.
  • Concert: This is a free event for students, but they must have a ticket. In 2018, the lineup featured RAE SREMMURD!
  • Carnival: This is held in the Sun Dome parking lot and is full of rides, food trucks, and performances by talented USF students.
  • Running of the Bulls Parade: This is an evening parade on campus that highlights the theme, the team, the band, and many organizations on campus. It is family-friendly and we have attended many. It’s super fun.
  • Football Game: Homecoming ends with the football game. This year it is against UConn. Since it is also Friends and Family Weekend, the game is usually a big crowd.

There are lots of events for Alumni too.  The USF Muma College of Business will have a Homecoming Parade Watch Party on October 11th. Click to RSVP. Other alumni events will be listed on the designated site, as well as the USF Alumni website.  It is Homecoming after all, so it’s a great chance to meet up with old friends and to see how USF has evolved over the years.

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