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Alumni Networking, Perks, and More …

It happens in the blink of an eye. Before you know it the best four years of your life are over and you are walking across that stage getting your diploma. You didn’t think time would fly by so fast, but it did. You finished college and are graduating. But what happens after you get that diploma? Go back to school? Look for work? Travel? One thing you should do after graduating is to join the Florida Atlantic University Alumni Association.

Yes after you graduate you are an alumnus of FAU, but to get some of the perks of that title, you should join the FAU Alumni Association. You should join as soon as possible because those who recently graduated (within the past three years) get a discounted membership price. There are two types of memberships, the annual membership and the lifetime membership (more than half off if you join in the first three years of graduating). You can also purchase a Lifetime Membership that may be paid in installments.

Some of the benefits of this membership are discounts at many stores and restaurants on and off-campus. Members of the Alumni Association get ten percent off at the campus bookstore and the stadium store, discounted alumni rate for a membership at the campus’s recreation and fitness center, and a ten percent discount at some of the restaurants on campus including Starbucks, the Atlantic Dining Hall, and the FAU Club, an exclusive restaurant located in the Engineering East Building.

Members also receive access to pre-game and tailgate events. Even after graduation, FAU wants to make sure you succeed so members of the Alumni Association get access to professional and academic development tools. Off-campus members get discounts at restaurants, spas, dentists, stores, wellness centers, car rentals, insurance, hotels, and more. A new benefit that was added in August 2019 is the FAU Power Perks, which is available to annual and lifetime members. This includes discounts on travel services, such as hotels, airfare, car rentals, cruises, and more. There are also theme park discounts and movie discounts.

Alumni also have access to Owl Connect which will allow them to network with over 163,000 FAU alumni worldwide. This is a very important resource. If down the road you are stuck and need help finding a job, if you have been networking with alumni you could use one of those connections to help you find a new job. Members also are invited to many alumni events to network.

While in college, professors mention how important networking is and now FAU has made it extremely easy for their alumni to make those connections. There are many benefits to joining the FAU Alumni Association. FAU works hard to help us prepare for our future but it also tries to help us when we reach that future. Go Owls! Hoot Hoot!

Sarah Martin, FAU Intern

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