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Caffeine is king for most college students and, while generally the most economically savvy way of getting it is making it at home, most students choose to obtain their “bean juice” via more expensive and more social ways. I, for one, am a huge coffee lover and typically have a cup in the morning from my trusty Keurig, as well as a coffee shop cup later in the afternoon. Since coffee shops are peaceful and quiet, they are my top choice of study spots in Boca. They are also common places for dates, meetups, and hangouts due to the ease of conversation that seems to flow while drinking a dark roast or a cappuccino. It seems there’s a shop on every corner in Boca Raton which is great because you’re bound to find at least one that matches your vibe and your scene. Check the website to see if they are open for dine-in. Due to Covid, some are takeout only.

Whether you have a hard test, huge essay, or crazy assignment, you are guaranteed to peacefully be able to finish and achieve an A when doing it in a coffee shop. Plus, who wouldn’t want to drink a cup of heavenly goodness while tackling a never-ending pile of work?

If you are heading up to Delray, check out some other great coffee shops including:

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