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Where will they put all of their stuff?

As if move out day isn’t stressful enough, now imagine trying to find storage place in your house for all of your student’s belongings. When it was time for my daughter to return home for the summer, my husband and I couldn’t believe how much more stuff she had to take home than we had moved in 10 months prior. Suddenly, my garage and guest bedroom were loaded up with a mini-fridge, microwave, and what seemed like endless amounts of dorm décor. All of this was brought back to my house just to move it back down to Boca Raton two months later. I knew that there had to be a better option for the following summer.

We decided to look at storage facilities in Boca to avoid some of the stress. As we began to shop around, we realized that facilities farther away from campus were cheaper in price. Another aspect that affected the cost was climate-controlled versus non-air-conditioned units.  It is very hot and humid during the summer in South Florida, so if you decide to go with a non-air conditioned unit, decide carefully what gets stored in there. Bedding, clothing, or books should not be placed in a non-air-conditioned unit because there is a risk of mold or mildew developing. We decided to go with an air-conditioned unit because it was easier for us to package up most of her belongings and not have to worry about them for the duration of the summer.

When shopping for storage facilities, start early. The storage units closer to FAU fill up quickly.  Get the confirmation in writing. We have heard of students believing they have secured a unit well in advance and then showing up on moving day and told they were sold out for months.

Here are some of the facilities that parents and students have recommended:

Smart Box Moving & Storage: FAU recommended, the storage container is dropped off to the student where they can be filled and later picked up. They have student discounts and both long & short term storage options

Dormroom Movers: Dormroom Movers provide boxes with prepaid shipping labels, which the student then packs and ships. Dormroom Movers stores the boxes and the monthly fee is determined by the number of boxes a student has to store. When you are ready to have your student’s items back, Dormroom Movers will ship them back to your student.

Public Storage: Located on 20th street – Check their site for online specials.

Extra Space Storage: Located on 2nd ave

Boca Storage: Located in Boca Raton Blvd – Often run specials, call for more information.

Addison Storage: Located on NW 1st Ave

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