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Accepted, Congratulations!

Welcome to Paradise as an FAU Owl Class of 2024! Now that you are accepted, you can now take that sigh of relief that a decision has been made and then take a look at our list of what to do next. First, this may sound silly, but check your admissions letter for accuracy regarding their name, entrance term, address and major. If any changes need to be made it needs to happen in writing or online at myfau.

When you applied, you would have gotten an ID number, or at FAU they are referred to as a Z-number. It can be found on your application status page. Save this number, you’ll use it for the next four years. When you were accepted, you received a computer account, or FAU Net ID, which can be found on your acceptance letter. This Net ID will be your username to access the MYFAU website. MYFAU is the main website you’ll use as a student to access everything from class information to tickets for football games. This NetID will also become your email address. With this NetID, you’ll be able to access the Owldone online resource, which is where you’ll complete each of the next steps.

You are going to want to get that $200 non-refundable deposit and form in by May 1 for summer and fall semesters and September 22 for the spring semester. Without the deposit, they won’t be able to register for the mandatory orientation, etc… This can also be done through the Owldone portal.

Then get that immunizations form completed and sent in. Registration cannot happen without this. You can download the form here.  By the way, while you are on the health services page, take note of all the amazing services they offer students. At FAU, it is not a requirement that every student has insurance. Students, regardless of their coverage, can access all of the services and programs that student health services have to offer. More information about student health services can be found here.

Be sure to confirm the following:

  • Your residency status for tuition purposes
  • That your student has signed up for Bright Futures
  • Arranged for any final transcripts and scores (AP, IB, AICE, CLEP, and transfer credits) to be sent to the Office of Undergraduate Admissions
  • Your Florida Prepaid program if you have one (You will need to be familiar with what you paid for with Florida Prepaid as it may only cover certain fees or dorms – although it does not preclude your student from living in certain dorms; they may just have to pay any overage fees.)
  • Finally, if you have not already done so, get that FAFSA form started.

Check out the housing information. There are many options at FAU both on and off-campus. If living in a particular dorm or having a single dorm is very important to your student, don’t wait too long to send a deposit and apply for housing.

Finally, check for any holds on your student’s account. It could be the simplest thing, but there is nothing worse than going to register for classes and not being able to because of a simple thing that could have been fixed earlier. This includes making certain that a final transcript from high school (other colleges if transferring) has made its way to the FAU Office of Admissions. This must get to them in a sealed envelope. Your student and you will receive Orientation information from the Office of New Student Orientation. This is a mandatory two-day event for your student and yourself.

Check out our blogs on HousingMeal Plans, and Orientation for many more helpful details.

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