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There’s a knock at the door!

Taking time away from studying can be the difference between dinner or a bag of chips and a soda. Sometimes it pays to turn to delivery services. Here are some of the ones we found and what they deliver and how they work.

Bite Squad – There is a chat option if you would like to review your order or ask why your order is taking so long. You can schedule a delivery for later in the day and check the order status. Gift cards are available.

  • Doorstep Delivery – Powered by Bite Squad. Order from anywhere anytime  – even in the park
  • Panera – will deliver but only within a certain radius in the Tallahassee area. Some Noles literally live beyond the cutoff.
  • Penny Deliveries – The delivery fee for every order is only a penny; just tip your driver. Sounds too good to be true, right? Getting Guthrie’s after a night out has never been easier. They work until 3 am.
  • GrubHub – Sign up for their emails and get $7 off your first order of $15+. As well, for each friend you get to sign up you get $7. Sign in and local suggestions (like the Donut Kingdom) are right there.
  • Eat24– is actually powered by GrubHub. It is super easy to navigate, you type your address in the search they will show you restaurants currently delivering to your area, as well as places that offer pick up. There can be a minimum amount spent, depending on the restaurant. Just enter your address into the website or app and before you know it you’ll have dinner.
  • Joyrun – works at every restaurant, café, supermarket, and bodega. You can place orders together in your community and college campus. The app makes it more affordable and efficient to get what you want. It’s a fun way to connect with your neighbors. It is very convenient for a freshman in college who doesn’t have a car on campus.
  • Uber Eats – The same concept as Uber, but they deliver food. You can track, via the app, when the restaurant is preparing food; your driver is picking up and when they are in route to you. The fee may be a little pricier than most delivery places.
  • Eat Street – Delivery and takeout options available. There are delivery fees and a minimum amount that has to be purchased for certain restaurants. They offer features to filter your restaurant results such as order ahead, restaurant-rewards, specials, fast delivery, or try something new – all on the website.
  • Publix – First delivery is on them. Sign up via social media account or an email and have your groceries delivered to you. It is basically online shopping; convenient and easy for those who don’t feel like going through the process of grocery shopping.
  • Amazon – Seriously, what can’t you get from Amazon.  By signing up for Amazon Prime as a student, the first 6 months are free and then there is a discounted membership fee for the next 4 years until graduation. Prime membership includes free 2-day delivery, among many other perks.
  • Doughlicious – There is a physical location on W. Call Street, but they will also deliver. Check out the calzones, subs, salads, and desserts until 3 am.
  • Dipped Deliveries – The perfect place to order candies and goodies like chocolate-covered strawberries, Rice Krispy treats; pretty much chocolate covered anything. A favorite amongst many students. (Think finals week or birthday surprise.)
  • Insomnia Cookies – My son’s favorite. If you are looking to order a heaping amount of cookies or order for a special someone (think finals week or birthday surprise).
  • Go Puff – get snacks, ice cream, and more delivered to your door. Use code Tallahassee10 for $10 off. There is no surge, delivery is $1.95 and there is no waiting, the order is delivered quickly. Use the app or go on their website to order.
  • Seamless – delivery from just about any restaurant you want
  • Shipt – Get 2 weeks free and $15 off your first order on deliveries from stores like Publix, Costco, Target, and ABC Fine Wines & Spirits. Let their shoppers do what your student doesn’t have time to.
  • Instacart – For faster shopping and easier checkout, get the app and have groceries, etc. delivered from most of the same places as Shipt, but also includes CVS and Whole Foods.
  • DoorDash – More food delivery at your fingertips. Some say it is more efficient than UberEats too. Use the app or the website.
  • Chipotle – now delivers on orders of $10 or more via DoorDash, Postmates, and Tapingo. I had to mention this because it literally made my son’s week.

Particularly when they have been studying for hours on end or they aren’t feeling well; it’s good to know that food can be delivered right to their dorm or apartment. My favorite delivery option is probably chicken soup from the Hillel. Just call and give them the name of your sick student and a quart will be delivered, usually within a few hours.

It’s not just about food anymore…

Postmates, which is available as an app as well, allows you to have various stuff delivered from places like CVS, Lululemon, and Walgreens. It doesn’t get much more convenient than that.

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