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Repair Shops

Car, scooter, or bike, oh my!  At FSU, you will find all in large numbers. Talk to any student about which is the most useful at FSU and you’re likely to get an equal number of answers. No matter the transportation your student is using, they may, at some point, need a repair shop. There is nothing worse than having your main mode of transportation break down. Below you will find a list of repair shops.

Bike Shops

And finally… At Krank It Up, students can work with volunteers to learn how to repair their own bikes. Pretty clever, right?

  • Krank It Up 1002 Stone Valley Way (off Gaines), Tuesday 6-8 pm, Thursday 5-8 pm, Friday 5-8 pm

Autobody Repair

Auto Mechanics – not collision

  • DT’s Garage Auto Repair, 5020 Tennessee Capital Blvd., 850-575-9859
  • Gator Mobile Mechanic – lots of parents have great things to say about them, 850-879-7098
  • Take 5 – (formerly Super-Lube) rumor has it they offer discounts for students with ID, 679 W Tennessee St., 850-878-9986. Other locations further away from campus.
  • Pep Boys, 2984 Apalachee Pkwy., 850-656-9000
  • Professional Automotive Center, 730 W Gaines St., 850-222-0647
  • Capital City Auto Repair, 208 W Tennessee St., 850-222-2886
  • Powerhouse LLC, 2889 West Tharpe Street #C, 850-222-6346

Scooter Shops

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  1. Yvonne Leklou September 20, 2018 at 3:33 pm - Reply

    Need a separate Auto Repair section… e.g. a mechanic not a body shop place.

    • Janice Weinsoff September 21, 2018 at 9:24 am - Reply

      We will add some additional mechanics. SOme of the auto body shops do A/C repair as well.

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