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Vegetarian/Vegan Dining

Slowly, but surely, more and more young people are going vegan or vegetarian. I can’t blame them. Sometimes the choices on or around campus just aren’t that healthy. So more veggies, please! My daughter was a vegetarian for about two years until she could no longer resist a big, juicy burger. Now she is a vegetarian most of the time with an occasional burger or piece of chicken. Whichever way works for your student; the good news there are plenty of restaurants around FSU that cater to our vegan Noles.


Sweet Pea Café – on W. Tharpe Street gets most of their produce locally from a farm less than a mile away.

Soul Vegetarian Restaurant – on Adams Street specializes in gluten-free meals and even has cooking classes. And, by the way, Bite Squad will deliver from here.

Some other really good ones:

Nefertari’s – is a little on the higher end. They cater to both the vegan and vegetarian.

Chipotle – This is not just for meat lovers. In fact, most of the vegans we spoke with are bigger fans than we are (and we are pretty big fans). Check out the sofritas (ground tofu) or a veggie bowl. Guacamole is usually extra, but not with the veggie bowl.

Sahara Greek and Lebanese Café – on Apalachee Parkway. Falafel lovers; this is your place.

Black Dog Café – has vegan alternatives in their delicious baked goods and even for your coffee. On Lake Ella Drive.

The Bark – some say it is a bit of a dive bar, but the food is good and we like the music too.

During Market Wednesday, there is a vegan bake sale (chocolate chip cookies, sugar cookies, and more) at Legacy Walk (usually from 10 am-2 pm).

Decent Pizza – on N. Monroe.  Their Calzones can be veganized and they also have a vegan pie (with delightfully chewy crust) is a standard on the specialty menu, but customers can create their own with anything in house — plus vegan cheese. Vegan slices, that are literally as big as your head, are also an option, and customers can choose from an array of veg-friendly toppings from peppers to pineapples.

Lofty Pursuits – on Market Street. They have vegan ice “kreme” flavors and sorbets.

And just so you know…

Monday through Fridays, FSU offers $5 (donation), all-you-can-eat plant-based meals in the Center for Global Engagement Dining Room. As well, on several Fridays (not during summer), the Center for Global Engagement hosts a global Café that always has interesting vegetarian options. Lunch is $7 using cash or check. More information on either of these can be found here.


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