So your student wants to be a Seminole?

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The Truth…

I don’t blame them; FSU is a great university right down to the beautiful brick buildings, deep-seated traditions and is filled with opportunity. The question is, how does your son or daughter become a Seminole and get in?

The truth is that for every 100 students that apply to FSU, 56 are admitted. The statistics, 4.1-4.5 academic GPA; 27-32 ACT composite; 1250-1380 SAT total, are pretty clear cut in regard to what FSU is looking for in a student, but here are a few thoughts as to how they can tweak their high school preparation. Please note that summer academic requirements are slightly lower. The December SAT and February ACT is the latest tests that can be used when applying for the summer or fall term. Students submitting the February ACT must have at least one test score on file by the February 7 deadline.

Here are the admission statistics for the various semesters:

  • FALL:  GPA = 4.1-4.5, SAT = 1270-1390, ACT = 28-32
  • SUMMER:  GPA =3.7-4.3, SAT = 1190-1300, ACT = 25-29
  • PATHWAYS: GPA =3.6-4.0, SAT = 1140-1220, ACT = 23-27

Grades and test scores are (obviously) important, but so are showing that they are not only about the scores. Show FSU that there is more to them by being involved in clubs, teams, and organizations that show they have a passion for something other than schoolwork. Don’t just join; lead. Show them that they are not just a member, but a leader in some way. They should take a leadership position in one of those clubs or teams.

Show some rigor in their class schedule. While A’s are really nice; it can be better to get a lower grade in a class that shows they are challenging you, (and by lower grade, we mean B’s and C’s).  So don’t rule out AP Physics or AP Spanish.

They should write an amazing application essay. Do you have any idea how many essays they read and how they all begin to sound the same? Standout; be different. If they are unsure how to go about doing this feel free to seek help with writing an amazing essay. We recommend Essential Essays College Essay Consulting, assisting students with brainstorming, planning and writing college essays that will reveal their personality and give their applications a positive edge. The essay is a huge part of the application as it is the only opportunity your student has to stand out as more than grades and test scores. It gives their application personality. Learn about them here.

Apply to FSU as a general student, get accepted, and then declare your major later. This does not mean that they shouldn’t check out the possible majors beforehand, but if they are considering FSU only for one specific major; it may be easier to apply for that major from within later. Do not confuse this with, for instance, getting into the Nursing or Business Schools. They have very specific requirements for their undergraduates and it is difficult to get in after their sophomore year. The Nursing School, for instance, accepts very few students each year.

Not sure about a major? FSU calls those unsure as Exploratory. Stating that you are Exploratory as a major allows the student to take classes that don’t pertain to a specific major. This allows them to test the waters so to speak. They can stay Exploratory until their third term, empowering them to test the waters and then declare their major. FSU hosts pizza parties for those who declare their major through the Exploratory program.  For more information, click here.

If FSU is their dream school and they don’t get in, they should consider re-taking their ACT/SAT’s and reapplying to show their new fabulous scores and improved GPA for the first semester of senior year. They may get in for January or be asked to take classes at TCC for a semester, but if they want it badly enough, this may be the way to go.

Go Noles!

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